Vinyl Lettering

Price Sheet


Vinyl lettering is self-adhesive & may
be applied to commercial windows and
glass doors, business vehicles, aircraft,
boats, signage, posters, markers, equipment,
electrical panels, etc. We provide the
lettering. You provide the clean, dry
surface and the installation.

Letter Size (H) Price per Letter

0.5 < 1.0 inch ... $0.85
1 < 2 inches ......$0.99
2 < 3 inches ...... $1.48
3 < 4 inches ...... $1.95
4 < 5 inches ...... $2.45
5 < 5.5 inches .... $2.95
5.5 to 6 inches ... $3.45

Volume discounts may be applicable on larger orders.


NOTE: We sell only to government, military, aerospace, contractor, automotive, marine, commercial and industrial locations. We do not sell to individuals, school groups, PTA (no offense!), or church and civic organizations. We simply are not in that type of business. We provide this product only to accomodate our customer base, which is why the prices and service look so good.

Colors available are:

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Silver, White.

Not all sizes available in all colors. Some other colors may also be available in limited supply from time to time. Prices apply to lettering only. Other colors available on special order.

Lettering will be dressed and transfer tape applied prior to shipment to the customer. Customer takes all responsibility for proper application of lettering or graphics to suitable surfaces.


When you buy from
Hanover Technical Sales,
you'll get low prices,
quality products, and prompt,
very fair & courteous service.
You'll be pleasantly surprised!
I'll stake my reputation on it!
Don Lovett


When ordering, specify Size, Font (Arial preferred), Color, Lettering, and Sets (Quantity) if more than one of each. It is best to fax or email your order to us. That helps speed things up, and reduces mistakes on our end. Do not email credit card info. Phone or fax that!

Shipping will be by UPS Ground unless otherwise specified, and will be invoiced.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Long standing customers with a Hanover Credit Account may bypass credit card if they so desire - if Purchase Order Number provided.

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