April 7, 1998

OK, so I couldn't find their real picutres...
Paul Glover playing Robert Orci (left), Ted Raimi playing Alex Kurtzman (right)
From the episode "Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules"

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Universal says "Coming to you live from Universal Studios - it's The Backlot Cafe. Today is Tuesday, April 7 and you're chatting live at Real Hollywood - the place you need to be. My name is Jeremy Berg (aka MingoJones) and I'll be your moderator for the evening."

Universal says "Tonight we're happy to have Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci chatting with us! Alex and Roberto are staff writers for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys! You won't want to miss this chat! It's going to be super cool!"

Universal says "Before we begin, I want to take the time to introduce The Backlot Café crew and explain to you how to participate in tonight's moderated chat. As always, your Backlot Café crew consists of the following stellar individuals: Jennifer Koziol (aka VolvoVixen), Steve Leff (CornNut), Jeff Pakosta (aka Rocket Sauce) and Troy Rutter (aka Rutterman). To put it simply….these guys (and gals) jam!"

Universal says "OK chatters, listen up!!! Here are some instructions on asking questions during tonight's live chat: If you'd like to ask a question, there is a question mark icon on the menu bar you can click on, or just type /ask space and then type in your question. If you're using the Java client, click Ask Question (it's located in the bottom right section of the screen)."

Universal says "And for all of you Excite users out there - Thanks for joining us!!! If you're using Excite's VP chat, ask a question by clicking on the "Something to Say?" button on the lower right corner of the stage. All right folks, let's move onto the big event. This evening we're privileged to have Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci with us!!!"

Universal says "Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, now 24, have been writing partners since high school!! With over a dozen Hercules: The Legendary Journeys scripts to their credit, these hot young screenwriters are gearing up for the next season of this top-rated action series!"

Universal says "Roberto and Alex have penned the following killer Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episodes: Surprise, Atlantis, A Rock and a Hard Place, Web of Desire, …And Fancy Free, Medea Culpa (with Robert Bielak), Yes Virginia, There Is a Hercules, Men In Pink, Porkules, Twilight, Reunions (with Jerry Patrick Brown)"

Universal says "All right chatters, let's get to it!! Ladies and gentleman…….it's chat time!!! Without any further ado, please welcome Alex and Roberto to the Backlot Cafe!!!"

Universal says "Welcome!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Thank you very much!"

Universal says "Last time you were here it wasn't Real Hollywood. It was Universal Chat"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Ah...."

Universal says "Now it's Real Hollywood! Following you tonight is Richie Sambora"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We open for Richie!"

SoyBomb asks "Have you guys ever penned an episode of Xena? If not, would you like to?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We haven't and we'd looooooooooooooove to! They get to do a lot of stuff we dont because the character has a shady history - so we've wanted to delve into that territory"

Universal says "Is there any chance you might in the future?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We've been offered but we actually dont have time. Our committments make it impossible to have any kind of life"

Universal says "That's too bad!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: its worth it for the fans out there"

Da-heck asks "Will Kevin Sorbo be back on the show FULL TIME next season? Or will he be doing more of those terrible movies?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Kevin is back!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: He's absolutely back! He's in great spirits and ready to goi"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: And he looks great!"

Universal says "Were there epsides when he wasn't on?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: There were. He suffered a major injury"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: And he got married"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: So we ended up with a huge amount of shows we needed to keep the spirit of hercules alive"

Universal says "To the best of your knowledge, did the fans enjoy those shows as well? Or did they want Kevin there?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I think is that they were mixed. I think some of them they liked and didnt like. I haven't heard too much I think they were mixed"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I think , on the good side, many people were aware of the difficulties and understanding"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: But they're ready to see herc back in action"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: And we are too!"

Universal says "But he is back right?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: He's definitely back! We heard a rumor today"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: That the next season he wouldnt be in it much"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Yeah, but it is absolutely false!"

MaxB asks "Salmoneus was hilarious in Men in Pink. Why isn't he on the show more often? Did the actor take a different TV series, if so do you know the name?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We don't know - first of all, I dont know what Bob is doing right now. We haven't cut him out of the show, but Hercules is going away from Greece. But we thought he was hysterical and look forward to his return!"

Heath96001 asks "Did both of you watch alot of sit com TV growing up? I loved the 'Different Strokes' reference from "Porkules"."

AlexAndRoberto laughs hysterically.

Universal says "What was that?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Theres a duck who looks over to a sheep called Woolace - and says the infamous phrase. I learned a great deal of English watching televisoon, I learned a lot from Happy Days and Laverne And Shirley"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I watch Happy Days., Silver Spoons -"

klatuveratanictu asks "A lot of people were confused by the Armageddon Now episodes due to the time travel. In particular, if the Chronos Stone was given to Xena, how could Autolycus have stolen it off Kind Quallus in the future? Can you pretty please enlighten us?"

Universal reads the question a second time"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: yes, once he saved the day, the future in which stole that stone ceased to exist and it returned to the King's possession allowing Quallus to steal it in our own timeline"

Universal says "See! That's easy! Do you get a lot of those types of questions?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yes, especially when Paul wrote the episode! He's the only one who can keep that stuff straight in his mind."

Ladygreensleeves asks "Will the new season of Hercules have more dramatic episodes? Less comedy, more drama, please!!!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely! We are definitely not doing a comedy for a while. He's going into some very dark spaces."

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: For quite a long time. They will be more complicated because they will be related to each other. It will be very serious"

Universal says "Where are you at with this season?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: This season is wrapped."

Universal says "There are more to air?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yes, there are 4 or 5"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We don't actually know what the last one that aired was"

Universal says "And you're already writing for next season. When does shooting start?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We start very soon"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: May 22nd"

Universal says "And that will start airing . . . ?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: September!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Have to plan ahead"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: It'll be worth it though"

Universal says "Sounds like you are excited for the new season"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Yeah we are VERY excited!"

MegaBoy asks "How many shows do you have to write for per year?"

Universal says "Are you actually obligated to write a certain amount?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: There are 22 episodes a year and our job now is to figure out how to delegate who is going to write what episode"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: So yes in a way we get to choose the ones we want, but in a way we are writing less since we are splitting them up more."

Universal says "So generally last season how many did you write?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We wrote 9 episodes out of 22"

Universal says "And for the next how many are you going to write?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Probably more like 4"

Universal says "Is that going to sit well with you?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Everyone still continues to the stories. But right now our job is planing everything"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We're the overseeres of the writing staff. And by the way - MegaBoy is a reall cool name!"

guest4855 asks "When researching the various topics, where do you locate your information?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: The internet of course"

Universal says "Do you really use it?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Yes!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We do!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We go anywhere that we can"

Universal says "Are you still learning new things?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Every day. We are taking him out of greece and we are learning about other cultures"

guest4861 asks "could we fans participate in you great work by sending you ideas of scripts?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: actually we are not legally allowed to receive submissions. They have to be sent through an agent to Renaissance"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: The best way to influence policy is to say what you would like to see, except for suggesting story ideas"

Universal says "Check out the Hercules Net Forum?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: occassionally one of us might go on the net and see whats going on"

aresfan asks "do you have a favorite guest star to write for?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We really liked writing for Bruce Campbell"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I've been a fan of his since the Evil Dead movies"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: he's like a 1930's comedy actor in the 90s"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: And he reminds me of Bugs Bunny!"

Universal says "Didn't he star in a screwball comedy remake?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Yes, the Hudsucker Proxy"

Calico asks "Just where "out of Greece" is Herc going and will Iolaus go with him?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: we dont want to give too much away"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: he's going to the Scandinavian areas, and Iolaus is always in Herc's heart and mind"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: He will always be traveling with Hercules."

Universal says "We'll leave it at that then!"

guest4889 asks "I am a big fan of "the Widow Twanky". Can you tell me who created the character and can we expect to see more of her?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We created the character but it originated with Michael down in New Zealand... during our hiatus he does Children's Theater"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: He does an old English character that he was working on for a long time."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Thanks for liking her! She's one of our favorites"

Universal says "Was she only in 1 episode?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: She was in 2"

Universal says "Do you ever get people who really dislike special guest characters?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Yeah, some people like Twanky and some didn't. To each his own."

Da-heck asks "Do you think you'll ever add a second sidekick? Like Joxer on Xena."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: we have no plans to do that right now. Never say never though"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Good sidekicks are hard to come by"

Universal laughs

Heath96001 asks "Hi. I absolutely loved the 'Herc' episode "...And Fancy Free". Do both of you have a favorite episode?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex & Bob - "FANCY FREE!""

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: it was the easiest one to write and the most fun"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: But the best is yet to come!"

Universal says "How long ago was that episode written?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Almost a year ago"

Universal says "But you had written a bunch before? And after?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We had done 4 episodes before that and then 6 or 7 after that, our total is 12 or something like that."

Universal says "Have you ever taken a pass at an episode and then scrapped it?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely! This week! Funny you should ask!"

Universal says "So that does happen? You just decide to forget it?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We're always glad when we catch ourselves before we submit it for distribution"

Universal says "Did it get submitted this time?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We caught ourselves!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Before we stunk up the building!"

Universal says "What was wrong with it? Dialogue? Pace?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yes."

AlexAndRoberto laughs hysterically.

Universal laughs

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Both of those!"

guest4860 asks "Hercules is from what ethnic race?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I would say that he is half whatever his mother is... Greek I guess. Since his father is A God, that encompasses all races."

Universal says "So he's a bit of everything but mostly Greek!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Half Greek and half everything!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: with a slightly Minnesota twang"

Universal laughs out loud

SoyBomb asks "What do you like most about writing for Hercules???"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Actually we love all of it. Honestly, we get to come to work and do this wonderful thing - write"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: A great mix of everything."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: now that we oversee scripts more, we have more control over where the season will go. And the other thing is, everybody we work with is so wondeful. Except of course for my partner, Bob..."

Universal says "And Vice versa for Bob I'm sure!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Exactly."

Universal says "What's life like for a writer on a show? How does it work?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I pick Bob up.. we get some coffee and we drive into the studio between 9:30 and 10"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob take 6 or 7 hours to wake up, so. But yeah, we close the door"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: And retreat into our computers"

Universal says "But do you get distracted?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: All the time! All the time!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: its like being in an intense conversatgion all day and having the phone ringing!"

Universal says "Meetings? Phone calls? Things like that happen?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Thats a very good analogy"

Universal says "Do you find that you have to stay late to finish things?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: On occassion. We try not to - but I panic sometimes and force Bob to stay late."

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Apology accepted"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: i didnt say I apologize!"

Shawn_L asks "will there be a Hercules Movie on the big screen?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I don't think there are any plans"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: It's a mixed topic, some people think its a great idea"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: If you want one - write to Universal and let them know!"

Da-heck asks "Your loyal fans want to thank you for the "Aphrodite rolling around the mud" scene in PORKULESE."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Sure!"

guest4889 asks "Will there be any more episodes involving Hope?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: As Rob always says - thats the cheapest special effect. Beautiful women rolling around in mud! But I don't think we can take credit for it"

Universal says "How come?"

AlexAndRoberto says "We didn't write that one!"

Universal says "I think these people are psyched that you are involved with the show"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We have to give credit where credit is due."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: well..."

AlexAndRoberto says "Maybe"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I... hope so!"

JelloBoy asks "If you could work on any other project, what would it be?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We want to do our own movies"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: That's the goal - that's the plan!"

Universal says "What type of movies?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: small, little character movies"

Universal says "Of this era?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: yes"

Universal says "Have you guys found time to write any screenplays?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: we wrote several before Hercules but they were pretty bad"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: yeah, they were stinky. We're in the middle of one now. We force ourselves to write one night a week on our own thing"

SoyBomb asks "Do you ever get writers block? If so, how do you overcome it?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: we've had it maybe 3 times in the last year, it tends to come when we are trying to do new thing. It's not that it's impossible - once you realize what to do it becomes easy"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: we overcome it by talking a lot. usually by the time we make each other crack up - it loosens up the mind"

Universal says "Gets the juices flowing again?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: You start relaxing and not forcing it."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: You tend to get it when you force it to come. I think that's probably true in general"

aresfan asks "Why did you make yourselves look so stupid in Yes, Virginia? Wasn't there a temptation to make yourselves look good? (Great episode, by the way!)"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Thanks AresFan"

Universal says "What are they referring to?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: we did a show taking place in modern day, the writing staff was panicing because Kevin Sorbo had vanished. We played ourselves as complete bufoons"

Universal says "Do you actually act in it?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Actors played us. Some of the regular actors"

Universal says "That is funny! Did it work out well?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: yeah! We got a very good response from it. We were pleased in general."

Universal says "I'm sure people were shocked!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We didnt know what to expect!"

Universal says "When did that air?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: About a month or two ago"

guest4889 asks "Do you guys really sleep in the closet at the studio?"

AlexAndRoberto laughs hysterically.

Universal says "Was that a reference to the show?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Not yet.. but its bound to happen sooner or later!"

spicoli asks "What are you guys going to do once the season is over?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yeah, we dont get a break until August"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Actually September"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Then we will relax for 2... maybe 3 hours and then get in our own stuff"

Universal says "So you are going to be working nonstop through August or September?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yep"

Universal says "There's not time off!?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Definitely not"

guest4878 asks "How did you get started and what advice would you have for success in such a competitive career?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: The first thing is : always finish everything you start"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I would add - read everything you can possibly get your hands on"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Scripts?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Everything - scripts, books - everything. Because you will develop your own style by immitating other people first. Its a very important thing to do"

ExciteUser asks "windyone: how long do you think your series will last its been on how long?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: This is the 5th season coming up"

Universal says "How long do you see it going for?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We're hoping to make it last 3 years - with the help of the fans we can get there!"

Heath96001 asks "Hi. Do you guys know if there is any truth to the rumor that 'Hercules' is ending in 1999? Thanks."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: That is just a rumor. Definitely not true"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I hope that's good news!"

ExciteUser asks "falling_star: Who do you consider you hero or the person who you look up to?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I feel a little caught off guard actually"

Universal says "Think about when you were growing up, who did you want to be?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: My hero was definitely my film teacher in high school. My parents are pretty big heros overall"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: My mother, definitely. When I was little I wanted to be John Travolta. Mainly because I was in love with Olivia Newton John"

Universal laughs

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I still catch him dancing in the office"

Universal says "Did you see the new Grease release?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We havent had time to do anything!"

Universal says "Have you seen any movies lately?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Lost in Space"

Universal says "How was that?"

AlexAndRoberto says "The first hour is ok, and then it falls apart"

Universal says "I've been hearing bad things. Did you see Dark City?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Loved it!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Brilliant!"

Universal says "I thought it got a little over the top towards the end"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Even trying that premise was great!"

Universal says "I agree without a doubt"

jniebler asks "How do you write a crossover episode? Do you work with Xena writers as well, or just do it yourself?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: we dont work with the other writers, they just say how much time of the actors they can spare"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: And vice versa"

Universal says "Does Hercules use more Xena characters or vice versa?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Its evenly split because you cant tell whos character is whos"

Da-heck asks "When will you get Hercules to stop wearng those pants? How about a new outift. I liked the one in ...Fancy Free"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: He's coming out with a new outfit for 1 episode, at the end of this season! I have to say I love the pants! You want a toga instead?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We tried the toga in Atlantis"

Universal says "Didn't work huh?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: It worked for about 5 minutes. There's a definite reason why he isnt in a toga as his staple outfit"

guest4889 asks "Do Kevin and Michael get any input into the episodes that you write?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely! Very much in fact. Our relationship with them has built quite a bit"

Universal says "How do you guys work that out since they are in New Zealand?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: We are going to New Zealand and we will be spending time with them there. but we speak with them over the phone. They dont have a lot of problems with stuff we do."

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: We just dont pump out a script. First we do an outline so they know what the idea is"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: They understand their characters so well, if they have a complaint its usually a legitimate one"

Universal says "Do you ever agree with their changes?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Sure!"

Shawn_L asks "did you 2 have any part of writeing the Hercules and Xena Cartoon?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: no"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: No we didn't"

Universal says "The animated movie?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: we didnt know about that until it came out"

Heath96001 asks "What are 'Twilight' and 'Reunions' about?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: we cant tell you!"

Universal says "Are those new episodes coming out?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: they are episodes this season. They are fairly dark episodes. He deals with a fairly major tragedy"

Universal says "Well there's a little something to chew on for the fans!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Yes yes!"

Universal says "That'll be up on the message boards tomorrow!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: could be a lie too."

Universal says "That's true!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Or the truth too! Watch and find out!"

guest4889 asks "Is there any chance for a musical Hercules episode?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely! We had a couple number the last year. IN the immediate future, not for a while. Cupcake and the Widow Twanky got us into musicals."

klatuveratanictu asks "How hard is it really to come up with cool ideas?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: coming up with ideas isn't difficult - putting them into a story is. Everyone Im sure has cool ideas"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: It's really about the ability to put it down on paper. And to know how to write dialogue that is colorful. I do think that it isnt easy - its something you can do or cant do. You can learn to sharpen your skills - but it comes from an understanding on how to watch TV and movies"

Da-heck asks "Who do you think would win if Xena and Herc were in a fight?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob and Alex: HERCULES!"

Universal laughs

aresfan asks "have you had to change the character of Iolaus this season with Kevin Sorbo gone so much?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: Not really, we had to rely on him a lot more. He's still the same guy."

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Michael is so brilliant, we wouldnt do anything to threaten that"

guest4889 asks "Did you attend the recent wedding of Lucy and Rob?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex & Bob: yes"

Universal says "Was it in the States?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: It was in L.A., yeah"

Universal says "Have you been to New Zealand before?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: No, Alex has"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I was there"

Universal says "How come Alex got to go?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: I'm much cooler! I was sent down a couple years back to rewrite a script"

Universal says "So you are looking forward to going?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: I am, yeah!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely. Of course we'll be seeing mostly office than New Zealand"

Universal says "That's gotta suck!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Absolutely"

Da-heck asks "Sometimes I get the impression that Aries doesn't really want to kill Hercules. Instead he'd rather turn him into pig etc. What's the story?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: First of all, there is that rule in which Zeus said no God could kill another God. So he would incur the wrath of the king of the Gods. He has to be sneaky like turning him into a pig and hope someone else kills him.  But that's going to change!"

Da-heck asks "Are you the youngest writers at Hercules? If so, do the other writers feel threatened to have such young guys taking over the show?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: yes we are the youngest! And I am very threatened by Alex!"

Universal says "Is he younger than you?"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: He's amonth younger than I am.. and it kills me!"

Universal laughs

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: But everyone's been great"

AlexAndRoberto says "Alex: Everyone is fantastic"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob: our main goal is to... to beat Xena actually"

Universal says "I wish you guys the best of luck!"

Universal says "Thanks for chatting!"

AlexAndRoberto says "Bob & Alex: Thanks! Anytime!"

Universal says "That's going to wrap it up for another episode of The Backlot Cafe. Our thanks go out to Alex and Roberto for taking the time to chat with us!"

Universal says "Thanks again to all our chatters out there. And thanks to everyone over at Excite as well. You guys were awesome. Remember, the best chats can be found only at Real Hollywood!!! Stay tuned for rock guitar god Richie Sambora! He'll be chatting in about 10 minutes."

Universal says "Tomorrow we'll have actor Jonathon Silverman chatting at 7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST!!!"

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Universal says "Good night everybody!!!!"


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