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Mr and Mrs Phyllis and Phillip Roskelly of Nancledra and Cripplesease Cornwall in summer of 1942.
I am the lad on the left next to Phillip, and the other lad is Alfred Cohen.

The villages are approximately halfway between Penzance and St Ives, on the secondary road.
Phillip Roskelly was the village Blacksmith. As you can see Alfred always ate everything that was put in front of him.
To get water we had to carry it from the bottom of the garden from a well.
This was taken from alongside the Smithy in Nancledra.




This was taken summer of 1942 outside the pub in Cripplesease. My sister, myself and Alfie were too young to drink, my mother and my Aunt did not drink, so the man standing on the right had three pints for each of us.!!!!
From left to right, Auntie Jessie, mother, sister,Uncle Alf, Alfred Cohen, and me sitting down.