Recorder Pics.
Here are some more nice recorder pictures.
The Yamaha 300 Series in ABS plastic. 
(sopranino thru bass)
an assortment of various grades of recorders, sopranos, altos, and tenors. No, this is not a weird bassoon.  It is the rare sub contrabass recorder. wooden recorders garklein thru greatbass


Recorder Audio Files

These are must-hear audio files of recorder ensembles.  Most are WAV files.  They do take a while to load (up to 5-10 minutes in older browsers) but they're definitely worth it.  Some are just excerpts of songs, though, and I had to cut the quality way back in order to keep within my limited amount MB web page space, but they're still very nice.
Recorder Ensembles 
Recorder Orchestra playing classical
Recorder Orchestra playing jazz
More recorder orchestra classical
Alto/sopranino  recorder trio
Renaissance recorder solos with accompaniment

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