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This pic is by the Tatev village church's entrance during opening ceremonies (Aug 97), after renovation.
New pix will be posted soon.

3 brand new chair lifts are operating in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia's only ski resort. From the very top you can see Ararat on a clear day. From the top of the 2nd lift you can see Lake Sevan. They have snow cat grooming the slopes. There are ski, snowmobile & mini-sled (sanka) rentals. Can't recall if any snowboard rentals.
'05-06 season had much more snowboarders than before. They also had added a ski lodge at the top of Lift #1. They moved the parking uphill alot but it was mis-designed (on slope instead of flat & too small)
All day lift pass is 6000 ADM (US$14) which beats paying 1k every time you use a lift.

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