Here are a few of my wavs I use on IRC.

Funny Sound Effects

Badpoop: Kinda self-explanatory but hilarious.
Burp: Name says it all.
DOOOWW: It's not Homer but its a guy saying DOOOOWW.
Fart: He who smelt it dealt it.
HOO-HOO: A silly noise.
I Dunno: Guy saying I dunno.
Moron: I told ya not to be stupid, you moron !!!
Moron: A guy saying "moron"
Nngaaah: A silly sound
Oh boy: Kinda self-explanatory.
Ohhhhh: Sam Kinison screaming.
Oh-my: Guy saying "Oh my."
Uh-huh: From the movie "Slingblade"
Wow: Guy saying wow.
Yeah: Guy saying "Yeah".
Rumble : Micheal Buffer saying "Let's get ready to rumble."

Jerky Boy wavs IRC.

Bozo : "Bozo".
Fruit : What's up there , fruitcake ?
Painter : Whaddaya say we get together and paint each other up ?
Sizzle : "Sizzle chest".
Tough : Thats right , tough guy !
Whatsup : Hey, whats up ?

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Midi files

Blinded by Science by Thomas Dolby
Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young.
Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears
Miss You by The Rolling Stones
Shout by Tears for Fears

Starship Trooper by Yes
Walkin on the Moon by The Police .

911 wavs

911 : This is 911 , do you have an emergency ?
911 wrong : From The Simpsons, No, you've got the wrong number, this is 912.
911 changed : Operater telling you that 911 has been changed to a non-published number.


Funny Laugh Wavs

HOO-HOO: A silly noise.
Laff: A goofy laugh.
Nelson: The funny laugh from The Simpson's.
wagh: A silly laugh.

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