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14 Dicks and a Chick is an alliance formed by Flamers for Flamers.

-- LATEST AND GREATEST NEWS-- (Updated July 24, 2000) Well I figured it's about damn time I updated this page! Jynx is our newest addition. We are full (on KS) as of now.

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WOW! Can you believe it??? It's been two years since we were created! We are currently holding the #3 spot on KS

In honor of our Anniversary; We have created the Dicks and Chick Alliance on both mk.com and IGL! So Beware!

Some of the Dicks and the Chick had a little gathering in July! Talk about lots of fun! Stop by the vacation page linked below!


Below is a breif description of each member

SMIDER- Our fearless leader whose unmatched skill has unsurpassed all and any attempts by the clan to mutiny. His love for himself is only matched by his MK prowess. IN RL Smider is a professional squirrel trapper who has been known to become horny at the " crack " of dawn.

GUNGHO- The Chick. A vivacious warrior on the MK battlefield and center of attention in the Clan Locker-room. She is also your hostess on the MK Flamer's Chat. Outside of MK, Gungho designs "drip-less" tea-pots, and trips the elderly for "kicks". She is also the proud owner of a dozen owls and a Rottweiler that loves newbie's heads as chew toys.

McGOOGAN- Our Irish Brawler and Smider devotee. McGoogan has been known to tear battlefields apart, but on the same token, has been found on more than one occasion passed out drunk with newbie cadets rooting through his wallet.When not getting an "MK fix", you cand find McGoogan in his garden with his dozens of cats. McGoogan has also started the trend of "Levels" (for those of you who frequent the Flame BBS)

GLYNIS- An original MK'er who has trained the likes of Smider and McGoogan. Glynis epitomizes the advanced flamer, often imitated but never duplicated. The MK world owes a huge debt to this grizzled, foul-mouthed veteran. In RL, Glynis is a gigalo and a tool collector. Look for him to seduce your mother out of your inheritance.

MARKG- An MK historian whose knowledge of his sword is as fond as his passion for his fair maiden, Natalie (A lass who has maiden a name for herself late at night in the Dick's quarters) To trifle with Markg is to ask to pick up your teeth with broken fingers. In RL, Markg test drives shopping carts and scours roadsides for empty beer bottles.

CSWILSON- The fine art of expansion is exemplified by CS. But don't expect to establish trade with this baron! Instead practice wearing dentures, as all your teeth will fall out when CS delivers you a nuclear winter. If CS is not playing MK, he is pan-handling the streets of Toronto without a liscense.

REAPER- Reaper is now a seasoned veteran to the clan and shares an awesome list of KILLER tax rates. Reaper brings with him a frightening portfolio of kills and trophies. He's kept the Clan up late at night regaling tales of raped cattle and stampeded women. In RL, Reaper is currently doing 10-12 at Sing Sing for Grand Sodomy.

SICKPUPPY(aka Angelo Fiat) - Our little pet. Watch out for this sneaky Italian Stud! He surely IS one SICK Pup. Crowders BEWARE! This sicko likes to take his enemies by the throat and rip them apart ( why do you think he's called Sick Puppy?). Sick Pup spends his off duty time rooting through neighbors garbage cans for leftover wine bottles and nudie pics. Sick Pup's dream in life is to become that little dog Wishbone just so he can look up little girls skirts

DARKO - Darko spends his leisure time frequenting those so called " juice bars " aka titty bars. He smuggles in his own liquor and harrasses all the performers. Darko and Glynis must be brothers because they both have their collection of goats. Darko claims his came first.. but we arent too sure; we think he may have recevied a frozen specimen from Glynis to inject into his one lonely goat. Who knows and who cares right? Watch out for this Goatboy... he'll sneak up on u when u least expect it.

SUEDE - A highly recruited Dick. He brings with him numerous shiny medals and other victory trophies to add to the clans Wall of Trophies. Suede is quite an impressive player and will kill anything/anyone that get's in his way! He just may be our next Smider... who knows. When not destroying MK'rs Suede spends his free time robbing banks w/out a mask! People fear his name and usually just have the money out ready to hand over to him.

KINGSIZE - The quietest of the dicks. But don't think he's some submissive bystander who enjoys sucking his thumb in the corner! Kingsize's ongoing project is building the largest beer can pyramid imaginable (makes u wonder what he spends his free timed doing eh?) drinkin maybe?? NAH.. can't be! Many underestimate Kingsize's playing ability... but he's the sneaky "steal your base when your not looking" type! HEY; what more can we say?? They don't call him Kingsize because of his enjoyment for large candybars either!

BLIGHT - Blight brings many horror stories of his previous experiences within other clans in other games. Dont let his few selected flames fool you; this guy is ALMOST as bad as Glynis! Blight's hobbies include stalking the latest porn models in hopes of a wild night full of adventure. Of course his unlucky search still continues.

SABOT - With the addition of Sabot, the clan has further increased it's stranglehold on the MK Realm not to mention the various brothels and and adult novelty shops where Head Office resides. One would be wise to be wary of Sabot on the battlefield. One blink of the eye or twitch of the head could result in the loss of valuable limbs and organs or perhaps a prized collection of post-menopause pornography. Sabot likes to spend his off-days smearing birdshit overtop of previously read personal ads of the weekly paper that resides at the bottom of his parrot's cage and convincing his mother that a 30 year-old man still needs an allowance.

CHILI - "The clan gains more than just cold-sweat nightmares and tingly rectums from Chili. This merciless goon brings a lack of concern with him to the battlefields which has more than once, lifted the Dicks and Chick to victory. His "Tigers first, Porcs later" attitude strikes terror into the souls of those on both sides of the battle. But alas, more often than naught, the Dicks are treated to a spectacular barrage of explosives and topless dancers while dining like royalty in the enemy fortress, courtesy of our careless captain.In his spare time, Chili enjoys sitting up in the attic mending dresses and trying to find the measurements of a right-angled triangle that will not adhere to Pythagoreas' theorem."

JYNX - "With Jynx in our stripes, the DnC have officially spread overseas. The alliance is hoping this addition will aid in liberating the numerous underground marijuana farms and Red Light districts through the Americas. In the trenches, Jynx is always trying something new. From defending bases with piles of dirty laundry to launching an attack with potato rockets and badminton birdies, expect something new from this unpredictable Dutchman each time out. However, expect always a victory since Jynx is known to throw away the book of tricks in favour of sun-scorching missles once things begin looking grim. When Jynx isn't watching the clock while we're sleeping, he is watching his elderly neighbour gratify herself on the hood of his Volkswagon while scouring the sofa in search of loose change to fund his kleenex expenses."

~~~ X MEMBERS ~~~

It's sad to see members leave and even more so to see Mavrik leave to create his little FAG TAG alliance! Oh well good luck boys!

CHINGON- Yes.. believe it or not... CHIN had once crossed to the dark side! CHIN comes to the clan with big hopes of tutoring us in proper grammar/spelling (It will NEVER happen but.. give him an A for effort). CHIN thrives on tough challenges and is always seeking out the BEST to play against. In real life CHIN runs a home for the socially impaired. His teachings are known to be off the wall and sadistic. CHINGON hopes to one day be the poster boy for HOOKED ON PHONICS.

ARNI - The Dicks and Chick Clan adds a new style of fighting to their ranks in the form of the Icelandic Viking, Arni. Although Iceland has not been involved in any recent global threatres of battle, they have staved off any and all attempts by the Indonesians to colonize them. When not on the battlefield, dulling his ax on opponents skulls, Arni is usually found on Icelands' nude beaches trying to break his persoal time records for delaying an erection. He is up to 14 seconds.

JWAX - JWAX was a tough one to beat on the battlefield; he manages to make the most out of his money and grows to be larger than all of his opponents. JWAX has been MIA for the last few monthes ; if anyone finds him; please bring him home to his clan. We think that the enemy has kidnapped him and are trying to suck out his brain to collect all of his secrets!

MAVRIK- MK goon. An aggressive player that keeps his opponents reeling and inevitably kneeling. Another warrior whose proximity you'd rather avoid. When not administering death on the battlefield, Mavrik is administering the word of God to the homeless and is always in search of donations to continue his gambling habit.

ASMO- Watch out for this little dirty Goblin; he loves the smell of "fresh meat". He rarely leaves his cave unless taunted w/ the smell of rancid blood and death. This little goblin is very sneaky and will get you when you least expect it. In real life Asmo collects clips of hair from the rich and famous and dreams to one day have hair like Fabio.

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