Seaside Sunrise

Chosa: Son Pan

Sasageru e okaasan Beederu to Beederu no "Son Gohan"

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Written, 27 January 1998 - after my Literature Final - 11:10am

The crashing of the waves against the eaten up rock and coral was a homey and peaceful sound. The air was crisp, just before sunrise, the horizon a blur of grays and blues. The sea stretched for what seemed eternity. A vast plain of green and blue. The sky only reflected the vastness of the sea. The muddled grays of the clouds blended with the false dawn seemed to blur the horizon together, to create an almost solid wall out there, in the distance. Unable to see where the sky ended, and the sea began.
There was no sound, except the thrumming of the water as it crashed onto the rocks and surf, and the pleasant drawling noise as the water was sucked back into the sea. The light was perfect, the sound soothing. Everything was calm in the grayness before dawn. Just as nature had intended the summer mornings at the sea to be. A lurid mixture that pleased all the senses. Cool touch to the rock. A gentle breeze laced with the scent of sea. Blurred colors that were easy on the eyes. The gentle waves beating on the shore, and receding to the sea. It was perfect harmony.
"Why canít it always be like this?" Gohan thought to himself. "Why canít it always be the quite? This peaceful?" he sighed, shifting a little on his perch. He was comfortably nestled in a nook on top of the highest rock in the area. From his seat, he could see everything. The sea and sky, but also the shore, not far below. The small tents where his family was sleeping. Footprints in the sand, unwashed yet by the tide. A small mound of dirt and sand the children had called a fortress and battled against the sea from flooding it. He sighed contentedly, leaning back, resting his palms on the rocky surface. It was all so perfect. It was nature and earth, good and evil, all cooperating with each other. There was no fear, no anger, only a serene peacefulness all around.
A light smile traced his lips. This is what he loved. The cool gently breeze on his face. He gently closed his eyes. "Everything is so perfect." He said, to himself, not letting his voice betray the gorgeous setting. This is what he lived for. Not the thrill of the fight, or the desire for power, just this. The cool calm lull that nature had on him. He lived to experience moments like these. Slowly he opened his eyes, focusing them on the unascertainable line that divided the sky from the sea. One might experience a moment like this only once in their entire lifetime.
He sat, still as the solid rock he sat on, his dark eyes coolly transfixed on the far horizon. There the grays got lighter, the darkness faded and, as he watched the seas grew brighter, more translucent; the skies brighten, clearer until finally the line was visible between the sky and the sea and in those seconds, with his breath held, the golden sun broke over the sea in an orange slice of light. He exhaled softly after the anticipation of daybreak was over. He watched the red orb slowly rise. It sat there, almost a third out of the water, the horizons blurring around it so it seemed to pulse in the distance. The wavering lines and colors blending together into one perfect sun. He blissfully watched it rise.
Already it was reflected off of the calm sea. The crests and boughs of the waves darkened and illuminated in the red light. The reflection stretched, from where the sun touched the sea, to the shore at his feet. It was awe inspiring. As the sun slowly continued its way up into the sky, it brightened the sky and lightened the dark seas. Shortly, it lost the magical halo of fire around it. That mystical fringe present only for seconds at sunrise and sunset, created by the distance and atmosphere between them. He watched the light spill along the ocean and rocks, not yet reaching him. It rose, not out of the water yet, but rising slowly, majestically. Heíd seen many sunrises but this one was the most perfect. The most flawless. He let his breath out again, one he hadnít realized heíd been holding. He wished he could share this with someone who understood beauty as he did.
A small hand fell upon his shoulder. Heíd sensed no one approaching. Slowly he turned, but for an instant, because the sun would lose its splendor within seconds. He smiles at the face he looked up into.
Videl. She didnít say anything, didnít smile or ruin the moment with a word. She only looked at him, then back up and out to the sea, to watch the remaining sun rise from the water and begin its circle anew.
He sighed so softly. Heíd been wrong. This sunset was perfect, but only now that Videl was here. He didnít look back to the sun that morning. He sat, transfixed upon her face. He saw the sun rise in her eyes. The lightening sky in her hair, the illuminated sea reflecting off her cheeks. A small breeze blew and gently tousled her lengthening hair. She absently tucked a strand behind her ear with a delicate finger, and the stone of her wedding ring glinted in the soft orange lighting; a fiery color full of life but yet soft to s ee and good to curl up with.
Shortly, the sun broke bottom and rose out of the water, into the sky, free standing. He watched her let her breath out and relax as the sun rose. He knew she enjoyed this perfect peacefulness too. He watched her and she took a breath, watching the sun, and softly said, "Amazing, isnít it?"
He didnít divert his eyes, waiting for her to look at him. She didnít, and he smiled softly, and whispered, "Kirei." She paused, then turned to look down at him, looking at her, not the risen sun. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked down at him. He gently rose, letting her hand remain on his shoulder. He gently drew her to him, his hands gingerly going about her waist, her hands trailing around his neck. They held eye contact a moment longer, then turned as one to watch the sun complete its spectacle, both their hearts brimming with joy and peace.


Umibe Hi-no-de (Seaside Sunrise) was written by Son Pan. I wrote it in my literature class after finals, while thinking of Videl-san and her fanfiction. Itís dedicated to her, and her "Son Gohan", whoever may he be.

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