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AEMC PQL 100 & 120

The PQL Power Quality Logger is a handy single-phase Power Quality Logger designed to measure and log from a complete suite of electrical and power quality parameters. You can use it to determine the quality of power that your sensitive, microprocessor based station reliant upon. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use report compliant software package, DataView Lite Analysis and Reporting Software.

The PQL is designed for North American commercial, industrial and residential applications, and is plugged into a standard AC receptacle. In turn, any 120V load, up to 15 amps, may be plugged into the PQL: transceivers, computers, rotor controllers, processors, linear amplifiers, office equipment, data equipment, machinery, compressors, heaters, motors, etc. Determine the quality of power that your equipment is seeing ... and how your equipment is affecting power quality as well.

The PQL measures, records and stores selected parameters in its memory. Along with the standard electrical parameters (V, A, W, Var, PF...), it also stores the Power Quality of the input waveforms (Harmonics, THD, Surge, Sag, K-Factor...). The recorded information is retrieved from a computer via an RS-232 serial link using the report compliant DataView� Lite software package, which provides graphs, data and pre-configured reports. The user can select a recording session of from 15 minutes up to 8 weeks.

An optional 1MB memory is available in both the PQL 100 or 120 configuration. An optional carrying case is also available.

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DataView Software for the PQL


Shown: PQL 100 (PQL 120 has AC cord)

PQL 100 & PQL 120 PQ Logger Features
*Portable, compact unit - plugs into standard US 120V outlets
*Simple operation: Plug in, Record, Download & Read
*Measures and stores electrical parameters: V, A, Hz & more
*Measures/stores pwr parameters: W, VA, Var, Demand, Peak Dmnd
*Measures/stores PQ parameters: Harmonics, THD (rms & fund.), K-Factor
*Automatically captures worst-case Surge, Sag & THD waveforms
*High accuracy & resolution: 128 samples/cycle, 16 bit resolution
*LEDs indicate mode of operation
*Records up to 12 data channels
*Powered from voltage input channel
*Battery backup data integrity for up to 1 year.
*Configuration in non-volatile memory
*Optically isolated RS-232 output for dir. conn. to a PC EN 61010, 150V Cat. III
*Includes DataView Lite Analysis & Reporting Software

How simple is PQ analysis with the PQL? Easy enough that Hanover chose it for it's rental fleet. The same technological superiority that makes the AEMC PowerPad 3945 the best full featured PQ analyzer in the business crammed a lot of insight into the PQL. Not convinced? Try before you buy. We rent the PQL for a nominal monthly fee. We'll even set it up for you in advance of shipment ... if you wish!



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