This award goes out to the people who have web pages that I believe I definatly did not waste my time at. These are the current sites with awards:

Serial Page
The Truth another great serial killer website
Ian's Free Stuff Page
Pat Thetic's Page(Jeramie) music, and traditional punks & skins
Serial Killers another great site
KoRnHoLiOs PaGe of DeStRuCtIoN-need something? this page just might have it (dont push any hostage buttons, trust me.)
Joker Inc. Great place to find information on Batman and friends, with action figure trading
ArkhamHarley Quinn's current residence
Harley Quinn's Haven of Hedonism-Excellent tribute to Harley, with fan club, web ring, and more
Asylum of an Angel-this well-done Harley site has drawings as well, you can even have your own character drawn
Brian's Batman Site-Ultimate information on Batman and anything and everything that pertains to him

Thats about it for now, know any good sites? send me the URL and Ill go look at them.