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Just a little about me,

I was born 22.10.1930 in Greenwich. At the time we were living at No12 Westcombe hill. There were two elder sisters, Mollie and Sheila. We move from there in 1937 just after my brother David was born to Mottingham SE9. In July 1944 My mother, David and I were evacuated to Nottingham to a place called Amesbury Circus. Mother and I came Back at Christmas 1944 after Father had and accident at work. We left David in Nottingham until the war ended.

In 1945 I started work at Richard Klinger where I stayed until I retired in 1995. On July 11th 1953 I married my Sweetheart Margaret whome I had been courting for 6 years. In 1955 we bought our house in Bexleyheath and I am still there nearly 50 years later. We were blessed with two daughters.

Sadly Margaret passed away in March 2000, I now live on my own but keep very busy, time seems to be flashing by.

I now have three granddaughters and one grandson, the eldest granddaughter just turning Sixteen.

Sadly as some of you know brother David passed away in July 2002 which was when I joined and jolly glad I am that I did so.

enuf sed


Hi everyone,

Rates of pay for host families.


first child                  10/6

other children            8/6



Increased to 10/6 for all evacuees 14+



Under five                10/6

5 - 10                        11/6

10 -12                       12/-

12 -14                       13/-

14 - 16                      14/-

16                              16/6

17+                            17/6

Although Evacuation was Not compulsory, billeting was and you could be fined 15 shillings if you refused to have an evacuee. This doesn't sound much but at the time a farm labourer   was only earning 35 shillings a week.

I have this information at the time because I am making up a presentation for the ERA at Bexley for the History weekend.

All the Best




Updated 2/5/05