March 19, 1998

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HSHost says "Hello from HOLLYWOOD! It's Rebecca here coming to you live from BoxTop Studios where all the hip kids come together & share their most intimate secrets. Welcome back to HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT on Joining me in the studio tonight are my producers Mike & Dori, and our fabulous typist Michelle."

HSHost says "All right, if you're a newbie tonight…welcome to the show. If you'd like to ask a question, there is a question mark icon on the menu bar you can click on, or just type /ask space and then type in your question. We'd like to give a warm shout out to all of you Excite users joining us tonight. If you're using Excite's VP chat, you can ask a question by clicking on the "something to say?" button on the lower right corner of the stage."

HSHost says "I am really excited about the show. We have a very special guest joining us in the studio tonight, Bruce Campbell from "Hercules" & "Xena". You may also recognize Bruce from his starring role in the "Evil Dead" trilogy. Let's all welcome Bruce to the show!"

HSHost says "Hey Bruce! Welcome to the show, it's great to have you here! How are you?"

BruceCampbell says "Good. I noticed in your intro that you indicated that only the cool people come here. Anyone who's here tonite is cool anyone who's not is a loser!"

HSHost says "Loser! Yeah."

BruceCampbell says "Hello again!"

HSHost says "You directed an episode of Xena?"

BruceCampbell says "Yes, a couple of Hercules and Xena and I'll direct another one in a couple of weeks. Porkules is airing this week. Hercules gets turned into a pig. I have a deal to do that show for 11 episodes as that character. So, the audience is trapped with me. It's a syndicated show, so in each market it's different. In Bootleg Wyoming it'll be Wednesday. Check those local listings!"

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

Whisper- asks "What was it like playing opposite a pig?"

BruceCampbell says "I have an answer for Whisper. It's a nightmare. Pigs are only concerned with taking food in and getting rid of food that they ate. Sometimes at the same time. So we had to go back and replace dialogue cause the pig was squeaking while we were talking. Or other noises I can't describe on the net. I pity anyone who had anything to do with the movie, Babe. Pigs are near sighted so normally with an animal you can get right next to the camera, but a pig can't see it, so they have to shake a container full of nuggets and that wrecks your sound."

HSHost says "Oh! That's interesting!"

BruceCampbell says "Purina Pig Chow."

HSHost laughs hysterically.

HSHost says "Sick!"

BruceCampbell says "If you have to work with an animal, just say no!"

Graymare asks ""Bruce, if you could be an animated comic character for a day, which character would you be?"

HSHost says "Yeah children and animals are the worst."

BruceCampbell says "Does it have to be animated?"

HSHost says "Answer however you see fit. There's no censorship on the net!"

BruceCampbell says "I would be the character, Sad Sack. Cause as a kid that's the comic book that I read. Everyone read Marvel, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk. I read Sad Sack, he was king of the losers and I could relate to him."

HSHost says "I've never heard of him!"

BruceCampbell says "That's okay, cause it will cause a frenzy of people getting the comic and I can resurrect the career of the guy that drew it."

Calamity-jcck asks "Bruce how many emails do you get a day from fans? Icelin and I want to thank you to responding to ours."

BruceCampbell says "About 100. Aren't they special! I spend about an hour a day online answering e-mail. My answers are not long and eloquent, they are short and sassy. But if it's a legitimate question, I'll answer them. If I'm acting with a pig, it might take 4 or 5 days to get back to them. But, I've gotten online in South Africa, France, New Zealand, Mexico. I can pretend like I'm home even when I'm not."

HSHost says "Even when you're not!"

AlexDewar asks "Mr. Campbell, is there any movie/tv thing that you've done that you wished you hadn't, or would refuse to acknowledge?"

BruceCampbell says "I wonder how Alex is doing these days? No. And, no. At the time everything I decided to do seemed like the right thing to do. You only look back in retrospect and think it's cheesy. I said yes for certain reasons. I get sick and tired of actors denying that they were in certain movies. I know actors who do that and it betrays where they came from. You weren't born on Dynasty, I'm sorry. There will be some hackneyed piece of crap in your life somewhere if you're an actor. That's right! Cheeseball all the way!"

BruceCampbell smiles.

HSHost says "That's right!"

Breathless asks "Out of all the actors you've worked with, which one do you admire the most?"

BruceCampbell says "Is Breathless related to Whisper? Jennifer Jason Leigh. She was by far the most singularly professional actor I've ever worked with and probably will EVER work with. In the Hudsucker Proxy. We rehearsed 2 weeks before and when she walked in on day one, she knew every single line. A month before we started shooting."

BruceCampbell says "In the movie, she talks non stop, so the level of commitment is mind boggling. I was only in a couple of scenes and they were all with her and I've never been so nervous in my life. I knew she'd never blow a line. I thought I'd look like a schmuck. It worked out okay, forced me to really pay attention. She was a reasonable person, I respect her a lot. She wasn't carried around on pillows."

karcher asks "how do you like working with Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless?"

HSHost says "I like her."

BruceCampbell says "They are apples and oranges. Kevin and I are almost the same age, east of the Mississippi and he's a normal guy. I went down to direct him and thought let me find out what this guy's nightmare is so I can tiptoe around him. I golfed with him and he beat me and I realized he was a totally normal guy."

BruceCampbell says "You could speak directly to him. Lucy is the same. She's not fully aware of her status currently .. a good thing. She'll go to say something that might not be appropriate for her as a role model and she stops herself. She maintains a professional composure. Helpful to guest stars. This is her 4th season."

HSHost says "She's a badass!"

BruceCampbell says "Yeah, she is. Because she's an actress, she's nothing like that in real life. If someone met her in person, they'd realize she's a good actress, cause they'd go, "Wow! That's not Xena!""

HSHost says "Xena! Where are you?"

RocSandstorm asks "I´m a beginner filmmaker, do you think that i have to spend my money for make a film?"

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "No, study Sam Ramies movies. Sam Ramy (sp?) is one of the best indy filmmakers out there. I met him in high school. He really carries the mantle for all directors to be judged by. Interesting filmmaker. A lot of frenzy about Quentin Tarrantino but they're overlooking the guy who set trends earlier on. Plus, he's a maniac!@"

SteakHouse asks "Is Sam Raimi as nuts as his films?"

BruceCampbell says "Steakhouse?"

BruceCampbell chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "Extremely pleasant and almost shy guy. It comes out in his movies, he's not dangerous crazy. If that makes any sense."

HSHost says "It does make sense, absolutely."

RocSandstorm asks "Can you say the word "Jaume"? It´s my name and i´m awake at 4:00 a.m. in Spain."

BruceCampbell says "Rock Sandstorm is buggin' me! ;)"

BruceCampbell smirks.

BruceCampbell says "(he tries to pronounce the name) Yes. I can say it."

GWARslave asks "do you think there is some lesbian tension beetween Xena and Gabriel"

BruceCampbell says "I take the fifth."

BruceCampbell smirks.

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

PaulaM asks "Hi Bruce!! If you could do one role, whether it's good, bad or ugly , what would you do?"

HSHost says "Great!"

BruceCampbell says "Dear Paula, . . .I would take the best role. Period. I've gotten offers to play good guys but they were the worst written. Bad lines, "Let's go!" "Get down!" "Stay here!" "Duck!" The bad guy had great speeches. They don't have to be politically correct. They can kick puppies and push kids and still be charming. I've told the producers I'll be the bad guy. The good guys are a good challenge, though. If the writers can come up with a good lead character you're ahead of the game. Most of the time, it's the bad guys who are the most indelible. If they come up with a good hero, then you've got something."

Princess_Kasondra asks "Would you do a sex scene?"

BruceCampbell says "I have done sex scenes. Get with the program baby! Get your butt to Blockbuster. I've done nothing explicit. My wife doesn't get freaked out cause I met her on a movie and we shot a sex scene and she got to see how clinical it is. They don't have sex. Maybe in a cheeseball indy movie where the director/actors are trying to do a cool thing. But, it's all blocked out, the cameraman has to know where the actors are going to be. I'll be here, she kisses me here, we roll over here ... Then they put in the cheeseball music."

HSHost says "It's okay for you to kiss another woman? I don't like that."

BruceCampbell says "I have no problem with it."

HSHost says "It's a job."

BruceCampbell says "Yeah, when you get to kiss Alyssa Milano, people like that, it's a tough life."

HSHost says "What about cheating?"

BruceCampbell says "Like Bill Clinton? I cheat on camera, so it's all documented."

Daphnae asks "Are there any plans for an Autolycus spinoff from Hercules/Xena?"

BruceCampbell says "I'm talking with the producers about a new show that will be a fun show in keeping with the other shows. But, it's not currently planned to be an Autolycus show. No, I don't have ANY details. I don't know."

HSHost says "Even though you just said that, you'll still get a lot of emails asking."

Granuail asks "Bruce, do you mind terribly that your female fans just can't get enough of you? And more importantly, does your WIFE mind?"

BruceCampbell says "I know. To be honest, I don't have ... I have more male fans than female fans. I've never gotten anything in the mail, like Luke Perry or ... I don't get lingerie in the mail. I play heroes that are so stupid that no woman would ever want them. Or I play heroes like .... this one that was so altruistic that the only woman that would be attracted to me are women that wouldn't want to interrupt my personal life. I've never played a sexy, 90210, fix my hair sexy guy."

SidekickGabbie asks "how could someone e-mail you?"

HSHost says "But, you ARE sexy."

BruceCampbell says "That I can't help. My email address is not secret, web site is And, I created the website to dispel rumors, give accurate info, check there if you wanna know if I'm gonna be on TV."

HSHost says "What kind of rumors?"

BruceCampbell says "Oh, that Jim Cameron's been talking to me about Spiderman, I"m supposed to be in the new Doom movie ...."

HSHost says "And, these are true, right?"

BruceCampbell says "Hell, yeah! No, none of them are true."

StephJones asks "I heard that you might be in a new series, something about pirates.... Is there anything new with that?"

BruceCampbell says "Can't comment."

HSHost says "Ooooooh. That's a good rumor."

BruceCampbell says "Until an actual script is generated ... I don't know. They might have a concept then the syndication company might say, "nah.""

SarahLeCroix asks "If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?"

BruceCampbell chuckles in amusement.

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

HSHost says "At least you get 3."

BruceCampbell says "A helicopter to take me off whenever I wanted."

HSHost says "Then you wouldn't be stranded, would yo?"

BruceCampbell says "I'll get back to her. Questions like that, some actors sit around and ponder those, what kind of oak tree you would be? Those questions always confound me."

Kink_Daddy asks "What shows do you like to watch on t.v.?"

BruceCampbell says "I don't know why. I don't watch TV. It's not like I have anything against it, but I do it all day long! When I watch a TV show, I look for an actor trying to hit his marks. I love watching them glance down at the floor just before they reach their position. It drives me insane. I know when a line has been looped or a sound effect is fake. It takes a helluva project for me to forget that. I'm kinda cursed."

HSHost says "That's alright."

BruceCampbell says "But, it's nothing personal."

HSHost says "Of course not!"

shampoo asks "what spice girl do you like the best?"

BruceCampbell says "Cream rinse."

BruceCampbell smirks.

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "Cinnamon. I like 'em all because they jiggle. They're a throwback, they're not foam injected bimbets or they got good foam because it moves. When a woman walks down the street who has curves, the curves move. When a woman has been "enhanced" she walks down the street and doesn't move. The Spice Girls move! And, I LIKE that!"

BruceCampbell smiles.

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

HSHost says "Okay!!!"

Shalazar asks "Do you believe, as I do, that your 5 minute role in the intro of Congo was the best part of the entire film?

BruceCampbell says "Duh."

HSHost laughs hysterically.

BruceCampbell says "Yeah, it was fine. Whenever you have a small role in a movie, people assume you've been cut out. It's weird, but in that case they used every frame, I just had a small role. I tried to get the lead, and that was my consolation prize."

HSHost says "Sorry to disappoint you, but I never saw the film."

BruceCampbell says "That's alright."

JadeDragon asks "Strange Question. One night I had rented Army of Darkness just becuse I hadent seen it in ages. Ya know the line "Give me some sugar baby" a few hours later I heard you use the same line in Herc. It about killed me. Was that intentional? (sorry no spell checker in chat :))"

BruceCampbell says "What is with all these broads calling in? I thought it'd be desk job guys and 14 year old punkers ....etc.. No! It was an accident. No! Of COURSE it was. Occasionally they throw out gags to unite the fan bases. It gets old and I won't be doing that much longer but ...."

HSHost says "Yeah, I love it! There was somehting in Pulp Fiction, John Travolta said, "I dig it the most." Which was from Grease and I was excited about it. No one else knew it."

BruceCampbell says "There's always 40f people who are offended. I piss off 50% the poeple on a daily basis that I talk to. They expect certain answers. They don't want the character diffused or made fun of or overused."

HSHost says "I can understand that. I'm not a fanatic, though."

BruceCampbell says "People say, "Geez, Bruce. Why can't you let that character go?" But, it doesn't matter either way! This is make believe, not brain surgery."

Whisper- asks "I really liked "Yes, Virginia..." Can you tell us what you thought about it?"

BruceCampbell says "That was a Hercules episode. I made the mistake of soliciting the Hercules net forum about what they thought of that episode. It was an episode where it portrayed the behind the scenes people who write Hercules. All the actors played the writers of the show. The scenario was what would we do if Kevin Sorbo fell off the earth."

BruceCampbell says "We played cartoonish overblown characters. thought it was fun. But some people didn't want to see actors out of school. My answer to that is, we're actors. We're not those characters. I enjoyed it. I hope everyone else did, too."

HSHost says "I'm sure that they did. Those that are not the fanatics. Like "why did you cut your hair?""

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "Absolutely!"

BCScreener asks "do you wear boxers, briefs, g-string or in the buff???"

BruceCampbell says "I wear a hybrid."

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "Phony Calvin Klein things." I don't like the butthuggers, I think that's for people with personal problems. Boxers wrap around your legs."

HSHost says "Do you wear the gripper jam? The longer ones?"

BruceCampbell says "Yeah, these are slightly longer."

themoviemaker asks "what's your favourite scary movie?"

BruceCampbell says "That's the answer. A movie called "The Tenant" by Roman Polanski. It messes with your mind. It's all about insanity. It really bugged me for days. I like that type of horror film, it's TRUE horror where you leave and you can't stop thinking about it. Not like a big monster movie with gooey stuff all over the place. That's different, much more effective."

HSHost says "Yeah."

Storm1 asks "I know you don't like to send autographs much any more since you feel its worthless. Did you know that Lincoln's signature is going for $300,000? :-)"

BruceCampbell says "Let me clarify that. On my website, I have an editorial about the autograph thing. I indicated what I hoped was clear. It's not about worth. I don't like it when poeple collect me. I don't feel that my autograph should be worth one penny more than your neighbor."

BruceCampbell says "I have a problem with putting actors, politicians, sports figures up on pedestals, they do not belong there. It's not cause I don't have the itme or don't make the time. I'm always happy to send a picture."

BruceCampbell says "The point is, they will never know who I am. Their life will not be improved by my autograph. It will not help their income, make them smarter, make them better parents. It's important to me and people are misinterpreting it. I don't want to be perceived as anything other than a schmuck actor."

BruceCampbell smirks.

HSHost says "Okay, ya schmuck!"

BruceCampbell says "Don't call me a schmuck, I'm an actor!"

Whisper- asks "So, what do you think about chainsaws now?"

BruceCampbell says "The answer is I don't. I could elaborate. I don't think about them. Here's my elaboration .... Repeat after me ... It's only cause the Evil Dead movies, with all due respect, a fading memory. They were fun and significant for my career and I'll probably do other horror movies cause actors do all kinds of movies. But, I won't be showing up at car washes at 50 dressed as Ash. I'd rather move to Oregon and sell lavender."

HSHost says "Lavendar's nice."

Rucking Fool asks "How much did you spend on some of the really early Super 8 movies?"

BruceCampbell says "Yeah. About $400. The big ones ... the biggest one was $2,000. Then the semi-big $1,000-$1,500. We had to break open the cookie jar."

MingoJones asks "What do you think about this new craze in surgical implants? Would you ever get one???"

HSHost says "I think it's penile or pectoral .... OH, he's talking about .... the metal balls under your skin. Like a piercing or a bar under your skin. Inserted. I can understand the ****. For me, that would be nice. But, on your arm, I don't get it."

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "To be honest with you, I"m baffled by it. It's a world I can't relate to, I like being nice to myself. I have a scar on my chin and I'm not going to fix it. That's me. I don't know ... I think you start to lose who the hell you are once you go through these changes. It doesn't change who you are no matter what you think. You might look tougher/cooler ... there's this guy on the Xena crew who has frightening tattoos and gets them in 3 ... graphic, peoplebeing skinned alive. His lips are pierced with surgical steel. It's unsettling."

HSHost says "Does he have a girlfriend?"

BruceCampbell says "I doubt it. Unless he got that penile thing!"

HSHost says "Yeah, cause I'd be over at his house!"

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell chuckles in amusement.

HSHost says "I have tattoos and mine are perty."

BruceCampbell says "Alyssa Milano has about 3 tattoos but I won't tell you where they are!"

BruceCampbell smirks.

HSHost says "Whoa oooh!"

Graymare asks "Bruce, what's your favorite kind(s) of music? Your favorite artists?"

BruceCampbell says "I don't have a favorite band. I'm not a band guy. I'm a crooner guy. Gimme Frank, Sammy, Dean, jazz that's fine. I've even been known to crack open a new age CD or two. Danger, Will Robinson. When I was working on the Brisco show, I was exposed to country and even though some barf instantaneously upon hearing that, I find it to be a very American art form. I like a guy named Hal Ketchum. Lyrics are excellent. Clint Black has the best voice."

BruceCampbell says "A lot of time you get people who can't sing and they get over orchestrated or processed to make up for the fact that they suck. I like singers who have an ability to sing. They make a lot of money, they should be able to sing. Don't get me started!"

HSHost says "Yeah."

Graymare asks "Bruce, have you seen the Movie "Titanic"? How do you feel about doing something like that?"

BruceCampbell says "I have to be careful how I answer this. I am one of the few people who did NOT like the movie."

HSHost says "I'm with ya."

BruceCampbell says "That's all I care to say cause I might reveal too much of my true self."

HSHost says "What about "As Good As It Gets"?"

BruceCampbell says "Because I'm an older guy now, I like relationship movies. I'm interested in characters. I like reading about real things. Stories about people. Unfortunately, there are few of these movies coming out. When summer rolls around I don't go to movies. IN every big summer movie, the hero will always do the right thing and never make any mistakes or do something foolish."

BruceCampbell says "If he does it'll instantly get made up. You know the bad guy will be slick, funny, urbane and there'll be a foam injected woman clutching his leg. I like to turn all that on it's head. Show me Die Hard with an accountant. Now I'm scared. But when he's ex CIA ex Marine of COURSE I'm not gonna be scared!"

MingoJones asks "Any plans on working with Sam on a feature film in the near future? Maybe a role in Simple Plan?"

BruceCampbell says "Show me a guy who's never fired a gun in his life, now I"m REALLY scared. I've never stopped working with Sam technically. But, feature wise, he hasn't done them recently and our schedules have become busy. I would assume yes."

LordGwynth asks "Has anyojne ever told you you look like Mike Patton from the band "Faith No More?"

BruceCampbell says "I don't know who that is?"

HSHost says "Singer. That would be no?"

Chad Waldrip asks "Are Autonicus and xena ever going to have romantic relations in the show?"

BruceCampbell says "No. But, I'm sure he's a great guy."

HSHost says "(she can't pronounce thename) Okay, I got it!"

HSHost laughs hysterically.

BruceCampbell says "Just call him Auto. No question about it, I'm always trying to get in her pants. But, she's marrying the producer so I don't know if that will fly. I say that with a smile."

BruceCampbell smiles.

HSHost says "That's a surprise to me."

Lacanthrope asks "How does it feel, working with Ted Raimi, whom you use to take care of a kid?"

BruceCampbell says "Ted is great. Ted takes a lot of cheap shots because of his character and my response to that is lighten up. There's room for shows to show all different colors, Xena is darker but we've had zany episodes. I directed  Ted and he's wonderful and blossomed from a goofy kid to a real actor. And, I'll kick his ass ... if ...."

Panthera28 asks "have you always been so sauve? :)"

BruceCampbell smirks.

BruceCampbell says "No, but I've had a lot of years to practice. In high school, I didn't date. I was terrified of women. I still am. They're horrifying. A true horror film, starring women."

Kink_Daddy asks "Do you like Jackie Chan movies?"

BruceCampbell smirks.

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

HSHost says "Okay."

BruceCampbell says "I've seen some and not all but the ones I"ve seen are amazing. The guy is completely and utterly insane. Very impressive."

HSHost says "Yeah, he is."

themoviemaker asks "What did you think of the movie "SCREAM and SCREAM 2 "??"

BruceCampbell says "Walked out of Scream I, therefore, I did not see Scream II. I watched with Kevin Sorbo and 20 minutes later we said, "Hey where are we parked?""

shampoo asks "do you watch jerry springer?"

BruceCampbell says "I will NEVER watch Jerry Springer. Even when I watch, I will not watch TV that focuses on the absurd in our society and beats it to death. It's called click of the remote. I have an issue with the Enquirer, The Globe, the bottom feeding ..."

HSHost says "Bottom dwellers."

BruceCampbell says "They can look up an editorial on my page called "Lady Diana Wanted Dead or Alive." I think we're all responsible for her death. Yes, she's a princess, was famous, lived a fascinating life. But, she probably snored, had bad breath, give it a rest! We don't need to see who she goes out to dinner with we don't care if she had sirloin steak or chicken chow mean! mein. We don't give a ****!"

HSHost says "What's scary to me is that there are people who thrive on that."

BruceCampbell says "And, they believe it's true. As rational humans you should get a variety of info and form your own opinion. If you get one news source then your views will be based on theirs. As a society, we can do a helluva lot better! Don't you get me started!"

klatuveratanictu asks "Got any role models?"

BruceCampbell smirks.

BruceCampbell says "Jimmy Carter is pretty impressive. He won't go down in history as a great president, but he'll go down as a great person. He's a servant of the people, goes to Haiti and trys to work out problems, makes sure elections are fair. Good for him! He could be golfing every day, but he's not, he's working his ass off! He's got the Habitat for Humanity. He's a regular person. So, no one follows HIM around with cameras."

Lacanthrope asks "I thought that your story about the fox on your web site was cool."

HSHost says "Right."

BruceCampbell says "A little slice of life incident, I ran into a fox when I was on location and had a little close encounter. I do behind the scenes stories cause it's part of the demystification. When you're on location, it can be boring so I go on bike rides and watch TV and go on the net. My room service can be just as bad as the next guys. You don't always stay at the nicest hotel. I like to poke holes in those things."

BearPaw asks "What aspect of the Stooges' humour did/do you most enjoy? (Thanks for all your e-mails! It's me, Rob H.!)"

BruceCampbell says "Good 'ol Rob H."

BruceCampbell smiles.

BruceCampbell says "Extremely over the top. Women think they're the most unfunny group on the planet."

HSHost says "The Stooges? I LOVE the Stooges."

BruceCampbell says "You have a sense of humor. Pain equals humor and we try to avoid it but the Stooges career is based on pain. To make fun of it is kinda funny. I'm a Shemp fan. He's different and uglier and trys to be handsome. Curly is obvious. he's Jim Carrey funny. Shemp is more like Bill Murray funny."

HSHost says "Did you see Bill on letterman last night?"

BruceCampbell says "He's my favorite. He's a naturally funny person. There are actors who can act funny, but he just IS funny. A big difference."

HSHost says "One of my fav movies is Groundhog Day."

BillyMilikin asks "What's the stangest thing that's ever happened to you on the set?"

BruceCampbell says "These questions are always frustrating. What's funny to me may not be funny to others. My job is strange."

HSHost says "So, just every day?"

BruceCampbell says "Actors have a strange job, saying words that are not theirs, wearing clothes that were made for someone else, technical process where you're shooting scenes completely out of order. I did a scene where I had to weep over the death of my wife and on location I hadn't even met her yet! To me that's very strange. I didn't know WHAT she was like."

HSHost says "Yeah, that's strange."

klatuveratanictu asks "I love your style. How much of your characters are your own making vs. the writers?"

BruceCampbell says "Depends on the situation."

BruceCampbell says "If you're in a creative environment and you have a character that you like and are comfortable with. With Auto, I have leeway. I can improvise when it's appropriate. I do it. When you're in a situation where the writers demand you get on the phone and ask for any changes whatsoever, I stick with the script. Sometimes it's not worth the fight, you'll be over it in a week, so I just do it. I sometimes change phrasing so I can say it better or I can memorize it. I understand more of what I'm saying."

HSHost says "When you speak it it comes out differently, you woldn't put the words in the same order."

BruceCampbell says "Yeah, I can tell when a new writer is writing my dialogue. I'm sure one or two of them would be happy to stab my eyes out, but I look at it as a give and take thing."

BruceCampbell smirks.

TonyaJ asks "I get the feeling you have a very bizarre sense of humor...have you ever played practical jokes on either Kevin or Lucy"

BruceCampbell says "Hmmm ...."

BruceCampbell ponders thoughtfully.

BruceCampbell says "That's interesting. Not when they're there. I tell lies when they're there. Never make fun of the people who have shows named after them. You can pick on a guest star. Someone who'll be gone the next day."

themoviemaker asks "Why did you walk out of SCREAM 1??"

BruceCampbell says "Oh .... I've done so many horror movies that um .... I just realized from my perspective that there wasn't anything in there that I didn't know was going to happen. I knew how it was being done and it hit me more so ... more acutely aware of it. It's harder for me to watch Horror films. The film was successful and certainly didn't need my money. But, it was fine. I took advantage of 20 minutes of it."

HSHost says "I like to take my money back if I don't like it!"

HSHost chuckles in amusement.

BearPaw asks "What would you say is the strangest thing you've had to do for a role?"

BruceCampbell says "Dye my hair red. I did it for this "Yes, Virginia" episode that people were talking about. I'd never done it before and then thought, why not. Actors do it all the time. The guy I was playing had red hair when he was young. So, I told the makeup woman to dye it and she said, do you really wanna do that?"

BruceCampbell says "And, I said, yeah yeah! you just throw some stuff into it, right? And she said, you don't just dye it red, you have to take the color out and put it back in. And, that was a mistake cause my hair was like straw. Afterwards she threw some chocolate colored rinse in it and I looked like a dope. I had strange red highlights for a while."

BruceCampbell says "That, and dress up like a woman. Women are crazy .... the ones that go through the WHOLE routine, makeup, wigs, heels, etc... I had to take almost all the hair off my entire body That was the most painful experience I"ve ever had! High heels cram your toes in front of the shoe. I wanted to jump off a bridge!"

HSHost says "I'm amazed that it's 8am and people are in full makeup or they're putting it on! They've been doing it since 6am! It's like c'mon let's go! I only use lipstick and mascara and that's for a special occasion!"

BruceCampbell chuckles in amusement.

BruceCampbell says "email me at Keep your eyes open for Hercules and Xena episodes1"

HSHost says "There's so many questions here."

Csappe asks "Will you be appearing in Europe any time soon?"

HSHost says "Please check Bruce's website for info."

BruceCampbell says "If they go to the website, there's a whole section of appearances. If it ain't on the page, I'm not doing it."

HSHost says "Bruce, thank you so much for joining us tonight, it was great to have you on our show. And thanks to all you folks for joining us from excite, and to all of you here on Please join us again tomorrow night at 7PM when our guest will be. Henry Thomas from the new film "Niagara, Niagara". Goodnight!"

BruceCampbell says "Thank you, it was fun. Goodnight!"


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