The Sultan Of Brunei
Beautiful sluts
Flock to your castle
Serving your guests on their knees.

I long to be the one who asks:
"Would you like to meet the Sultan of Brunei?"
...but how would I ever get an audience granted?

Beyond Blue Balls
Donít you try to make me like you.
The one who first scamed this soul.
Once pure, but reduced to mediocrity.
And youíve no regrets.
Serving your own lie is what this has been about all along.
Now quit trying to ask my sister out!

South Park Merchandise Is Made In A Guatemalan Sweat Shop
Bloody fingers lead to blood laced cocaine and South Park merchandise for consumers like you! "Let me die," he said, "and leave this body, as to not need to sustain it any longer, for both it and itís means make me suffer." Our options have been turned into their mandatory work order. Oh my god, they have killed Kenny.

The Rise And Fall Of Beatnik Munsie
Accension to grace
No looks behind
Untouched white thighs
Lie in the mud

Big tits, a big nose
Six's ass saves the show
But why is the hoe
spread out and watered down
just like the jokes
And the stud a jean fag,
dancing gaily
When he should be drunk,
pissing and cussing:
"In my opinionation, the sun is going to surely shine,
and that bitch is going to ride my dick"
Just like she did
(just like) the Jew
The producer who'd make me or you
into a bland boring reflection
of our lustful teenage
sex-driven hometown,
Americana, USA

The Failings of Ted Hendricks
Come alive,
I will pray for you now
Remember when you were so tough
Now stare at the bottom of your beer mug
Your fate's at the bottom of your beer mug,
and there is hate
So where's the strength attributed to you
You sit at Tom's NFL Club
You're all alone,
with no one
Your dick comes out
onto a bloody football card
You singed it with a pen
Your ink was clogged
with what you knew,
or you though you knew
You were used you never knew it
You're all used up, can't undo it
Can't get past these obsticles
Can't get past these,
chains that bind you to the ground
Might as well give up now and drink the wine,
the fruits of what you tried so hard for
You marvel at what a worthless thing a conviction is,
what does anything mean,
and how can anyone care at all