Raychem / Tyco ShrinkMark Marking Kit

According to Tyco and Raychem, the ShrinkMark Marking Kit is no longer available.
Technically, that?s true.

BUT WE HAVE THE SOLUTION YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR We can supply the Kroy TubeMarker 650 which is virtually identical, will work with
the same supply cartridges, and yet costs considerably less to own and operate.
The TubeMarker 650 Kit comes with an AC power adapter and instruction manual. Additional
options such as a carrying case($38.95) are also available for this label and wire marker printer.
The 650 can also be used with batteries if you prefer. Consider the following, and we think you will agree! TYCO / RAYCHEM ID KROY STYLE PRICE HEAT SHRINK TUBING ShrinkMark TubeMarker 650R $189.95 ShrinkMark-1/8 Cartridge 2404201 $33.95 ShrinkMark-CAR-1/8-Yellow 2404202 $33.95 ShrinkMark-3/16 Cartridge 2404210 $34.95 ShrinkMark-CAR-3/16-Yellow 2404211 $34.95 ShrinkMark-1/4 Cartridge 2404220 $35.95 ShrinkMark-CAR-1/4-Yellow 2404221 $35.95 50 FOOT KROY BRAND LABEL TAPE CARTRIDGES ? x 55? Cartridge, Clear Tape 2464401 $37.95 ? x 55? Cartridge, White Tape 2464416 $37.95 Ditto, White on Clear Tape 2464402 $37.95 Ditto, Black on Blue Tape 2464431 $37.95 Ditto, White on Blue Tape 2464432 $37.95 Ditto, Black on Red Tape 2464435 $37.95 Ditto, Black on Yellow 2464443 $37.95 AC ADAPTER 12-VAC power adapter 2476800 $12.95 BY ANOTHER STYLE ? SAME PRODUCT SUBSTITUTION ... AND SAME LOW PRICE ... We?ve also found that this same product is sold under yet another set of style numbers. Raychem 475831 TubeMarker 650R $189.95 Raychem 741339 2404201 $33.95 Raychem 632789 2404202 $33.95 Raychem 680613 2404210 $34.95 Raychem 626795 2404211 $34.95 Raychem 638717 2404220 $35.95 Raychem 900429 2404221 $35.95 50 FOOT LABEL CARTRIDGES All 50 foot long label tape cartridges show above also work with this system, even if we don?t
have the cross-reference numbers. HAVE A NEED!
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