Lila's Child

Lila's Child

An Inquiry into Quality

Compiled and Edited by Dan Glover

No one of us really will ever know very much.
This is why we shall have to find comfort in the
fact that taken together we know more and more.
-- J. Robert Oppenheimer

From the Editor

When Bodvar Skutvik first asked me to look into the old Lila Squad archives to access if they could be put into some kind of order, I thought he was joking. I had browsed them from time to time and I knew they were in a jumble; many times I read posts I wished to return to again and could never find. So it was that the first couple times Bodvar mentioned writing The Lila Squad story I laughed it off, never answering him one way or another.

Finally after he asked me three times it dawned on me that he was actually serious. I decided to read the archives again, this time making an outline as I went so as to be able to return to what I considered Quality posts. The orginal idea was to cull only the best posts but it soon became apparent that I was no judge of what was best. In the end I thought it better to present the dialogues as they occurred without prejudice. Since the volume of posts in the old archives would make a tome of a couple thousand pages, I focused on only the first six months to cut it down to a managable size.

The old archives are located here: old Lila Squad archives.

Finally, I would like to thank all the contributors who have given their permission that I may use their writings in Lila's Child. I appreciate your confidence in me and will strive to present this work in as Quality a manner as possible.

Comments are appreciated.

Dan Glover

New in 2003!!

I am pleased to announce that the print version of Lila's Child is now available in paperback and e-book versions with hardcover to follow soon.

Last updated 01/26/2003