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Yes I was evacuated from London  twice.  

 The first being at the start of the war when the family, 

three kids and mum, were sent off to Epping.   We spent all of two weeks there

before mother decided enough was enough and marched us all back to Leyton. 

Not such a bad idea really as Epping is only a stone's throw from RAF North Weald

and not that far from RAF Debden, and they were  throwing more than stones

in those days.

The second session was in 1944, some time after the V1s had started to drop in.  This time

there were just three of us, I aged 9 years, my brother  aged 7 and my sister aged 6

I remember well, being marshalled onto buses at Norlington  Road School, Leyton.

The bus convoy making its way to Euston Station, London via Hackney marshes and

Bethnal Green.

We were escorted by an ample WVS lady, and we  carried the obligatory gas mask and

tie on label.  The train journey was uneventful, I don't think I had any thoughts as to what

was happening, maybe it was just excitement.


The rail journey ended at Euston Station, Morecambe. (long since demolished).  

 From there we were bussed to Torrisholme, mid way between Morecambe and Lancaster.

We were all offloaded onto the small village green and were then in effect auctioned off

to the locals.   My brother was picked by one family and my sister by another. 

 Nobody seemed to want the scruffy little chap with glasses. (It wasn't funny at the time.) 

After some cajoling and arm twisting I was told that I was to go with the family that

had picked my younger brother.

I now live in Cambridge and have done so for the last 25 years.



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