October 20 , 1998

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HSHost says "Welcome to the twentieth night of our special Thirty-one Days of Terror Series. It's October 20th and you are chatting live (or undead) at Real Horrorwood! My name is April and I'll be your macabre host for the evening. Joining me in the studio tonight are my spooky producers Mike and Peter, and our gothic typist, Michelle. For the entire month of Shocktober, we'll be presenting the strangest, the weirdest, the scariest of guests, leading up to the most sacred of horrordays, HALLOWEEN! Stars of big and small scream, uh, screen, will be joining us as the sun sets and the night holds reign."

HSHost says "If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are all very excited about our special guest this evening, actor, Bob Trebor who plays "Salmoneus" on the "Hercules" and "Xena" series'. Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight, Bob!"

BobTrebor says "Thank you it's a pleasure to be here. I'd like to say to all my fans and friends ... brrr brrrrrr beep beep! brrrrr brrrrrrx beep beep! That is Salmoneus' famous quail catching call!"

HSHost says "Awesome!"

Sid asks "How long have you been working on Hercules and Xena?"

BobTrebor says "I've been on the show since the beginning, I did the pilot, "The Journey Begins," the pilot movie and there were four other movies. I've been with the show longer than Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hearst."

HSHost says "Awesome!"

Heath96001 asks "Will Salmoneous finally meet Joxer this season on Xena?"

BobTrebor says "I don't know. I'd like that to happen, it'd be an interesting chemistry, I could find a way to make a buck on him! But, I don't know .. I believe I'm going back in December for a few episodes, the producers don't like to have two comic sidekicks on the same show. I don't know why that is. I'd like it to happen, but I'm not sure."

Kittykoot asks "Since it looks as if Iolaus is dead now will we be seeing more of Salmoneus this season?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "You never can be sure on our show. Dead is not necessarily dead! I think I will be on the show more often than I was last season. I wasn't on last season that much at all ! But, don't count Michael out, he'll be popping up in interesting ways."

Apollonius asks "How did the writers decide upon the name Salmoneus?"

BobTrebor says "Salmoneus was actually a mythical character. He was one of the biggest jerks in all of mythology ..thought he was more important than Zeus. And, "The Reign of Terror" is the Salmoneus story .. rode around in a chariot and threw bricks at people .. and so Zeus sent him to the lowest section of hell. But, the name was based on collaboration between me and the writers and my personality."

greensleeves_ asks "I love your character Salmoneous. What do you like best about playing him?"

BobTrebor says "I like his enthusiasm, regardless of anything ... ever optimistic and always challenging himself to come up with new ideas and make his life more comfortable."

ROCfan asks "Do you know if Iolous is gone for good or is coming back"

BobTrebor says "It's hard to say. There will be various versions of him coming back, that's all I can say at this point."

HSHost says "Okay, so you gotta watch!"

Calee asks "Hey Bob!! Is there any chance of you making it to the Santa Monica Con in Jan?"

BobTrebor says "Hey Calee! How ya doing? There's a chance, yes, depends on my work schedule, but if I'm available, I'd love to. I'm going to be in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency for Creation on Halloween! I love meeting the fans."

Jinxed asks "How'd you get started in acting?"

BobTrebor says "Well, it was a decision I made in elementary school, I was 10, saw "The Days of Wine & Roses" and I just played a Jack Lemon character in Some Like it Hot satire. The power of Jack's work in Days shook me up so much that I said I wanna do to others what he did to me. Affect them, make them excited ... Jack's work has been comedic as much as mine has .. but from that point on, I took acting classes and ... it went from there."

Heath96001 asks "Will you be directing an episode of Hercules this season? If you are what will it be about?"

BobTrebor says "I hope so. Thank you Heath. And, for those of you at the USA Network, Rock in a Hard Place in Hercules that I directed is on. And, my show that I directed got the highest rating! The most serious, intense episode that's been filmed so far."

Apollonius asks "Do you like the action scenes more than the real acting?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs hysterically!"

BobTrebor says "let me tell you something, getting killed requires real acting. I enjoy them both, Sal is not the action fighting guy, but in the new show this week, I play 3 different versions of myself, one of which is a brawler. I'm trained more as an actor .. but whatever the challenge is at the time, I enjoy doing it."

LadyAmethyst asks "One of my very favorite characters, I look foreward to any episode you are in, are there plans to include your character more this season?"

BobTrebor says "I hope so. Last season I was on 3 episodes, the least .. this season I will be on 4 or 5. Thank you, lovely words about one of your fav characters. Keep writing! To Universal City Plaza .. Alex Beaton or Liz Friedman and say "we want more Salmoneus!!""

HSHost says "It helps a lot!"

HeebieJeebies asks "Has anyone ever told you you are smart sexy and funny?"

BobTrebor says "Ahhhhhh! Is he male or female? Well, thank you Heebie Jeebie. Yes, some have said that and I blush modestly in a cute kind of way.What can I say? All actors have some element of that or they wouldn't pay us."

BobTrebor {action} he says cutely."

PrestoQuesto asks "Do you think it is more fun to be famous or unknown?"

BobTrebor says "Famous. Definitely. I have not achieved the level of Lucy or Kevin .. not mobbed, can have a great meal. I had a Christmas dinner a few years ago ... and a waiter gave me a card that said, sorry we don't mean to interrupt your dinnere but after you're done can you sign an autograph for my son? It was so nice and of course I signed. When I can sign it's fine if they ask and I say I'm late for an appointment, they take it well. It's nice and it gives me more leverage for other projects."

Jinxed asks "Can ya do a small spoiler about the Genie ep? i don't get it till Sunday."

BobTrebor says "The small spoiler is Salmoneus becomes three different people!"

BobTrebor {action} laughs"

BobTrebor says "And, I do the most fighting than I've done in 5 years on the show. It's Bruce Campbell and myself .. the fans liked us in Men in Pink and we're back together again in more trouble. a light fun episode, the first couple have been dark for Hercules to find his sould ... so there'll be light comedic episodes as well, and hopefully more in the future."

HSHost says "Yeah!"

Fledermaus asks ""Hi. Thanks for coming out? This may be a dumb question, but do you find New Zealand to be as peaceful as it is on tv?"

BobTrebor says "As peaceful? not a dumb question at all. A lovely very British polite country. We break for afternoon tea before the penultimate shot of the day. It got to be annoying .. they're very civilized and friendly, beautiful country, the mosquitoes are vicious and ironically .... I drive on the left hand side, in the British fashion, haven't had an accident yet, knock wood. But, the drivers will tailgate you at 100mph with no shoulder .. so the driving can be a bit stressful but besides that it's a great country."

Apollonius asks "Do you ever change the script to suit yourself.... or are the writers inflexible task masters?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs hysterically!"

BobTrebor says "Someone's been reading one of the books out there. The writers we have now are fabulous, Roberto Orci and Alex are the headwriters now .. they wrote Men in Pink. They're flexible, talented and they do like the actor input. People say do you improvise, but it's too expensive on the set to improvise really so in the table read we'll get our pitch and if we feel a line needs changing or it's redundant, we'll suggest another line or beat. But not change the plot, we did change one episode cause there was a hole and we made my character do sometthing that hasn't been done ..something about the lamp was unresolved. So, we'll come up with something like that .. they write wonderful things and we may have a little dialogue change here and there, but it's not changed very much."

HSHost says "Well, great!"

guest7997 asks "Hi, Robert, how are you? I heard about your recent trip to England. The British fans really enjoyed having you abroad. I'm looking forward to this W/E's HerK episode. Any other projects in the works?"

BobTrebor says "Going back down .. on hold for around Christmastime to do more. I am writing a book, it's a humorous book released through Universal merchandising called "Dear Salmoneus, the world's first guide to love and money." I answer questions from both Gods and mortals. So, Im in the middle of it hope to finish by Feb or March and I'm looking for a low budget romantic comedy to direct ... to increase work and do some directing as well."

Sid asks "What's it like working with Lucy Lawles and Kevin Sorbo?"

BobTrebor says "They're wonderful! A couple of regular folks, don't do the star trip. I've done TV with stars that were a pain in the butt. Lucy and Kevin are cooperative, friendly, let you take focus. A blast, I've been with them from the very beginning."

HSHost says "Very cool!"

HeebieJeebies asks "Are there any funny outtakes from Hercules?"

BobTrebor says "Yeah, actually some reels. If you become a member of the fan club, you get a blooper reel for free! I'm in some .. some people think we try for them and we don't. We may blow a line or a prop falls but we're human and we don't have the time to try for them ... they'll save them, print them and keep them for the archives. You can become a member www.creation.ent"

HSHost says "Thanks! Cool."

HeebieJeebies asks "Who is your #1 fan?"

BobTrebor says "Well, there's a guy named SalFan .. Mike who've I've seen at several conventions .. has asked me to do the Xena theme song from the Gauntlet and brought up walnuts for me to play! I have a lot of lovely fans who stop me when they see me and give me a kiss on the cheek or take a picture with me .. I love my fans."

Sid asks "Have you always like mythology?"

BobTrebor says "What makes you think we're doing mythology?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "I don't want any kids out there to pass their tests thinking we're giving them info on mythology cause we're not! I was always fascinated from 10-14, I wasn't a buff, but I started to get into it a bit when I was directing ... I'll try to reference it. Our show is about the interaction among people in the 90's that happened to be living back then. But, the problems are contemporary."

Jinxed asks "Will you be in Atlanta anytime soon?"

BobTrebor says "Yesss! I will, I love people who give me openings to walk through. My work committments not withstanding at the Dragoncon last year ... July 1st through the 4th. I was invited this year at the Omni, but couldn't go cause I was in England. But, I've committed to going to Atlanta if I'm not working through that time. July 1st-4th, 1999./"

HSHost says "Awesome!"

Ahnjunae asks "Good evening Mr. Trebor, you say you're not into the martial arts aspects; but, have you had any training for the show?"

BobTrebor says "Yeah. for the french episode .... I had two weeks of swordfighting and it turned out pretty well ... a bit of my fighting is left in the episode. The Peter Bell team .. New Zealand Martial arts group worked with me and in college Ihad some training. Aside from that, didn't study with Master Doug Wong that Kevin and Lucy studied with."

HSHost says "Oh, okay."

God_Hades asks "Does Bob thinks that the new episodes are becoming too complicated for his simple (but cool) character?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs"

BobTrebor says "I appreciate the cool part but the simple part, I have an issue with! I don't think he's simplea t all, now that Hercules is in Ireland and he;s going to Norway he can't be there cause he doesn't have the travel means. But, I'll be in Greece while Hercules is away. TV is a paper eating monster ... 22 new episodes per year.! It's tough to keep the quality up and keep it interesting. I like that there'll be a dark episode, and then a modern episode, we want you to tune in and say we don't know what's going to turn up but we want you to be surprised and delighted!"

Calico asks "Will you be at the January H/X con in Santa Monica?"

BobTrebor says "I hope to be. If my work precludes it, I should be yes."

kiwimate2 asks "is your character going to invent any more things...say...like the Pizza??"

BobTrebor says "Like a pizza?! Well, that would be Falafel, he comes up with the food ideas. I'd like to .. for a while I was creating air sandals and real estate deals .. I push society forward in small increments .. not all work out but enough do and I stay alive."

kiwimate2 asks "what do you do on the long flights to Auckland??"

BobTrebor says "Try to sleep! It's good. Somewhere over the equator I get a little rollercoaster ride. I'm not a fan, thought we were going to crash, but Air New Zealand is wonderful .. you have this TV where you can multi program, I do a bit of reading .. I don't worry the script to death, that can get stale. Reading, eating, and watching TV and trying to sleep a little bit."

Sal_fan asks "That question about "any future projects in the works" was from me, SAL_FAN. Please let Rob Trebor know this. Thanks."

BobTrebor says "Ahhh! okay"

Jinxed asks "Do you enjoy writting?"

BobTrebor says "Yeah, I do! I wrote the storyline for the first three Xena comic books and that's the editor who commissioned to me to write what I'm writing now. Yeah, I do enjoy them."

Stepper asks "Does it throw you off going to New Zeland and coming back? I mean in relation to the different seasons and time zones. How long does it take to adjust?"

BobTrebor says "It's fun .. like Alice in Wonderland you go down the long tube of the jetway of the plane, they tuck you in, try to sleeo, they wake you up and it's up when it's done. You're in a different time zone. Let's say you leave Sunday night, you arrive Tuesday morning, they let you sleep a bit, costume fitting, that night you have a read through and you get the third day off and then you shoot."

guest8046 asks "Is there anything that would make Salmoneus truly happy?"

BobTrebor says "Oh yes! A lovely, sexy, womanly, voluptuous, intelligent, self-sufficient woman who can support him with an endowment. Everyone thinks he's greedy but he wants to live well in difficult times and he's not a farmer or a fighter, so he has to use his mouth. So, a lovely mate and a couple of kids that he can see while he goes away and creates more inventions and mischief."

LadyAmethyst asks "would love to see more episodes with Minya in them..have you any info on her character?"

BobTrebor says "No, I don't. That actressis a stage actress, before Hercules and Xena, it's TV and film work. So good actors have strong stage committments, and she may be off in Christchurch doing a play."

RallyKat asks "How is it to work with Michael Hurst or Kevin Smith and the others???"

BobTrebor says "Oh, they're great! I've only worked with Kevin peripherally in Yes, Virginia there is a Hercules. But, I've seen him at conventions and he's a terrific guy and I saw him play Othello he made a plendid one, fabullous actor and singer. Michael I love and I loved directing him ... Michael has to do the martial arts and he helped me stage that and is wonderful. Michael and Kevin are both extremely talented men."

STOLN asks "is it just me but your part seems to remind me of mid summers night dream the play"

BobTrebor says "Which part?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "You mean Puck, Oberin? don't think I"m the PUck character .. I think of myself more like Bilko."

Fledermaus asks "do you have any plans to do live theatre?"

BobTrebor says "I hope so yeah. I'm in Chicago on Halloween, staying an extra three days and meeting some poeple .. I went to Northwestern and did a lot of theatre during summerstock .. hoping to meet some of them and say hey, I have some name value now here's what I'd like to do ... we'll see what happens. I'm itching to get back on the stage .. that's where my training's based."

HSHost says "Seems like you'd be great!"

BOYloveRENEE asks "Will you play in Young Hercules?"

BobTrebor says "No, first cause Salmoneus met Hercules during the show Hercules, so there's no young Salmoneus ...if you're not a God it's hard to be in that cause we'd be just little kids at that point. It's hard."

kiwimate2 asks "Do you spend alot of time on the internet?"

BobTrebor says "A fair amount under various names .. read the net forum ... interesting to see the rivalries ... just because youlike Hercules doesn't make you anti-Xena and vice versa. They're both lovely people .. no reason to get into a color war over this!"

God_Hades asks "What do you think of Canadian fans?"

BobTrebor says "I love Canadian fans, 'eh! I'd love to go to Toronto or Vancouver ... love Montreal I used to go every year for the film festival. I'd like to spend more time up there. Conventions and such."

kiwimate2 asks "any advise for Auditions?"

BobTrebor says "Try to get cast so you don't need to audition. The advice is if you're a pro actor do your best to prepare, a foundation of prep that you can stand on .. and then forget about it. Chances are, you won't be cast, if you get cast, it's gravy, otherwise go on to the next one and keep practicing your craft."

HSHost says "Absolutely. Good advice."

Chibichibi asks "i sent an idea to universal studios, and they said i need it through an agent so how do i go about doing that, i'm in japan"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "Oh sorry chibichibi ... of all the thousands of writers out there it aint gonna happen. We have a huge fan base and we're grateful but we have a great writing team and we can't do it for legal reasons .. I can't show them, cause if the writers come up with an idea that's similar ... we can get sued. So enjoy discussing it with the fans, but unfortunately, it's not going to happen."

LeannaHX asks "Salmoneus seems to be a really funny Character.Does comedy come naturally to you?Or is just something you put on for Salmoneus?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "Well, it's like being a beautiful woman .. does her face and figure come naturally to her? "To a degree it's what you're born with .. you have to understand the rhythm and appreciation for comic rhythms, I'm lucky enough to have it to a degree . I've done Woody Allen films, My Demon Lover and a lot of sitcoms. On the other hand I played David Berkowitz .. so I like serious work as well. I like the episodes where I can do both .. I gave Xena a funeral when we thought she was dead .. so comedy I can do very well but I don't want to be limited by it either. I'm not like Mel Brooks, don't need peole to laugh around me all the time .. when it's appropriate, humor makes the day go faster, so it's nice. But, I'm not funny all the time, though."

Scheherazade asks "Hey there Bob (can I call you Bob?), was just wondering when you were gonna come visit us over at Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes? We can use all the merchants we can get ;)"

BobTrebor says "Sure ! Oh Gosh! I've actually, you know ..."

BobTrebor {action} laughs"

BobTrebor says "Tried getting on there, but I got the acrobat reader that has screwed me so badly over the past three years, I can't open them! I gotta shoot my acrobat reader and maybe I"ll be able to download some stuff."

HSHost says "There ya go!"

Ahnjunae asks "You said that you sometimes go to the NetForums, have you ever read some of the fan fictions that the fans have come up with?"

BobTrebor says "I have and it's delightful. I love going to the Xenarotica sight which I think is terrific .. late night with a glass of chablis and a cookie ... really inventive and unusual! Stuff you couldn't do physically .. it'sa chance to be expressive and stimulate your imagination .. it's great."

Heath96001 asks "What's it like working with Bruce Campbell? You guys make a great team!"

BobTrebor says "He's wonderful .. like Cramden and Norton the Honeymooners .."

BobTrebor {action} chuckles"

BobTrebor says "There'll probably be more episodes with him, he's terrific."

Stepper asks "How did you get picked to beSalmoneus?"

BobTrebor says "It was written for me. They said do you want the part? we like you. here it is. I auditioned for Whalon (sp?) .. and that was a flat audition .. my agents at the time who I dumped cause they didn't want me to do the series .. ahh it's a kid series ... and I said you haven't watched it closely it's not just a kid series. They wanted a butler character from Arthur .. an ancient British character who could stumble over his feet and then they said, they wanted an Eddie Murphy character so if you take Gielgud and Murphy and split them down the middle, you get Robert Trebor ... So, Rob liked my work and I shot the thing for 5 weeks and it was wonderful."

HSHost says "Yeah!"

BobTrebor says "Oh your'e very welcome. I love the fans ... this is why I wanna go back and do stage work ... they have to reset the camera or lights .. and the crew applauds but I love doing something continuously for an hour or two hours, that's what I was trained on and did for 14 hours in NY .. so meeting fans is just like mother's milk to me."

HSHost says "Right!"

Ahnjunae asks "I attended the HerK and Xena convention in Burbank; and, would like to thank you for taking the time to come to the reception we had. Thank you for taking the time to meet your fans!"

BobTrebor says "Did you join Kevin's fan club or the official Hercules fan club?"

Apollonius asks "Can you ask Kevin to kick the fan club's butt as I didn't get the blooper video from them"

BobTrebor says "It has to be through Creation Ent. the official Hercules one .. they're in Glendale, CA, starts with an 818 area code and call them directly."

HSHost says "Thank you for that. Okay."

kiwimate2 asks "what do you think of Bruces new hair cut?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs hysterically!"

BobTrebor says "Well, I don't spend all my time looking at Bruce's head ... we're not THAT close .. I didn't notice it was that new ... very red the last time but sorry."

Rhianyn asks "Who/What are your inspirations as an actor?"

BobTrebor says "Jack Lemmon I love. A sensational career, Alan Arkin ... he again is a primarily comedic actor but rent "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" it's sensational .. nominated for an Oscar, he plays a deaf mute. This is a guy who's a verbal guy .. not a single word. And, he will tear your heart out. It was also .. ironically Sondra Locke's debut film the former of Clint Eastwood. There's a guy again .. who did The Russians are Coming and Love but he takes time out to do .. a low budget film ... once you see it you'll never forget it. Phil Silvers, Zero Mostel, the Monty Python team, Smith and Dale Neal Simon based the Sunshine boys on them, John Cleese in Faulty Towers. I'll actually bring a portable video recorder and watch these in between set ups so I can be inspired!"

BOYloveRENEE asks "Im from Montreal and i speak french! How was your training in French episode ?"

BobTrebor says "Ahh bon jour!!!"

BobTrebor {action} speaks French (and I can't spell it! .. the typist that is)"

BobTrebor says "I went to advanced placement French and instead of writing a term paper, this shows the ham inside me, I did a verbal presentation from a play and it was written in German originally .. I translated three of the speeches and performed them in front of the class with a white bed sheet smearing red paint and getting people soaked!"

BobTrebor {action} speaks very very intense French!"

BobTrebor says "Everyone! Their jaws dropped and I got an A+ .. I'd love to do a movie or play in French. I can speak it very well I think."

Heath96001 asks "How many more seasons of Hercules and Xena do you think there will be?"

BobTrebor says "Hard to say. I think there'll be a couple more at least. We make our 100th episode in February of Hercules .. Xena will be beginning of the following season. That's what the original studio committments were. I think Kevin and Lucy want to stay longer, but it's hard to say."

RallyKat asks "Hey Bob, I read your last chat and you mentioned a spin-off for you--will it happen????"

BobTrebor says "I asked you fans to write letters ! Apparently you haven't written enough!"

BobTrebor {action} he says sarcastically."

ROCfan asks "Do you have an e-mail address and do you answer your own e-mail"

BobTrebor says "I don't like to give my own out caus e... Bruce does, spends a couple of hours a day on it. it's www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris. You can find out what I"m doing and leave an email for me, they're sent to me periodically and I answer them when I get to them."

Jinxed asks "I'd just like to thank Uni and the Xena Cast and Crew cause of Y'all i met my Fiancee . ;o)"

BobTrebor says "Oh lovely! Is it working out?! Good!"

HSHost says "I hope so! Write us back Jinxed ..."

BobTrebor says "Yes."

ROCfan asks "you must get alot of frequent flyer miles going back and forth are they yours or universals"

BobTrebor says "They're mine! Every single one of the, I cherish them carefully. They used to be on Delta .. they'd accumulate and not expire but on United now I have to use them periodically. I cherish them dearly."

Apollonius asks "What do you think about the Toy Biz Action Figure of Salmoneus? ....I thought it was most unrealistic..."

BobTrebor says "I love it! I love it! And, I'm the envy of all my cast members cause mine actually looks like me! You're wrong my friend, you're wrong ... aside from the biceps which people said who did Trebor pay off to get those, the facial definition looks a lot more like me than Kevin's and some of those dolls look nothing like Lucy .. they look like Elvira! Lucy has a much rounder face .. I was pleased with mine ... please come in and tell that guy that he's wrong fans!"

Jinxed asks "Yep we're getting married April 1st, 2,000"

BobTrebor says "Oh terrific!"

HSHost says "Yeah!!"

Calee asks "As Ahnjunae said we really appreciated you coming to the Hoolie in Burbank. Calico, LadyPegasus and the rest would like to invite you again in Jan if you make it to Santa Monica"

BobTrebor says "Oh yes, of course. I'd love to. It's a preconvention get together they have in a back room they play musical instruments, drink mead and get stinkin' drunk, it's fabulous!"

Jinxed asks "What are you up to the first weekend in June???"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "What do you have in mind Jinxed ... that's around my birthday .. I'm a Gemini thank you very much. June 7th is my birthday. I don't know what you have in mind, at this time I have no plans."

Stepper asks "Will you ever be reteamed with Atalanta?"

BobTrebor says "I hope so! She's terrific! She's a very busy lady with all her fitness stuff .. doing 14 things at the same time ... difficult to get her nailed down .. I'd love to work with her again, she's wonderful and easy on the eyes."

Apollonius asks "Do you ever plan to lose your beard? I got rid of mine and I miss it terribly...."

BobTrebor says "I did as the character in Yes, Virginia and in Men in Pink, I had to shave everything! Almost everything ... so I've done my service, they like me with the beard as Salmoneus .. it covers my double chin .. gives me a virile masculine fuzzy look! So, we'll see what happens."

Kittykoot asks "My 10 year old son is in love with Renee O'Connor he wants to know what kind of person she is to work with"

BobTrebor says "She's just adorable .. but unfortunately for your son, she's engaged, she and her boyfriend bought a house north of Auckland .. wonderful actress, very sweet."

Rhianyn asks "AS an actor, is there any one role you'd love to play eventually? A dream role?"

BobTrebor says "Yeah, I'd love to do a first class production of Fiddler on the Roof, play Tevya .. not in a summer stock version ... pretend it's never been produced before, have an original concept, start it in England in the west end and build it slowly. That's a dream project for me. I'd love to play another serial killer I guess. That was creepy, ironically the most powerful I've ever felt cause he held all the cards ..people had to come to him for the answers! As Salmoneus, I go to everyone else. I was the quietest and most centered I'd been but it was eating me up cause this guy had a homicidal streak."

Chibichibi asks "do u have any advice for those who wants to make it in hollywood?"

BobTrebor says "Be really sure why you think you're doing it .. not glamour, riches, and fame, that's the worst reason cause chances are you won't make it .. the people in the unions is something less than 3ve it a lot, work hard, study like crazy, look healthy, have a great attitude and be able to take rejection over and over again ... and don't waste your life! If you don't like it what are you gonna do .. I got my union card 25 years ago, thank God I'm in a hit and working. I know people who are talented but their attitude is awful ... they grouch all the time and that's no way to live a life .. there are a lot of bitter actors out there .. so be careful .. it's the most over subscribed profession with the least employment I can think of."

Ahnjunae asks "What are some of the stage plays you have done? Have you done any Neil Simon plays?"

BobTrebor says "Yes, ! I'm hoping to do Chapter Two .. I'd be the Judd Hirsch role, I'm perfect for it now. I was suppposed to do it in Switzerland, but the financing fell through at the last moment .. so that's show business, too."

BobTrebor {action} chuckles"

BobTrebor says "I've done Barefoot in the Park, a lot of Moliere, some shakespeare .. what else?"

BobTrebor says "Where's my resume here ... new plays that most haven't seen cause they're only done in NY. A lot of new American plays and one called 'The boys next door" about 4 retarded men living together in a halfway house."

God_Hades asks "What kind of guy are you in real life?"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "I don't know if I'm the best person to ask that question. I like a quiet evening having my feet rubbed and watching TV, counting my blessings ... I like to travel, I'm not great looking like Kevin or Bruce, I'm a regular guy , not a huge sports fan, I'm a performing arts geek, I enjoy musical theatre and I am heterosexual ... Jason Alexander and I. I like women! There you are!"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "That's funny! Your'e good! More questions!"

BobTrebor says "OH that's great!"

RallyKat asks "Bob, you are such a wonderful person to take the time to talk to us. Thanks for chatting with us!! I can stay. Oh that's great, thanks for being there! We'd have an hour with nothing on our hands if you weren't."

kiwimate2 asks "Do you go to Chat rooms to chat with fans? if so..go to Delphi to the Dying Swan inn forum"

BobTrebor says "Okay!"

BobTrebor {action} laughs"

BobTrebor says "I don't go to chat rooms that often cause it's hard to be heard.What seems to be like a man and woman pairing off and the rest of us are voyeurs. They're odd and sometimes I do IM's with people on AOL but the rooms are difficult."

HSHost says "Mm hmm."

LadyAmethyst asks "I think the myth of Amethyst would make a good scriopt for Xena..or Herc...and get a couple of New Gods into the act..what do you think?"

BobTrebor says "I bet you would say that! Yeah, why not?"

BobTrebor {action} chuckles"

BobTrebor says "Not everyone has wonderful ideas, it's the execution of it that's hard. In general?"

Stepper asks "What's been your most challenging role?"

BobTrebor says "Different ones. One was so damn hot .. we were shooting it inJanuary, their summertime and I had a lot of clothes on me .. the soundstages were converted barns so there was no air so we had to take breaks and turn the fans on. Men in Pink was hard cause I was in high heels and a corset with no body hair. I had to take the time and drop all the comedy in one episode when Xena was dead and really feel sorrow. 52 Pickup that I did for John Frankenheimer ... I played a homosexual pornographer with Roy Scheider and Ann margaret, there's one scene with Roy where I break down for 5 minutes, and we did that all day, turned out very well. In TV you do 30 set ups, this was one all day .. a master, his side and my side, and afterward I felt I needed a chiropractor .. I get killed in the movie and start high and increasingly get more tense and nervous. So, that was challenging."

LadyAmethyst asks "I think Joxer and Salmoneous need thier own show, what do you think?"

BobTrebor says "Absolutely!"

BobTrebor {action} laughs!"

BobTrebor says "We could call it the Saljox show! There's a reign of comedy t-shirt you can buy, with Bruce, Ted, and myself on it ... they can get that on the site, yes."

God_Hades asks "What is the question you would like to be asked? (hehe!)"

BobTrebor says "What do I feel is the most important thing that all my friends can do during the next two weeks. The answer to that would be VOTE. Please vote. Whatever your affiliation .. it's incredible to me without being too much on a bandwagon, people are dying and bleeding in other countries for the right to vote and we have it and people stay home, it's really kind of shameful. So without being too parentel about it, if you're over 18, please vote. vote. It was just on my mind, I was watching stuff on TV about the scandal .. and so you've got to do it. If necessary, pick the lesser of two evils!"

HSHost says "It's so easy, you can do it by mail! I was so happy about it."

BobTrebor says "Yeah, I"ve got my absentee ballot and I'm going to do it while I'm in Chicago!"

Apollonius asks "Any advice for a Classics graduate who'd like to get into script writing?"

BobTrebor says "I assume film script writing. WRITE. Whether you're being hired to write or not. A writer writes a little bit everyday. That's what I"ve learned, I still write in long hand .. you've got to write, know if you're good, which means outside of family corroboration. It's tough .. the thing about writing is you can do it .. you need someone to hire you as an actor, but writing you can do on your own."

kiwimate2 asks "what advise would you give to people to follow thier dreams?"

BobTrebor says "Get a really clear solid idea of what your dream is .. see yourself achieving it at it's highest and most fulfilling and successful, ask yourself, is this what I want? And, if it is, go for it .. don't listen to naysayers or critics .. everyday think of one thing that can move you positively toward that goal .. that's the only way to do it. I kind of am living my dream right now, though I wish I had a better agent .. there's envy at every stage. Your ability to be happy is in direct proportion to your ability to feel grateful. Be thankful for the gifts you have ... not how much money or how successful you are .. but I'm pleased and privileged to be where I am with my age, husband wife or whatever .. be grateful about that."

HSHost says "Bob, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show!"

BobTrebor says "You're welcome! Thank you!"

HSHost says "And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us tomorrow at 7:00pm PST when our guests will be the producers of "The Outer Limits," "Poltergeist: The Legacy," and "Highlander," Sam Egan & Brent Karl Good Night, everyone see you tomorrow!"


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