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in 1992, trading under the name THE HAN-
OVER GROUP.  Located near Ashland, VA just
north of Richmond, the company was started
with but one product line.  

The name was changed to the present one
upon relocation and incorporation at the
beginning of 1996.  HTS is presently head-
quartered near Battery Park, a "suburb" of
Smithfield, VA, a picturesque town which
bills itself as the ham capital of the
world.  Smithfield is also the home of
St. Lukes Church, the oldest Protestant
Church in North America.  This town has
been around quite a while.  

Battery Park is the site of the first
known customs house in Virginia.  And as
the name would imply, a gun battery ex-
isted there during one of the more promi-
nent battle eras of the Commonwealth's
history.  Battery Park sits along the
banks of the beautiful Pagan River
which feeds the James River just before
it empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

So much for today's geography lesson.  

Hanover specializes in equipment,
software and services which empower in-
dustry, utilities, government, military,
institutional and commercial sites to re-
duce energy costs, improve power quality
and system/personnel safety.  Label and
wire marking equipment and supplies, and
hand-held electrical and electronic test
equipment lead our prod. line. Our custom-
ers for some of our products are found
around the country, and some of our cus-
tomer's customers can be found around the

Hanover's founder, Don Lovett, an elec-
trical engineering graduate of the Uni-
versity of Virginia, has a background of
40 years in the electrical industry,
first as a sales engineer with Westing-
house Electric.  He was promoted to
the sales and marketing management ranks
in low voltage circuit breakers, then to
programmable controls before becoming
North American sales and marketing manager
for a high voltage test systems manufac-
turer.  He held a couple of related
positions elsewhere in the electrical in-
dustry prior to founding Hanover Group.

His insights (and opinions) into the elec-
trical world have been published in trade
and engineering journals including EC&M
magazine.  Don also has one breaker patent
awarded from his days at Westinghouse.

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