Yvonne Bossom's Story

As an adult I asked my mother repeatedly about

evacuating a two-year old. Why? Because the memories of all the

billets, the humiliation, and of the abandonment I felt. At such a

young age I remembered so much. Her answer was always "it was a law

for all children to be sent away from the cities." Of course, as an

adult I found out differently. Oh, the humiliation I felt standing on

the crowded platform of Kings Cross station with a tag held together

with a piece of string around my neck. I stood there with my older

brother and sister as people looked us over offering to take them but

not me, I was too young they all said, too much work. After a while,

my mother let my sister and brother go with a couple from Banbury.

It was the exact opposite to that which Gerry is describing-how I

yearned for that kind of love and caring.

I looked at my own children when they were that age-for I had made

very sure not to repeat the sins of my parents. They were loved and

cherished always.

My mother also had us on a list for children to be sent to Canada.

There came a time when she was notified that there was room for two

children only, she declined wanting us all to go together. Thank

goodness, that ship was the liner "City of Benares" it was torpedoed

and sunk, 75 children drowned.

We were so lucky that our mother had

declined that passage on "City of Benares". Plus the fact that even

at this late stage in life, I can still feel the pain.

Yvonne B







Revised 11/6/2000