These are only some of the pics,,more will be coming and more will be posted by other attendees,,I will include links as soon as those go up..

This is the Pittstang and its owner
Brandon,,he is sporting the latest in
Oklahomian fashion wear.

This is one of the very rare Cobra Saleens with its proud papa Eric Greene,,he isnt really cleaning it,he is just hiding the sticker from Rob since he put it on the wrong side..

Above are pictures of the Infamous Goatstang,,now in the possesion of a mysterious young man named Jared,,there is a family of distraught goats missing their home because of his actions if you see this car please contact your nearest Goat representative..

The Yellow monster also known as
Robs Revenge since he installed the new
pepperoni powered nitrous system

From the left:351Lightning owned by Gary Morris aka:The Gambler,,Robs Monster,,My Lincoln,,Alan Dueter aka:Mr Blues Gt,,Brandons GT,Erics Saleen,,and Matts Conv Gt

Here is our resident Kosmo Kramer,,going by his alias of Matt Kaatman and his
Green Goblin

From the left:Brandons Gt,,Father  5.0s conv Gt,,Matts conv Gt,,My Lincoln,,Robs monster