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A comprehensive illustrated  account  and analysis of the Scottish clan society and the inter-clan conflicts that  resulted in the loss of  all ancient MacGregor  territories,  homes,  possessions, and their family name, but never their dignity.    For students of history, this true account of a peoples' suffering and triumphs - bring a modern insight to a tragic struggle of a brave and proud people.   Against all odds, they fought for their survival against greed, treachery, cruelty, corruption, and an  unjust government intent on their utter extermination,  that today, would be labelled a deliberate-  state sponsored -


Chapters in this Saga

Origins of the Picts and Celts
Were the Picts really Scythians? 

The First Peoples of Scotland

Neolithics, Picts, Gaels, Angles, Vikings 

Final Battle of the Invasion of Britain

Founding of the Scottish Nation
  Vikings Determine The Future of Scotland

Origins of the Clan Gregor

A Pict Society Becomes Clan Gregor

  The MacGregors Are Driven Out

 Clan Gregor Loses Royal Favour

The Battle of Glen Fruin
 A multi-faceted Account of the Fray

 Edict for Extermination of the Clan Gregor
 From the original document

Reprieve and Retribution
A Royal Pardon & A Campbell's Revenge
Rob Roy MacGregor
The Most Famous MacGregor Of Them All

Rob Roy's Family Tree
And His Descendents in North America 

  "For Prince Charlie and Scotland"
MacGregors fight for another lost cause

Just what did the MacGregors do in the "45"
MacGregors fought on two fronts
The Clearances
Highlanders evicted in favour of sheep

The Dispersions
MacGregors Flee From Campbell Predation

Escape to "New Scotland"
Highlanders Find Salvation in A New Land

MacGregors Have An Effect On The World

MacGregors and the Victoria Cross
MacGregors who have been awarded the VC

MacGregor Septs and Assumed Names
Are You A MacGregor In Disguise?

MacGregor Country
A Pictorial Visit To Out Ancient Lands

MacGregor Tartans
And you Thought There Was Only One

A Timeline Of MacGregor History
Major Events In Clan Gregor History

Sir Walter Scott & the Clan Gregor
The man & how he vindicated our clan

MacGregor Allies and Their Fates
Some Clans Were Actually Annihilated

The Antagonists
Campbells, Stewarts and Their Ilk
Pride and Prejudice     
Old Prejudices and Fears of Clan Gregor

Symbols of Scotland & Clan Gregor
The stories behind these symbols

Evolution of the ruling families of Clan Gregor
The events that shaped our clan

Battles Wherein Clan Gregor Fought
The stories behind these battles

A Personal Perspective And An Analysis
Why We Were Persecuted

   MacGregor Web Sites

  The Picts of Alba 
Who they were, where they came from, their relationship with the Scots, what happened to them, their impact on Europe.

A translation of Pict names into six languages- 

The Pict Clanns of Albann
Some of the great Pict families of ancient Scotland

  How Religious strife Affected Albann
How Christianity caused the extermination of Pict cultur

The MacGregors of Kinross-shire
Christening records from 1729 to 1855.
Marriage records from 1694 to 1850.

All known descendants of John and Janet MacGregor 

Believe It Or Not
The True Spirit of the Scottish Highlands
Over 200 amazing facts about the MacGregors & the Picts.
Example: What was the symbol of the Picts- before the cross of St Andrew?

Gen. James Wolfe & the MacGregors
The love/hate relationship between Gen. Wolfe & the MacGregors

Sharing MacGregor Songs
10 MacGregor songs you can download in mp3 format

The 'Cleansing' of Scottish History
To exclude the MacGregors

A scientifically proven relic population of Picts
Picts, Norse, Brochs and Ponies
For the first time, with the original Pict/Brythonic names
With explanations and background never seen before
 The story of the Ulladd and the Irish Cruithni of Ulidia
With explanations and background never seen before



A Quick Summary of MacGregor History

"S'RIOGHAL MO DHREAM" (Royal is my race) is the claim of this, one of the most famous of Highland clans, and the principal branch of the Siol Alpin.  The clan claims descent from King Grig, the last 100% Pict to rule Albann, in the ninth century.
              The ancestral home of the clan was the western highlands of Perthshire, including Glendochart, Glenstrae, Glenlyon and Glengyle.  Their earliest possession in  Argyll, was Glenorchy,  which was bestowed on the MacGregors for services rendered to Alexander II in his conquest of Argyll.  For a long time the MacGregors maintained possession of their lands by right of the sword, as was the ancient Scottish tradition.  The Campbells, by political clout and treachery, obtained grants of Loch Awe and other MacGregor lands.  Royal Commissions of Fire and Sword were issued against the MacGregors in 1488, 1563, 1589, and 1603.  Finally, in 1604, the name MacGregor was banned,  and efforts were made to annihilate the clan.  Nevertheless, Clan Gregor  supported the Stewart cause in the 17th and 18th centuries.   Charles II, because of their support, repealed the acts against Clan Gregor. This was confirmed by Cromwell, but  upon the accession of William of Orange, upon Campbell pressure, the acts of proscription were renewed due to appeals by the 7th Duke of Argyll.  One of the most
horrific acts of revenge on behalf of the Campbells during this renewal, was the death by sustained torture of Lt. Colonel Donald Glas MacGregor, father to Rob Roy MacGregor and chief of the Glen Gyle MacGregors. It was not until 1775 that the penal statutes against the MacGregors were finally repealed, and not until 1784 did the British government bureaucracy finally enforce this edict..   In 1822, Sir Walter E. Scott arranged for clan Gregor to form the official bodyguard for King George IV when he visited Scotland, and in that same year, the clan Gregor Society was formed.  A meeting of the clan was held, where John Murray of Lanrick, afterwards Sir John MacGregor, Bart., descended from the house of Glenstrae, was recognized as chief.

There has never been any apology or recognition of universally recognized criminal acts against the MacGregor extended family by the British authorities.

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