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THEORY ONE: BY JOHN K. HARMS. ABSTRACT: I see the cause of gravity to be a disturbance (or unbalance) of the photonic energy of the vacuum. In particular, ordinary (not virtual) long-wavelength photons are responsible for this imbalance of radiation pressure due to the presence of matter. Such long-wavelength photons have a cosmic origin (created by the Big Bang) and are reflected by all matter particles. Since matter does not allow long-wavelength quanta within, a force is created by the differences in radiation pressure. Since, according to Stephen Hawking, forces warp (or bend) space-time, this force created by a difference in vacuum energy causes the attraction due to gravity. General relativity is the correct theory of gravity, but it has as its very foundation "a force" caused by the energy differences of the vacuum. Thus a force causes the warpage (or curvature) of space-time. This idea also unifies gravity with electromagnetism in an "already unified" type approach, but this is not the focus of the paper or my actual intent. I am more interested in the cause of gravity which I feel has always been a mystery.

For more information see John K. Harm's paper at

THEORY TWO: BY Daniel Emilio. ABSTRACT: "This theory proposes a physical mechanism for gravity - a free graviton randomly strikes and is absorbed into a particle, which then expels another graviton. The expelled graviton then forms that particles gravity "wave." In the same interaction, the particle actually shifts TOWARD the direction from where the original graviton came - because of the Law of Conservation of Momentum - thereby creating the gravity "pull."

For more information see Daniel Emilio's paper at

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