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Some of the comments received to date on
History of the Clan Gregor

Just wanted to say that I greatly enjoy your website.  The information
included is wonderful, highly informative, and very much appreciated.
Keep up the great work...  Best regards,
David MacGregor

Hello, I've enjoyed exploring your site

Ann Pituley.

I am writing to request permission to insert a link from the
Walter Scott Digital Archive
(, a scholarly resource
maintained by Edinburgh University Library, to the page 'Sir
Walter Scott and the Clan Gregor' on your excellent resource:

Dr Paul Barnaby
Project Officer
Walter Scott Digital Archive
Special Collections Division
Edinburgh University Library

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  Your website is brilliant.  You must have spent a lot of time on it.  Its very interesting and informative. 
Take care,  Regards

I recently have been researching the MacGregor history as I am building a website for my family which discusses our family heritage.  We are Griersons, and thus have strong ties to our MacGregor past.  I found your site recently and saw that you have a lot of information and some pictures which I would love to harvest.  I am curious as to the
copyright status of these items.  Would it be alright to use the pictures and copy some of the items such as the timeline?  Thanks in advance for your response and for the website.  It's great to see so many MacGregors who care to share their past.

Andrew Grierson

Hi Hal
Thank you so much for sending the info on my ancestors.  I really appreciate it!!  I'm also wondering if I could contact you again on email with questions about my ancestry?  I
certainly do not wish to bother you but I really would like to find out all
I can.  Well again thank you for the info.

You have a very nice site.. Annie.

Annie of "McGregor search daily"
 "Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d' thanig thu"
"Remember the men from whom you are sprung"
Our new web site is


I have been reading about the Kelts and their Origins.
Although the Picts are not considered Kelts, they are related
people who seem to have a strong Keltic element.

It is accepted by some that the Picts have come from
Your account on an Assyrian connection or influence is
worthy of study as you pointed out:
Reliefs of Pictish warriors on Orkney gravestones have a decidedly
'Assyrian' appearance.
The older books do not mention this info.

Please, sir, may I ask the source of this  new info?
Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards,
Cesar Martin

Good morning,
I visited your wonderful pages yesterday and so enjoyed the photos and backdrops.  
Andrea Strahl, CO, USA 


 Hello Hal,

I am the President of Clan Maclean Atlantic (Canada), and am heading up the committee that is arranging his "tour". I couldn't find the information but found your excellent web site.  Also in you "Escape to Nova Scotia" there is a poster for MacLean Kilties.   I had heard of this regiment before, but was pleased and surprised to see the recruiting poster that you have in your article.

Ian MacLean

I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but while I was researching my family I found your very attractive page on the web and saw the information on John MacGregor who was in the 26th Cameronian Regiment.

Ken Bragg

May I congratulate you on an excellent website about the Clan Gregor.

Ian Greig

I enjoyed your website.

Matti Makela

I feel that I just have to drop you a note
to congratulate (and thank) you on such a comprehensive piece of work.   I
knew quite a bit of it, but there were numerous parts which were new to me.
I directed a couple of my colleagues who have none of our family heritage to
the site, and they have found it fascinating also.

Well done.
Eur Ing Douglas McGregor
BSc, PgD (Dist), CEng, MIMarEST, AMIChemE

I was very interested in your colourful and attractive MacGregor website.
I appreciate your efforts in producing this intriguing website.
Alan Wilson
  Professor of History, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. (Retired)

I have read with great interest your history of the origins of Clan Gregor on the internet,
particularly regarding the Picts, Celts and Dalriada.
Andrew Morrison

You have a nice web site.
Rae Bell

I found the site where you have provided a lot of MacGregor history most interesting.
Jennifer Stirling

The Pict stuff is great.
Howard R. Grossnickle

I certainly enjoyed your article (about the Picts) and was wondering
if you could tell me some of the sources that you used.
  The rest of your website is extremely helpful.  Thanks for sharing.
Beverly Moon

Keep up your good work. You should have a picture and bio of yourself as a famous MacGregor!
Harry G. Woodworth

Hal, Thanks for your information re: The Picts.
Am enjoying your site, reading and trying to sort everything and everyone out.
Thanks again for providing your website.

A pat on the back.  Superb work Hal.


I have just read, and downloaded, your article on the Picts which I found fascinating.

Hugh MacGregor

Wow,  is this ever interesting!

Raymond et Eva

Hi, my name is Jamie Ayers, and I just wanted to congratulate you on your MacGregor clan website which is by far the most in-depth and informative I have come across.  Thank you very much for all the effort you have put into it, it is very much appreciated.
Thanks again,

Keep up the good works. We need more like you in our Clan.

Cousin Annie.

You've done a very good job and deserve a lot of credit.
In some fashion, you need to preserve your site for many generations to come.

Ron Shankland

An acquaintance referred me to your outstanding website.

J. Alec MacPherson

Your awesome Scottish history web page

Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

Like the stuff on your site.

Ron Walker

Wow, what an enormous undertaking.  You should have had it published as a book!  I think you missed your calling.
  Maybe you should have been a professor or a writer professionally.  Congratulations!

Jean (MacGregor) Simon

I will read your fantastic website in much more detail.
Best Wishes

Alexander (Sandy) Robertson

All I can say is WOW! You need to get this published!

Walter Brown

Your website is fantastic!
Thank You,

Carol Cockburn Bird