Recorder Links

Recorder Informational Sites
The Recorder Home Page--The greatest source for recorder information on the web, w/ tons of articles, links, MIDI files, etc.

American Recorder Society (ARS) Homepage--the parent club for recorders in the USA

The Int'l Recorder Page--much info here in many different languages, too

American Recorder Teachers' Assoc.--everything for the recorder teacher

ASW Guide To Recorders--lots of info on the wood vs. plastic issue, plus lots more

Blockfloete--a new interactice site dedicated to the recorder


Recorder Retailers on the Web
Dolmetsch Homepage--new line on the market, real  quality recorders

Moeck Recorders--quality German line

Mollenhauer Recorders--another elite German line

Sweet Pipes on the Web--my personal favorite retailer, I have dealt with them several times.  They carry the full line of Yamaha and Aulos plastics at the best prices.

Boulder Early Music Shop--an online retailer specializing in recorders and other early instruments

West Music Co.--a good place to go for the quality plastic brands

The Early Music Shop--another early instrument retailer


Misc. Recorder Related Sites on Interest
Download Recorder Teacher 98, an excellent program for teaching the basics on a soprano or alto

Join RECORDER-L, the online discussion group for recorder enthusiasts

Music Antiqua--This site contains profiles on most of the instruments used in the Renaissance, including recorders

David W. Solomons' MIDI Page--many wonderful recorder solos and ensemble arrangements available

David Bellugi's  Recorder MIDI Page--gives a good representation of typical recorder ensemble

Makoyan Classical Recorder MIDIs--great page, tons of sound files

The Friends Recorder Consort--a beautiful homepage with an extensive and valuable links section

Geoff Grainger's Index of Recorder Music--a nice online listing of music published for recorders

***If you know of any more good links that should be included, please email me!***