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Gerry Wiseman

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Gerry Wiseman's Story


Young Gerry
Gerry Wiseman
Aged about 6, in Fordham.
Gerry Wiseman
1942 aged 8

Mum, God bless her heart.

Taken in 1957

while she was waiting to join us in the U.S.



"Aunt Ada" Fleet
my beloved foster mother for 4 years (1940-44)
Ada Fleet was one in a million.

Everyone loved her.

This picture was taken in her tiny back garden on her 80th birthday.

My sister Hetty & brother Toby
came to see me in Fordham
in 1941.

(He enlisted in the R.A.F.the very next day).




Sycamore Cottage is the first white house on the right. It has the low hedge around it.

I stayed there from 1940-44. This photo was taken in 1997.



I had one of these commodes in my bedroom.



The village of Fordham circa 1950


Aunt Ada's tiny 4 roomed house "Sycamore Cottage" was,

and still is at the bottom right corner of this map, just above the "m" in Fordham.



In basic training, Portsmouth 1952