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updated 11/30/00


I was born in Carshalton, Surrey.

I went to primary school at the Catholic school in

Morden and then to high school at The Ursuline Convent,

Wimbledon. I was evacuated to St. Helens in Lancashire in 1943

and remained there for two years, a most unhappy time.


We have lived in Australia since I was fourteen years of age, I am

64 now and have always considered moving to Australia just

another forcible removal from what I loved. The first I knew of our

planned emigration was when my dad told me we were going to

move to Australia about 3 or 4 weeks before we sailed. I

remember being extremely homesick for some time.

I have three grown children and ten grandchildren, who are all

thoroughly Australian and would never want to live anywhere

else now, but I still remember the time just after our arrival in

Sydney and how miserable I was.

Some years ago I studied counselling and did a major

assignment on child migrants, who of course had no choice

about where they wanted to live. I talked to quite a number of

people who had had the same experience and found they all had

similar memories to mine.


Jan Haggart