Ranma Fan Fiction

Written By: Son Pan

Welcome to my Ranma Fanfiction homepage. Here you will find works such as: Eternal Sleep?, its sequel Revenge, Lighting the Way, and such short stories as Four Fiancees Final Fight, Childhood Memories, The Story of the Nyaanichaun and many more!
Please enjoy my works, and email me about the stories. Critique, flames, comments, likes and/or dislikes, anything!

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Future Projects:

  • A picture archieve for Eternal Sleep? and other works I've drawn images for.
  • The posting of a new personal Ranma fic called: Ai ga Tsurai

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    Son Pan's Archieve of:
    Ranma Fanfiction

    Fanfiction Title Breif Description
    Eternal Sleep? Archieve Dark fic. w/Ryouga, also the inprogress Sequel: Revenge.
    Ryouga's Truth Inprogress: Ryouga curse is reveled to Akane.
    Lighting the Way An intersting fic using several 'rarely' written about people.
    Three Lights Archieve Crossover with Ranma , Sailormoon, and MMPR, a semi-dark fic.
    Hentai Archieve My only hentai stores, Sibling Rivalry. These are Lemons so you know!
    Short Stories A Collection of my Short Stories
    Dragonball S A Dragonball fanfic set after GT. Has nothing to do with Ranma, but its the only piece I'm currently working on.
    Other Authors Works This is Rare, so it must be good.