Yuletide 2001 Gift Wishlist

  • "Madonna's Greatest Hits II" (*cassette*)
  • a microphone for my computer
  • the soundtrack to "Grease" (*cassette*)
  • shrinky-dinks
  • gift certificates for clothes and shoes
  • that special day

Gifts may be snail-mailed to:
M. Gillman
P.O. Box 356
Willis, MI 48195-0356

Other Wish Lists

Would you like your wishlist posted here? Then EMAIL! Put "Wishlist 2001" in the subject field, otherwise I will think it is spam and delete it without looking.

If you're looking to sell something by sending advertisements through email, I'm not interested. If I want to buy something I will go looking for it. Advertisements in my email only annoy me.

Special thanks to my family in Florida (grandma, stepmom, and dad) for the beautiful hand made quilt. It's beautiful.

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