So who the hell is Hondo? HONDO is John Wayne. And John Wayne is Hondo. But Hondo's also the Miami based noisecore band. The term noisecore doesn't fully describe Hondo, though. Hondo mixes differnt styles of music together, but does so without fusing them. From a Hondo song, you can expect some Jazz, Metal, Acoustic Rock, or tons of other stuff mixed in with your noise. Hondo loves noise though, and we got alot of songs that are nothing but pure noise. To fully understand Hondo, you have to hear it. You can download some samples of a few of our songs off this page. Then you can see what all the hype's about. It's kinda shitty quality, but what can you do? Hondo's only been around for a few months now and we've released our long awaited 'In 3-D' Demo. 14 songs of insanity, beauty, humor, and even poetry. There should be a split 7" coming out sometime in the not so near future, but until then, there's only the demo. Right now you can order a Demo tape for $2 ppd. E-mail me for info.

Well, recently us guys from Hondo are on hiatus, as a certain chum of mine might put it, or rather, Hondo is. For now, me and Slims are rockin out with Dead Mens' Theory. DMT plans to do a short mini-tour this mid-Sept. through early Oct. But what can you expect from Hondo? I'm not really sure yet. But there's talk of a DMT/Hondo split, among other things. Gimme a month though, then we'll talk. Until then, go check out our sound clips!

10-22-98 Well, the big H is still on R&R, but me and Slims didn't get to go on that tour. A few days before we were suposed to leave, our guitar player, Tom, disappeared. Thankfully he was ok, and turned up a few weeks later with alot of new records. I think i'm going to start writing poetry again. It'll be self-relying and liberating! -Bubba C.

NOO! It's my snacky cake!
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