Scheherazade this day is yours,
The bearers of your gifts now all around you stand.
The finest silk made in the land,
Is waiting for your choice.
The people watch you step into the sun,
From merchant's stalls and bars of every kind.
Food piled high on woven leaves for all to eat,
The music winding and twisting through the crowded street.

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"Jack of all trades, master of none,". . . this is the life of a storyteller.  We are singers of songs, makers of music, tellers of tales, recorders of records, and workers of words.  We sharpen our tongues daily as others would sharpen a blade, but our forges and stones are our dreams and our music, our minds and our souls.  A storyteller can bring you to realms beyond imagination, where fairies and dragons are commonplace, and animals talk without anyone giving it a second thought. Hand us your fragile reality and we'll warp it in ways you could never imagine, twisting and turning it until things you thought you knew become obscure and distant.

All of Greece is mine to do with as I please.  With a few simple strokes of my quill I can bring down the most mighty empire or make the simplest beggar a king.  Heroes can be made of children and children made of men . . . Welcome to my world.

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