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Power & Energy Recorder Rentals FEATURING:
Dent Instruments ELITEpro Electric Power Data Logger Recorder Rental

Rent ELITEpro to:
Record, Log or Trend - Voltage, Current, Power, Demand, Energy, Power Factor

ELITEpro, OUR EASIEST TO USE AND LOWEST PRICED DATA LOGGER RENTAL Measures and Logs TRMS Electric Power, Energy, Demand, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Minimum, Maximum, Average values and more ... 12 Bit resolution ensures good accuracy. Selectable recording intervals from 3 seconds up to 24 hours. Real time clock accurate to less than one minute per month. Battery, AC adapter or new line-powered operation. Spot checks harmonics to the 63rd. Spot check waveforms as well. All accessories included. Peripheral Services Available for a nominal fee.


you don't just get a piece of equipment and an
instruction manual. We preconfigure the rental
unit to best match your data recording mission.

We're available by phone, fax or email to answer
your questions about operational and safety
issues on the full range of equipment that we
make available for rent. It's our equipment,
and we want it to come back in good condition.
We also want you to be pleased with our rentals,
so you'll come back to us time and again to rent.
Maybe the next time, you'll prefer to buy instead.
That's OK, too. Give us a try. We will both win!


Data Loggers for:
Power Quality
Electric Motor Time of Use
Electric Lighting Time of Use
Current (on/off) Time of Use
Wall Outlet Watt Usage

ELITEpro Electric Power Data Logger

Logs most all basic per-phase and 3-phase average TRMS power and energy
values. Software (provided) can also be used to manually capture
"spot" waveforms and harmonics data. Not a power quality instrument,
yet can yield important information about the character of your power
system at any moment you select. Enough staying power to log numerous
values frequently for hours or days, or a few values for weeks or months.
AC adapter or battery powered for optimum utility.

Small size makes it ideal to lock inside a panel or switchboard for
maximum security. Standard or fused voltage clips, a wide variety of high
accuracy, large & small profile current clamps to choose from, including
5 amp primary split-core CT's for switchgear installations already hosting
instrument 5A CT secondaries and ... applied carefully, can be
used in medium voltage switchgear hosting CT's with a 5 amp secondary. Not sure if you can
manage the technology of an unfamiliar data logger rental?
This is the rental unit for you! ELITEpro Technical Specifications
(Exclusive of CT accuracy)

Inputs - 4 channels of current, (4th CT is optional)
0-3000A, 3 channels of voltage, 0-600V (ac or dc)
Power Volts, Amps, Watts
KWHr (can be tallied using Excel or similar software)
Volt-Amps, Power Factor
Measurements - True RMS
Frequency - 50 or 60 Hz
Accuracy - <1% of reading, exclusive of sensor accuracy
Baud Rate Up to 57,600 (direct) or 14,400 (modem)
Resolution Better than .1% FS for all parameters; 12 bit A/D
Memory - 128kB (25,000 readings) or 512kB (100,000 readings)
Sampling Frequency - 7.68 kHz (128 points per current waveform)
Recording Intervals - 3, 15, 30 seconds;
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes and 1, 12, 24 hrs.
Harmonic Analysis to the 63rd Harmonic
Real Time Clock Crystal controlled, true calendar,
20 ppm accuracy (<1 min/month)
Battery Life - 3 years @ 1 min. sampling, LED indicator of low battery
Operating Temp -7 to 60 oC (20 to 140 oF)
Operating Humidity - 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions - 8 x 15 x 6 cm (3.2� x 5.9� x 2.4�)
Weight - 340 gm (12 ounces)

Hanover Also Rents

* We Rent Infrared
Thermal Imaging Cameras

Infrared Thermometer Instrument Rental

Non-contact temperature measurement, 14 to 500 degrees F range, good accuracy, laser sighted, 8:1 spot ratio. Fixed emissivity of .95 corresponds to the typical value of most commonly measured objects. Usable as close as 4 inches from the object. Includes Lock (on) and Temperature Reading Hold features. Can be set to read Degrees F or C. $25.00 per week is what this rents for. As with most of our rental assets, you can rent to own, or we'll apply 40% of the rental fee, up to a point, toward the purchase of your rental unit, or a brand new one, if you prefer!


When you buy (or rent) from Hanover Technical Sales, you'll get low prices, quality products prompt, very fair & courteous service. You'll be pleasantly surprised! I'll stake my reputation on it!
Don Lovett

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Nedstat Counter




Above: Dent Instruments ELITEpro SP or ELITEpro XC
Electric Power Data Logger
Rents by the month. All you need supply is
a circuit, a laptop and a credit card!


AEMC PowerPad 3945, 8335 or 8336
Power Quality Analyzer

We've just added the AEMC Test & Measurement Instruments to our line
of products. First and foremost among AEMC's instruments is the NEW!
PowerPad Model 3945 Power Quality Analyzer.

When we tested the PowerPad 3945 for inclusion in our fleet of three-
phase rental units, we went nuts! This True RMS PQ device is first
and foremost, very easy to use, very easy to view ... and important to
almost anybody ... affordable to own ... and, thankfully, affordable
to rent in the meantime!

Not everybody has the immediate luxury of shelling out about $4,000
(often a whole lot more!) for a PQ analyzer, however. So we've made it
easy to rent one for a project ... or simply to try one at your own pace
and leisure on a real system or problem you've been experiencing. Problem
is, once you try the PowerPad 3945, you won't want to send it back. Don't
say we didn't warn you!

The PowerPad features:
True RMS 1, 2 and 3-phase measurements
at 256 blazing samples per cycle AC ... plus DC!

View real-time color waveforms!

Easy-to-use setup screen!

Automatic current probe recognition and scaling!

Capture harmonics to the 50th order!

Display phasor diagrams!

Capture transients down to 1/256th of a cycle!

Display power factor, K-factor, Crest-factors!

See Phase Unbalance for voltage and current!

Capture a wealth of power quality events and parameters!

Captures 4 waveforms per transient, up to 1200 in all!

View on-screen, or more detail in computer download!

6MB of memory assures more info when you need it!

Verify power circuits, monitor pad mount transformers!

Determine source and load harmonic problems!

Troubleshoot from the incoming main to the least load!

And much, much, much, much more!

10 foot color coded voltage and current probe leads
Current probes selected and sized for your mission
Optically coupled serial communications cable
US 120VAC power cord ... and NiMH backup battery
DataView Professional Power Quality Analysis Software
Carrying bag, carrying pouch and user manual





AEMC Megohmmeters


AEMC Ground Resistance Testers


AEMC Ground Resistance Clamp-on's


AEMC LAN Cable Testers and Mappers


Dent Instruments Lighting TOU Loggers


AEMC 8220 Motor and Power Quality Analyzer


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