Gravity Central is a forum for discussion and debate on the topics of gravitation and gravitational control. Gravity Central's goal is to aid in the advent of electrogravitic-related technologies. Through the use of this forum, G.C. hopes to bring together the theories, ideas and people that will solve the questions now at the cutting edge of scientific understanding.

Electrogravitics (the control of gravity with electricity) promises unlimited potential in the areas of propulsion and energy production. Among the applications for this technology are: faster-than-light propulsion, "free" energy, safer transportation and a host of more exotic applications.

Gravity Central, on the other hand, recognizes the awesome destructive potential afforded by the control of gravity, and wishes to prevent such technologies from being used for military weaponry.

Therefore, as Gravity Central expands, we will include side-discussions for the ethical and political ramifications, as well as a speculations page on electrogravitics' more exotic potentials.

Our methodologies will include the solicitation of contributed articles and the posting of materials thought to be important to the understanding of gravitation and electrogravitics. We will advocate debate between contributors with opposing theories, and post any significant results that come about through debate.

All visitors to Gravity Central are invited to comment on any of this site's contents. All visitors also are invited to contribute ideas and/or articles relevant to Gravity Central's subject matter.

Any material submitted will be reviewed by the webmaster and posted if judged appropriate.

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