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 Ken aged three




This 5 generation photo is of me,
my mother
my grandfather, my great grandmother
and my great great grandfather.




Here is a photo of the McTigue Family of South Australia

Back Row  (in white shirt) John Oldfield - Son-in-law,   Martin - Son,

Next Row Me (with glasses), my Daughter Catherine, Cheryl (Martin's Wife),

The babies are Maxine (3 years) and Harrison (1 year), they belong to Martin and Cheryl.

My wife Margaret is at the end of the middle row.

The two boys in the front row are Damien (17 years) and Anthony (15 years)

We all live within 15 minutes of each other.











Updated 6/14/01  

Ken & Martin

We (my family and friends) actually really do
enjoy barbecues, in the summer months here,  
it is far better to cook outdoors in the heat than in the kitchen.
The flies are rarely a problem as in the recent
years so many flies sprays have been used that
there are not so many flies around.
  We also use an aeroguard spray called 'Freeze'
which effectively keeps flies clear for a half an hour.

A few years ago we discovered a barbecue kettle
called a 'Weber', it is now my wife's favourite
way of
ME cooking dinner.