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Patrick Holland from Lambeth, South London

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The girl in the photo is not my wife Margaret, it's Tovi who comes from Israel. And was teaching me Hebrew at the time. This photo was taken at a Perth Jewish Community fund raising function for Israel. The guest of honor was General Motta Gur who led the Israeli Airborne troops into Jerusalem when the recaptured it from the Arabs back in the 60's. He also masterminded the successful rescue of the Jewish hostages at Entebe, Uganda.

When Tovi saw him here in Perth, she couldn't believe it. She said that he is regarded as a great hero in Israel.

So as not to miss the chance of meeting such a famous person, I went up to him and shook his hand. He actually spoke a few words to me, but my Hebrew wasn't very good, so I just smiled and nodded and looked around for Tovi to translate, but she had almost fainted at being so close to the great man, so I just hoped that he didn't think "Who's this idiot."

Patrick Holland,
ex Lambeth (S. London) lad, and friend.

Patrick now lives in Perth, Western Australia