December 9, 1998

OK, so I couldn't find their real picutres...
Paul Glover playing Robert Orci (left), Ted Raimi playing Alex Kurtzman (right)
From the episode "Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules"

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HSHost2 says "Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight on! My name is Peter and I'll be your host for this evening. Joining me in the studio tonight is my producer Mike and our fabulous typist, Michelle. If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are all very excited about our special guests this evening, co-Executive Producers of the hit TV series, "Hercules," Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight, Bob and Alex!"

Alex/Bob says "Thanks!"

HSHost2 says "How are ya?"

Alex/Bob says "Great. Tired. Haven't stopped working, answering a lot of hate mail."

Alex/Bob {action} laughs"

Chrysm asks "Do you read your mail or pay any attention to the fans? If you do, you should know that killing Iolaus is NOT something WE EVER WANTED! We WANT IOLAUS BACK!!"

Alex/Bob says "The answer is yes we do pay attention. One of the reasons we killed him is that everyone said they were tired of the comedies we had to do due to Kevin's absence. And, there are unsubstantiated rumors flying around .... make no mistake about it ... Iolaus will be back."

HSHost2 says "You made a lot of people happy there!"

b5fanatic asks "I'm one of the few people who actually Liked the "Dahak/Iolaus" thing, but only because it was campy... It seemed you were taking a very dark turn with the series.. are you planning to camp it up again? (but I still want the Old Iolaus back - ya know)"

Alex/Bob says "Absolutely. I think the key to making the show work is variety .. some are dark, and some are absolute comedies. And, the shows in between."

BethD asks "Where do story ideas come from? Do the writer's come up with their own story ideas?"

Alex/Bob says "Yeah, everyone contributes. Someone will come up with an idea and we'll all discuss it .. if we like it they develop it into a complete story."

HSHost says "any based on real myths?"

Alex/Bob says "Oh absolutely. Not all of it .. we've stayed fairly true to the mythology of the cultures ... we did our research .. you can't stay completely true all the time to insure the drama .. but most is based on some actual mythology .. if at least nothing else, the name."

guest2681 asks "When does the new season start?"

Alex/Bob says "This season started in September in the US. The next will be late September of next year."

BethD asks "I like the darker story line this year but think killing Iolaus was a horrible mistake. Can you please explain the decision to kill a character millions of fans around the world enjoy?"

Alex/Bob says "That's exactly the reason. We wanted to put everyone through the pain Hercules is feeling and the bestway is to take away something that you also love. You can't like a dark storyline without having a reason for it to be dark. That's why the dark storylines work."

Storm1 asks "have you ever been disappointed with the end result of an episode?"

Alex/Bob says "Absolutely. Last year was a difficult season cause Kevin was sick and we had to do a lot of juggling. And, some things worked well and vice versa, but you can't be happy with the work you do all the time, but at long as you tried."

Storm1 asks "what was your favorite episodes on Herc so far??"

Alex/Bob says "I think Fancy Free. I have to say that Faith & Resurrection turned out to be episodes we were pretty proud of."

Cyan asks "When are Herc and Xena gonna cross paths again..."

Alex/Bob says "I know our exec producer is trying to get them to cross paths .. it's very difficult to do that given the schedule of both shows don't always allow it .. but we'd like to do it .. always trying .. as soon as we can."

HSHost says ""

Alex/Bob says "That's what we understand. We're actually anxious to see it."

HSHost2 says "That's the new website and apparently it's quite a site! Even more stuff for the fans to do."

Alex/Bob says "Excellent!"

Cyan asks "Is Morgan gonna be a regular on the Herc show and is there any chance she'll cross over and meet Xena....that would be cool"

Alex/Bob says "There's always a chance. And, she'll be back for a couple more shows. And, we haven't seen into the future of next year."

HSHost2 says "Is Morgan and Morrigan the same? Excuse my ignorance, I don't watch TV."

Alex/Bob says "Shame on you! You're one of those elitists!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

HSHost2 says "No, far from it dude!"

Delphi_Oracle asks "Please! Please! More Callisto."

Alex/Bob says "We love Hudson and Callisto and she's made the jump over to features .. she's become more difficult to get .. but we will bring her back. I bet you have a Callisto poster, the person who asked that question."

Zzppf asks "Hi guys, will Salmoneus ever appear with Hercules again? I know Sal's been on the show, but not with Herc. I love Salmoneus any way I can get him, but I do love the particular relationship he has with Hercules...any chance?"

Alex/Bob says "Absolutely. We love him too and would love to bring him back. We're trying to get him back for the one we're writing this week."

HSHost2 says "Robert Trebor .. we spoke with him a few months ago."

Alex/Bob says "Yeah, ran into him in the supermarket the other day."

Cyan asks "Is Cory Everson gonna be on Herc as Atalanta again..."

Alex/Bob says "He had no idea who I was!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "No one knows the writers! We'd love to bring her back but have no immediate plans to do so this season. But, you can always rent her workout tapes if you're jonesin' for a fix. Plugging her for free, dude? Absolutely! Have you seen her?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh!"

Heath96001 asks "Do you guys have anything special planned for the 100th episode later this season?"

Alex/Bob says "Indeed we do. Can't really tell you about."

HSHost2 says "No hints or clues?"

Alex/Bob says "Um ... it'll be the mixture of two famous myths .. Hercules being one and the other you'll see. The other mythological character will not be from our time period. That's a good tease. Thank you Alex .. A: you're welcome Bob! Anything for you!"

Delphi_Oracle asks "Will we have some more Bruce Campbell episodes this season? I heard his contract is in "limbo"."

Alex/Bob says "A: we don't know much about that .. Bruce directed two shows this year and did an incredible job. We love working with him, we think he's a genius."

HSHost says "You guys started writing together in High School?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I heard a rumor that he's tired of doing TV. You might wanna check out his website. I bet he's pissed that we killed Iolaus."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh!"

Alex/Bob says "Yes."

HSHost says "how did that start?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I was writing these cheesy flowery letters to my girlfriend and I let Alex read them and he liked them so much that he thought we should write together. A: I wasn't correcting the love notes but I recognized the talent, given that I was also writing my own cheesy notes, I decided we should write them together!."

Alex/Bob says "That's the story."

HSHost says "can we expect a book?"

Alex/Bob says "B: we're sensitive guys, you can tell. That's a great idea! A: if you can find a publisher, we'll give you theletters."

Storm1 asks "thanks for answering my questions. is Michael a doable director, or is he "theatrical and brilliant?""

Alex/Bob says "A: Michael's a fantastic director, theatrical and brilliant .. he does children's theatre in New Zealand .. anything you throw at him, he can do. That was evident this year .. he went to town on it and it worked very well .. put his own spin on it .. there's a lot of variety in the stuff he does. And, incidentally for all you fans that hate what is going on .. Michael loves it! And, you all may not realize it, but part of our job is to keep him happy."

Delphi_Oracle asks "I have to commend you two for saving the show. I think you forced it to evolve past its fluff phase. I REALLY like the long-spanning plots. Was it your idea to kill Ioalus? If so, did other writers object?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Wow, thanks! B: it was our idea and the other writers did object sometimes. And, I thank you for that question, Mom. Just kidding."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "I'm sure it was someone related to me (Bob)."

BethD asks "Where is Ares this year?"

Alex/Bob says "He'll be back in the next couple of shows .. can't tell you exactly where he is .. but he's comin' up."

Delphi_Oracle asks "Please tell me the rumor pages are lying... Will Herc and Ioalus be taking a bath together in the "Day in the Life" flashback episode? I think you guys should leave that stuff to Xena and Gabs."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh hysterically!"

Alex/Bob says "B: that rumor is a lie. They will not be taking a bath together."

HSHost2 says "But they will be bathing?"

Alex/Bob says "We can't comment on that."

Alex/Bob {action} chuckle"

PrestoQuesto asks "Which is worse Menudo or the Spice Girls? Which is better Boxers or Briefs?"

Alex/Bob says "A: oh God, the Spice Girls hands down! B: Spice girls by far. "Boxers are definitely better. B: Menudo is much more democratic. They rotate them everytime they turn 15, sort of like being president."

Alex/Bob says "You could be next!"

guest2444 asks "If you could make your own license plate border like the one that says "I'd rather be Sailing" what would yours say? "I'd rather be…."

Alex/Bob says "A: Bob's would be sleeping. B: And, Alex's would be eating."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

guest2448 asks "What is your favorite type of food and specific dish please?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Eggs, hands down and omelets are my favorite. B: Uh .. calzones. A: I could eat an omelet three meals a day. B: Does anyone really wanna know that?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

HSHost2 says "Well, they're sending in these questions! You'd be surprised at the ones I don't ask!"

Alex/Bob says "A: feel free to shoot the crazier ones our way!"

Alex/Bob {action} chuckle"

guest2446 asks "If you could have a date anywhere, anytime with anyone .......Where when and who?"

Alex/Bob says "Hmm ..."

Alex/Bob {action} ponder"

Alex/Bob says "A: I'd like it to be my girlfriend since I don't have time to see her anymore ..writing the show so often. B: I think I'd date John Lennon in '65."

HSHost2 says "Oh? That's interesting!"

Alex/Bob says "B: Platonic date, of course. Just dinner and a movie."

HSHost2 says "No nookie"

HSHost2 {action} laughs!"

guest2448 asks "Besides porno is there a role or project you would not do?"

Alex/Bob says "B: Well, first I wouldn't rule out porno. And, secondly, ... A: I wouldn't do the sequel to the Spice Girls movie. B: Yeah, I wouldn't do anything like that. .. one of those made to order, new kid on the block, Saturday night adaptations .. A: I wouldn't do Sinbad, but I don't think anyone else would either! B: Okay ... let's not .. about our competition!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Storm1 asks "how do the Hercules people feel about the MANY websites for them, do they surf the net?"

Alex/Bob says "A: I don't think there's any websites dedicated to us, we'd be honored, although we love the fact that people are writing about the show. B: we surf the web. A: We've seen the universal channel, not others. B: no, I've seen others. They're pro looking .. I thought they were official."

Sid asks "Does Kevin Sorbo have any input on scripts?"

Alex/Bob says "A: input on every script. And, it's invaluable. B: he tends to know when we've missed the mark on a particular line or not. A: he's been doing this for six years, we've only been doing it for two. B: he must dream in character at night .. he's been doing it too long. A: I don't think he has a choice."


Alex/Bob says "B: how much more simple they were .. I was right there with the rest of you watching Dukes of Hazard and A Team, TV evolves with the culture. A: if it weren't for the TV we watched growing up, we wouldn't be writing TV now, so we owe a lot to it. B: although it was cheesier ... but this from a Hercules writer."

Delphi_Oracle asks "Rumor pages characterized you two's rise to the top spots as a coup de etat. How did you guys get such great jobs so young? How can we do it?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "Uh .. it was very lucky .. extremely so. We were very very hungry. B: it wasn't that bloody. A: not bloody at all. We were able to do what we did because we brought a slightly different take to the show. And, people .. the actors and writers were ready to change direction. Everyone felt that the things that made it what it was were fantastic, but in order to survive it had to evolve .. we were there at the right time, so we got very very lucky."

HSHost2 says "Timing is the key to life!"

Alex/Bob says "Absolutely! B: And, I have a great ass! I heard someone laughing in the background!"

HSHost2 says "That's our fabulous typist, Michelle."

Cyan asks "what are the possibilities of seeing Ares stark naked on the"

HSHost2 says "She gets excited when people talk dirty on the net."

Alex/Bob says "Great idea, we'll do that as soon as we can .. possibilities are endless. Surprised we never thought of it."

HSHost2 says "Yeah, he could pull a Dennis Franz."

robinsnest asks "will we be seeing Iphicles this year?"

Alex/Bob says "Well, we won't go that far. A: no, he's going on a voyage for some time ... B: he's away on a diplomatic mission, where he always is."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "But, have you noticed that you never see those two in the same room together? Ares and Iphicles?"

HSHost2 says "I'm sure the fans haven't. Maybe they have?"

Calee asks "Why wasn't Iphecles even mentioned or acknowledged as Alcemne's son in Twilight??"

Alex/Bob says "He was mentioned at the beginning .. he was away at Sea. A: that's right .. it's Jason who says something about him and I think it's in the middle of the first or second act. B: and he greatly regretted he couldn't be there to see his mother off. A: but have you noticed that Ares and Iphicles are never in the same room at the same time?"

HSHost2 says "I've heard that before!"

Geminia asks "We've noticed some take offs of popular movies and now in 'Rainbow Bridge' Loki says 'I hate it when a plan falls apart'...take off on A-team?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Cool name. B: No, I don't think it was .. but good catch. That was written by one of our new writers who's fantastic so maybe we can get him on the net and he'll answer that question. Maybe he had that in mind when he wrote that episode?"

Chrysm asks "will there be any episodes this year without Dahak in them?"

Alex/Bob says "A: oh absolutely! B: once he's out of the picture, it's for good."

Storm1 asks "someone rubbed Trebor's head for luck, would you do that with Sal???"

Alex/Bob says "A: will we rub his head for luck? No, I don't think so. B: I don't think we would. The ancient Greeks didn't have real good shampoo."

HSHost2 {action} chuckles"


Alex/Bob says "B: love it. A: I think we have the best composer possible on TV. .. he's a genius .. I'm amazed at his stuff. B: after he puts his scores on them the shows are ten times better. A: in Resurrection this year, I was blown away .. and the Dahak theme he came up with was dark and ominous and works well."

Sid asks "Do you have any plans to have Hercules in any PSA's?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I know Kevin does some on his own. The character Hercules, no. But, Kevin himself is very involved in charities."

HSHost2 says "Are you guys involved in charities?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I support Alex with my writing. Yeah, I am. But, I'm not a spokesman .. I just donate. A: Me, too."

Chrysm asks "Who will you kill off next?"

Alex/Bob says "B: Um ... Who's next? Let's see ....B: I don't think we have any deaths this year .. there's nobody left! We've killed everyone! A: we don't like to do it randomly .. we like to put a lot of thought into it .. there's got to be a reason. B: We'll kill Salmoneus."

HSHost says ""

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "We'll check that out later."

HSHost2 says "That's the new website .. chat boards and all ... the fans can get together and talk about this chat tonight."


Alex/Bob says "A: Thanks! B: Thank you very much. You're definitely invited over for Christmas!"

HSHost2 says "Careful! That's our friend Jason, a very cool Kid. In here every night. He'll show up at your door!"

Alex/Bob says "Cool!"

Zzppf asks "I thought Mr. Trebor did a great job of directing your script Rocka and a Hard Place...any chance he'll direct some more?"

Alex/Bob says "B: yeah, we get a new director every week, so yeah when his number comes up again .. yeah he did do a good job."

guest2441 asks "Who's your favorite actor, director, and film writer?"

Alex/Bob says "A: oh I don't think we'd qualify ourselves as our favorite. B: Writer, Patty Chaevsky, director Stanley Kubrick .. Actor, Gene Hackman. A: Actor, John Malkovich, director Martin Scorsese and director William Goldman and Robert Towne .. it's a toss up."

HSHost2 says "Bob Towne's a good guy. I grew up with him."

guest2706 asks "Since you surf the web, you must be aware of how many fans are furious over how the current story-line is going to turn out. How many fans are you willing to lose?"

Alex/Bob says "A: we certainly don't want to lose any fans. I think at the end of the day, one thing that's important to us is to challenge our fans and they tend to meet the challenge quite well. We fight for not assuming the lowest common denominator in the people that watch our show, .. we feel we can try risks and things and the fans will support us and if they don't like it, we listen. B: but, ultimately, we have to do stuff we're interested in and that's the bottom line."

Heath96001 asks "When you say that Iolaus is coming back you mean the "Real" Iolaus right, not the "Alternate Universe" Iolaus?"

Alex/Bob says "B: yes. But, you may see a little of both."

Storm1 asks "can we have an old-fashioned 'Irish-type' wake for Iolaus (without Xena and Gabrielle), full of angst and clips?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh!"

Alex/Bob says "A: definitely an interesting ending. B: we thought of doing an Iolaus funeral clip show, I don't know why we didn't do it."

Geminia asks "I've heard that Kevin and Michael are ad-lib there any time they have completely taken a scene farther than intended?"

Alex/Bob says "A: no, actually. their adlibs have only helped stuff ... I can't think of a time when we've been upset by what they've thrown in. B: usually their adlibs are jokes. A: if they need to change things to be comfortable, that's fine. B: but I wouldn't say they're adlib kings. A: it's when they're in the middle of blocking fights .. when they're in New Zealand it will require a line somewhere and because we're not there, that tends to be when they adlib."

HSHost says "do you get to go to New Zealand ever?"

Alex/Bob says "A: yeah. We do. We went down at the beginning of the year and spent two weeks there .. they had finished Faith and we were there for part of Descent and ... B: 13-hour flight!"

HSHost2 says "you and me, both. And, I'm a skydiver and I'm afraid to fly!"

Alex/Bob says "A: how can you be afraid to fly being a skydiver?"

HSHost2 says "It's a control issue. When you fly with the parachute, not only does the captain and the security guys look at you, but everyone on the plane thinks you know something they don't! Used to be you can get on the plane with your parachute, but now they won't let you. I did a stunt for Mountain Dew, was jumping off a canyon and they lost my parachute .. they sent it to Hawaii by mistake. I had to jump off the Grand Canyon with someone else's parachute. Luckily I knew the person though."

Alex/Bob says "That's terrible!"

Storm1 asks "how did you come up with the Porcileine Men's Chorus scene in Yes, Virginia?"

Alex/Bob says "Oh."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: that's where Alex and I come up with our best ideas! Just like that. We couldn't decide what to do for the next scene and we thought, hey ! let's put this in. And, now of course, everytime I'm in there, I whistle the Hercules theme."

guest2704 asks "Do the opinions of the fans in letters and petitions influence the storylines?"

Alex/Bob says "B: Yes. Not received any petitions."

Vornskr asks "Will Hope be back?"

Alex/Bob says "A: No. Not on our show. B: Can't speak for Xena though."

HSHost2 says "You don't write for Xena, do you?"

Alex/Bob says "B: No, they just steal our ideas!"

HSHost2 says "Pretty standard for this city. I'm doing both jobs tonight ... screening the questions and asking them and hosting!"

Alex/Bob says "What are you screening .. what are you not telling us?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

guest2704 asks "Do you have any soothing words for those Iolaus fans who'd like to see your livers on a stick?"

HSHost2 says "This is one I didn't screen"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: Yes, it's make believe."

Cyan asks "I knew Iolaus was coming back and I glad you guys killed him made the storyline more interesting and keeps it from getting stale...I like being kept on my toes..."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh!"

Alex/Bob says "A: well, we like keeping you on your toes! We're glad to hear that. B: Praise you whoever you are. That's my grandfather probably."

jchandra asks "Will we see Caesar on Hercules again?"

HSHost2 says "You've got a lot of family on line?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I do. A: we have no plans for that. B: not this year."

jchandra asks "Will Sam Jenkins Sorbo appear on Hercules again?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I hope so .. we've been trying to get her but I don't know if she's busy or what .. but not as that character. If she comes back, she'll be somebody else."

Cyan asks "what are the chances of Herc meeting Samson"

Alex/Bob says "A: Samson? Not something we considered. B: huh. A: but a very interesting idea. B: who was it that wanted our livers on a stick? That was funny. A: funny isn't the word I'd come up with."

HSHost2 says "Anonymous guest. Wouldn't give their name!"

Alex/Bob says "A: well give us a chance to face our accusers!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "A: I don't accept insults from people who don't tell me their names. B: I do. I like them all."

HSHost2 says "Oh, you're on off those!"

b5fanatic asks "How did Hercules turn into Little Joe from Bonanza and when is Morrigan scheduled to die?"

HSHost2 says "one"

Alex/Bob says "That's right."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh hysterically!"

Alex/Bob says "A: I don't know how to respond to the first part of the question, but Morgan is not scheduled to die. We don't go around looking for ways to kill off our actors and actresses! B: we just haven't thought about one for her .. a soon as we do, she'll be off. A: how can you say that about Morgan?"

Cyan asks "I think the fans should get over the death of Iolaus ....they should know by now that nobody really stays dead on these the way I am female so I couldn't possibly be your grandfather ( I heard that comment lol)"

HSHost2 says "Another happy fan here ..."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "A: Good Lord!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh hysterically!"

Alex/Bob says "B: Oh, Grandma! A: well, thanks for the vote of confidence."

Zzppf asks "How many more seasons has the show been contracted for?"

Alex/Bob says "B: yeah, thanks. B: I think through 2000. At which point the world will end anyway and there will be no more TV."

guest2729 asks "How many rewrites does it take before it goes before the camera?"

HSHost2 says "That's true."

Alex/Bob says "A: about three B: yeah, three"

b5fanatic asks "Hercules has gone everywhere... When is he going to discover America?"

Alex/Bob says "A: don't think we haven't thought of that! B: I can't believe it! We're considering that for next year! Who said that? Alright. Good for you! A: very intuitive."

HSHost2 says "b5fanatic .. there's a sharp group of people out there."

Alex/Bob says "B: let's hope they don't have anything sharp on them ... like sticks for our livers!"

Delphi_Oracle asks "Will Herc be affected by Y2K?"

Alex/Bob says "B: no. Since the world is going to end because of Y2K Hercules will be affected cause it will be off the air. I have my little house in the woods already."

HSHost2 says "Oh yeah .. your guns and cabin in Montana? Teaching the woman what to do?"

Alex/Bob says "B: oh yeah!"

guest2442 asks "What are you going to do for New Year 2000?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I'll be in a cabin in the middle of Montana. A: And, I'll be in Europe with family and friends."

HSHost2 says "I'll be in Thailand on the beach .. booked the house two years ago. NYC's sold out already!"

Alex/Bob says "B: there's no WAY I'd be in NY!"

HSHost2 says "That's why I'm going to Thailand, it's the furthest I can get from NY, to the mile!"

Alex/Bob says "Okay"

Larry_Lederhosen asks "How many dates do you wait before you start to 'Fool around'?"

Alex/Bob says "B: how many what?"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: uh .... the number decreases the older you get. When I first started out it was several, now you get in the car and that's it."

Alex/Bob says "A: (laughs!)"

HSHost2 says "If you don't get some by dinner, she ain't eatin!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

guest2448 asks "Do you feel that the advent of FX in the industry helps or hurts the actors of today?"

Alex/Bob says "Hurts, tremendously .. it's horrible. B: everyone relies on the effects and not the stories .. A: consequently we get movies like ID4 and Twister and we have to sit through them. That's been a challenge on our show cause we have to incorporate effects in there so it's challenging to maintain that and keep the story going. Good question."

guest2704 asks "Deb here, the liver-on-a-stick girl. Re: it's make believe...thanks for the heads-up."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh!"

Alex/Bob says "You're welcome! Nice to know it's make believe."

HSHost2 says "Nice to know it's a girl! One never knows on the net."

Heath96001 asks "Bob, is your cabin like the one in the Evil Dead movies?"

Alex/Bob says "B: You can bet I'll be looking over my shoulder until Iolaus comes back."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: I certainly hope not."

guest2701 asks "Will we ever get to hear Michael sing on the show?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Yes, in fact this season. B: Just a few shows from now."

guest2729 asks "Are there going to be any good creatures coming up?"

Alex/Bob says "B: Yes. There's a good creature coming up."

Storm1 asks "do you have stock in latex or wonderbras?"

HSHost2 says "Another interesting question ...."

Alex/Bob says "B: No, I don't. Alex? A: No. No."

HSHost2 says "I wish I'd bought stock in condoms. Talk about going through the roof."

Alex/Bob says "Yeah."

LedZeppelin asks "have you ever ripped of the do not rip of this tag of something that says do not rip this tag off"

Alex/Bob {action} chuckle"

Alex/Bob says "B: Everytime. And, I'm a big fan. Of Led Zeppelin. Thank you for that question, Led."

HSHost2 says "We're having fun here, are you guys?"

Alex/Bob says "Oh yeah, absolutely! There's a big spiderweb on Bob's ceiling!"

HSHost2 says "I just got bit by a spider!"

Chrysm asks "Is the upcoming episode Redemption the one once titled Exorcism?"

Alex/Bob says "A: actually it was never titled Exorcism, but it could have been. B: who knows. Who asked that?"

HSHost2 says "Chrysm."

Alex/Bob says "A: we get a lot of questions from Chrysm. B: we got a leak somewhere. They should all be working on the Y2K problem. A: yeah, that's definitely the way to save Hercules .. they'll get another year."

Vornskr asks "Will we ever see anymore of the Destroyers?"

Alex/Bob says "A: no. B: must have been before my time."

HSHost2 says "Enforcers? Maybe?"

Alex/Bob says "A: oh! We have no plans to bring them back .. B: our exec producer really likes the Enforcer so you may see that. A: that fight between the two of them was one of the best fights we ever did. B: You think he's gone?"

Cyan asks "Is Herc gonna cross paths with the God of Israel?"

HSHost2 says "No, I'm here!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: No way. You kidding me? We're not suicidal. A: we don't have anything against the God of Israel. B: Maybe he will we'll just change the name. A: I would buy a Moses Happy meal I'd have to say."

HSHost2 says "Can't you picture your kids fighting over them! I want a Moses figure, I want Jesus!"

Alex/Bob says "That's be great."

Storm1 asks "I wondered about the latex, since all the women on Herc have big visual effects!"

Alex/Bob says "A: you could learn from visual aids."

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "B: yeah, I apologize for that. A: indeed they do and remember we inherited the show we didn't create it. B: and we don't cast it."

robinsnest asks "since Michael will be singing will be hear Kevin sing too??"

Alex/Bob says "A: You might. B: Does he? A: Yes, he does. B: Oh, yeah that's right!"

HSHost2 says "We won't get through all these questions!"

Alex/Bob says "B: I'll give you Alex's home phone number!"

b5fanatic asks "My husband wants to know how I got addicted to such a juvenile show... what do I tell him?"

Alex/Bob says "B: It's not juvenile! A: tell him to watch the coming episodes and to say it to your face after he watches the next shows. B: watch the next three shows and see if they're juvenile .. also tell him if you looked like Kevin Sorbo maybe I wouldn't have to watch it!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

Alex/Bob says "A: I have to apologize for my partner."

Heath96001 asks "any chance for a Morrigan/Nebula spin-off series?"

Alex/Bob says "It's definitely been considered. So, yes there is a chance. A: Sure."

guest2448 asks "If you could be an animal what would you be?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Thinking about the answer ... B: I'd be a duckbilled Platypus. A: I'd be one of those red assed baboons."

HSHost2 says "Red assed baboon and something that's extinct."

Alex/Bob says "No, platypus' are still around."

guest2446 asks "What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever seen another celebrity do?"

Alex/Bob says "B: I think I once saw Mel Gibson fall all over himself when Stuttering John cornered him at a premiere. A: Sylvester Stallone talking about his painting ... B: Oh yeah, showing the paintings of himself in his house is fairly embarrassing ... like on Barbara Walters or someone like that!"

Alex/Bob {action} laugh"

HSHost2 says "I think the most embarrassing thing I saw a celebrity do was drive down the freeway with a gun to his head."

Alex/Bob says "A: when was that?"

HSHost2 says "that was our friend, Mr. Simpson!"

Alex/Bob says "A: oh yeah."

Sid asks "Can you give us some words about what we can expect for the season ahead....?"

Alex/Bob says "B: You can expect .. um .. the wrap up of the Dahak arc, you'll see how that goes. A: Expect to see Michael in a dress again .. B: some old characters to come back and a few lighter things. A: and you can expect people to meet their double."

HSHost2 says "Oooh! Cause we all have one somewhere."

Alex/Bob says "A: and romance and you'll laugh and cry and come to terms .... B: And, Alex and I will get fired."

HSHost2 says "Cause of the romance?"

Alex/Bob says "A: Cause obviously everyone's so unhappy with what we did."

HSHost says "What do you want that you know you will never have?"

Alex/Bob says "A: breasts. B: beat me to it! Uh .... B: I won't be able to answer that until my life is over. A: Good answer. That's better than my answer. B: thank you."

HSHost2 says "Now, don't start quibbling guys! Bob and Alex, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was apleasure to have you on the show!"

Alex/Bob says "Thank you! Thank you, Michelle! We loved it!"

HSHost2 says "And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join usagain tomorrow at 7:00pm PST and 10:00pm EST when our guest will be actor William Sasso from the hit comedy series, "MAD TV." Good night, everyone!"


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