Welcome To Clan Dogs Of War!

Welcome to the new Clan DOGS OF WAR Page. This page is designed to keep track of the members of Clan DOGS OF WAR. We are involved in the Clan Wars of Stellar Crisis, the best web-based game on the internet! As a clan we come in peace, and only destroy those who will not ally or those who wish to challenge a rabid dog. Our mission is to someday rule the world and bit the hands that once fed us. Come join us as we take over the galactic universe! Bow Wow!!!!

Sites That Involve Stellar Crisis

Stellar Crisis Room
This is where it all happens. The center of all the action starts here.
This is by far the best Server for the game.
Bird's Blitz Tips
This is some tips from The Bird Himself.
Stellar Crisis Clan Wars
The Clan Wars Main Page
This is the Frequently Asked Questions of the Regensburg server
Agt's rewritten page
This is Agt's page, and a great one at that.
Apathy's funny page
This is Apathy's page a really funny guy.

List of Members In the Clan

Busdude One of the Co-Leaders of Dogs of war (AIM Busdud21,ICQ 2839711)

Golden Warrior One Of the Co-Leaders of Dogs of war (AIM BentzDog)

The Sizm Our newset Member of the Clan

jarvis Member of the Clan (AIM jarvisc)

megadeath Member of the Clan

NOFX Member of the Clan

zblackrider Member of the Clan (AIM blackride2,ICQ 8087673)

Talon Member of the Clan (AIM okkiedokkie)

You can Reach us at Dogs of War Or On mIRC on either #stellar_crisis or in #CLAN_DOW. Busdude, Exodus, Golden Warrior and jarvis all talk on mIRC.

We are not the best clan. But we thrive upon being respected. We want the other clans to respect our play, and our attitude. Stellar Crisis is meant to be enjoyed as a game, and games are meant to be fun.

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