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mara and family in park

mara at 4 & a bit 

In the park
Aged 4 and a bit




Mother pre-war picture






dad after dunkquerque 

My Dad just returned from Dunkirk

and stripped off all his insignia to avoid

identification. In my mother's handwriting

on the back of it says "Joey after Dunkirk."  

He had been in the water for hours standing

waiting to be picked up and then the

Germans started to strafe them.

A French family took him in and hid him

until he could escape. He was devastated

by the sight of all of the dead and dying around him.



aged 29


Taken in Canada (aged 29)

recent pix


A recent photo


My lovely daughter Elizabeth


























updated 3/28/2001

Duncan my grandson

Taken on his graduation three years ago. He is now 23 and has just completed his multi engines exams. He lives to fly and has flown the Hercules as well as several planes to Europe and back. He will probably fly for Air Canada or British Air when he is through. He has been flying since he was fourteen and was BC's best cadet before he went to Military School.