We're Here To Serve YOU!

It has come to our attention that a growing number of manufacturers
and even some distributors are trying to force their customers
to enter all purchase orders via the internet or other electonic
means. Methods of enforcement (or encouragement) include extra
fees for entry by other methods, less favorable pricing, reduced
volume discounting, delayed shipments, and the like.

At Hanover Technical Sales, Inc., we do things a little differently.
We value you and your business. We respect your needs
and your ways of doing business. When you take the time to
call and inquire about our pricing, our product availability,
our recommendations and suggestions, even our general
health and the weather, we appreciate the opportunity to
be of service. If your order arrives by way of fax, email, snail mail (some
still do and we're happy to get them), or you just call and
say "send me 25 more of what I bought last week", you can rest
assured that we will respond ... and respond quickly. Almost
all of our orders ship the same day they are entered, complete
and correct. You don't need to fight with a remote computer
to remind us that we promised you a special price, special
handling, shipment on your UPS account or some other consideration
on style number 123X435Z21 the next time you bought it. We will treat you with courtesy and respect. We will treat you
like a fellow human being should be treated ... and would like
to be treated. We are, after all, human, too. And we won't
stop working for you until the job is done. And done right.
And that's no male bovine!

Thanks, as always, for being a part of our business,
and for making our day!

Don Lovett, President