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    Update: 3.22.2016 (ICS-MISP-2)

The ICS was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the very popular COLEUS CENTRAL™ website created by the New Ornamentals Society ( which itself was founded in 1993 as one of the first fully digital, internet-based plant communities. About 1341 cultivars of Coleus (Solenostemon) were presented at time this society was formed.

Mission Statement:
The International Coleus Society™ (ICS) is devoted to promoting the genus Coleus in the form of it's finest cultivars and cultural practices as a valuable garden plant, enhancing the worldwide exchange of data, conserving endangered heirloom clones, as well as the international registration and documentation of new cultivars. Furthermore, the society is dedicated to appreciation of the genus Coleus by encouraging scientific research in all horto-botanical disciplines, general scholarship, garden trials, cultivar breeding and development, origination of educational tools in all media, exchange of germplasm, and the creation of inspirational art.

Membership Levels and Benefits:
Please select your level below and Paypal will assist you with paying your dues including currency conversion in all countries. You will receive an email once dues are paid and processed in full with your password(s). All levels are 100% delivery by digital (internet) means and no physical items are mailed or delivered.

Funds are payable to "Taxonomic Computer Research", the parent organization of both the ICS and New Ornamentals Society.

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