About Me

I don't have any pictures of me playing recorder, so this two year old pic of me with my jazz trombone will have to suffice for now.  Yes, I also play the trombone and euphonium, however, I still consider the recorder to be my "main" instrument, and my favorite.  I am totally and completely self-taught on the recorder, and I've played  for nearly six years now.  I started out on a Yamaha 20 Series Soprano, and now own all of the recorders garklein through bass from the Aulos and Yamaha 500 and 300 series, and someday I aspire to afford a greatbass!  We'll see!  My favorite recorder would have to be the greatbass.  I don't know exactly why, but I just like it.  Maybe it's all the low brass blood in me that I get from the trombone and euph...I like lower instruments.

I am also a member of Recorder-L, the online discussion list for recorder players where  I post under the screen name of Goddess Isis.  The list, though small, is very informative and fun.  See my links for a link on how to join Recorder-L.