Doris Riley's Story


 I was 13 years old when I was evacuated so I think it was easier for me. I remember going to school with my suitcase for about a week before we were told that we were leaving and that was on September 1st. One girl from each neighbourhood was allowed to go home and inform our parents. My Mum gave her a little suitcase to bring to me with two Jaffa oranges and two woollen vests. We didn't know where we were going until we got on the train and then found out it was to be Brighton which was pretty exciting for a bunch of Bermondsey kids. Also as far as our school was concerned I think it was pretty much voluntary as quite a few girls from my class chose not to go. I think at the time my parents thought it was the safest thing for me. When things stayed pretty quiet in London some girls returned home but I stayed away until I was 15 and our house was damaged from bombing and my parents moved to Harrow so they brought me home.