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Who we are and where we're from!

The Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) started with a man's desire to connect with his wayward son who loved motorcycles. He and his son attended their first motorcycle rally in 1974, where he saw the empty lives of many who were there. He shared what he had seen with some friends who felt equally strongly that something needed to be done, so they prayed. As he prayed, he became convinced that God wanted a Christian organization dedicated to reaching motorcyclists with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the spring of 1975, he put his prayers into action, and the Christian Motorcyclists Association was founded in Hatfield, Arkansas.

The Christian Motorcyclists Association of Canada was founded in 1992 when the need was seen for a Canadian branch. It now has over 1500 members with almost 30 chapters Canada-wide, and growing.

The main purpose of this ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with motorcyclists. This purpose is achieved by attending motorcycle rallies and events, and conducting worship services. Many motorcyclists have turned to Christ during these services.

Christian fellowship among motorcyclists is also an important priority of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. We currently have CMA sponsored rallies in some provinces and are increasing the number of sponsored rallies. There are also many CMA get-togethers and rides in various areas promoted by our provincial coordinators and area reps.

CMA Canada is a registered non-profit organization that is supported by motorcyclists who believe in Jesus Christ, believe in this ministry, and give through sacrificial gifts of love.

For more information on CMA, please check our national website at www.cmacanada.ca, and for the United States, www.cmausa.org.

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