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Horsey Pics: Pictures of my horses.
Peregrin's Page: Pictures of Peregrin
MANE-More Action for New Equestrians: A really kewl page for a SIM game called MANE.
SVEC Boarders: A page for the boarders at SVEC in a game called MANE
Kris Carrol's Horse Country: A HUGE comprehensive list of tons of horse stuff.
HorseLand: A nifty horse page!
! Amanda's Horse Stall !: My friend's page, really well done.
Brookside Equestrian Center: A SIM barn I co-own with a friend!
The Sublime Spot: Great Sublime webpage, check it out.
S U B L I M E: THE Sublime page, real cool.
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anibucklA Bit About Me & My Horsesanibuck

Hi everyone! It's me Hailey Polen. I am a 14/f, born in Denver Colorado. I currentlt go to Valencia High School in Valencia CA. I live with my brother Travis, my mom, dad, my two cats, my dog and my bird. I have been riding since I was 5 years old and have been showing for 5 years. I started riding our back-yard quarter horse Minnie when I was 5 years old. Then when we moved to Alaska we sold her and I took lessons on a TB named Rusty. When we moved to California I rode at a barn called Don-E-Brook and rode Billy, Reed, Forsty Guy, TW, Spicy, and Oreo. Then I switched to a barn called Quest's End and rode Lyka, Fox, Boggie, Sydney, and Harvey. Then I bought my first horse Sundae. After that I moved to a barn called Middle Ranch with my trainer Karen and rode my pony, Red, Gypsy, Flicker, Sly, and Popye. Then we moved up the street to my present barn where I bought my mare Morgaine, and my baby Peregrin. Peregrin is a fleabitten gray Arab/Trakehner gelding. His show name is "The Wanderer". He is 12 years old going on 2 and 15.2hh. I bought him 6 months ago and he is doing amazingly well. He is a really good jumpers horse, but also does hunters, dressage, cross-country and bareback. He is so awsome, I love him to peices. I do most of my showing on him and we have won many ribbions together, my favorite show was Ride America San Diego. Morgaine is a fleabitten gray Anglo-Arab mare. Her show name is "Fashionably Late. She is 9 years old and 14.3hh. I bought her about a year ago from my trainer. She does mainly hunters, but I am training her for the h/j show ring. She is the sweetest horse I have ever meet, she loves children, especialy my trainer's daughter Megan. She lives in Karen's backyard with Karen's horse Flicker, 2 goats(Calvin & Rascal), and a bunch of chickens. Sundae is an Appy pony mare. She is really strange colored. She is mainly white with brown and black blotches. She has a black V on her forehead and what look like thick eyebrows. Her show name is "Got Milk". She is 10 years old and 14.3hh. I have had her for 4 years, she was my very first horse and I love her. She is an amazingly good jumper and also does hunters and cross-country. She is a little brat and completely one-sided, but oh well! :o)

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This page is dedicated to:
~*~My friends and family that make every day worth living~*~
~*~My dear friend Ryan, who I love and respect. He taught me everything I know about life and running~*~
~*~All the horses I have ever known, ridden and owned. They have shaped me into the rider I am today~*~

Hailey Polen
If ya can't reach me
Valencia, CA
United States