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Brit WWII Evacuees Album

David Branchett

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dave april 39


david April '39

David April 1939



David August 1939

evac house

Dave in garden

david 1939


My evacuee home at Nottingham


In the back garden in standard summer clothes 1945 



David in 1939



dave next door


 a boys best friend -my only dog.



Outside next door prior to sister's wedding. 1948 

girl friend

army pix


Beryl, my first real girlfriend
 Only photo of myself in the Army-1956



Tomorrow I join the Army!

Dave in '97


David in 1997 after retiring


dave in study







.In my study showing my collection of RAF Memorial wall plates.1999




Victoria Emily my beautiful granddaughter

Of course I am proud of her! After all she is the most beautiful grandchild ever isn't she ?



Mum aged 102




















updated 6/15/2001




My son Gordon

Fleet, Chief Petty Officer (soon to be a Warrant Officer) in HM's Royal Navy. The photo of Gordon was taken on the award of his Long Service Medal.