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Re-Union 2005

Las Vegas, Nevada

We all stayed at the Circus Circus


Las Vegas strip


Eileen & Audrey


The gang at Fremont

Left-right Margaret, Michael, Iris, Audrey, Bill (Iris' husband & son Wayne)


In Iris's room

Left to right - Eileen, Gerry, Michael, Audrey (on floor) Iris, Peter (Iris' brother,) Ralph


Gerry & Margaret (Eileen's sister)


Gerry, Margaret & Iris


Iris & Michael


Iris & Friend


Ralph & Martha at the Red Rocks Canyon State Park near Las Vegas


Ralph & Iris at The Hoover dam


Goldie, Yvonne, Eileen, Gerry, Margaret & Martha

Irish Pub, Falls Church, VA.

After the Las Vegas meeting, Eileen & Margaret visited with Michael & Marian in Arizona,
and Gerry & Martha in Maryland. This meeting was hosted by Goldie in Falls Church, Virginia.
Yvonne came from Pennsylvania to join us.


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