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Page Counts (PDF 8.5. x 11 in..): 670. You will receive all new volumes in the series and their updates throughout 2024. We expect the page count to exceed 900 by the end of the year.

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Author: Laurence C. Hatch, horticultural taxonomist and cultvar historian with contributions from more than 30 genus experts and users worldwide. Larry is educated at Cornell University and North Carolina State University.

Images: More than 1000 JPG images in digital, high resolution quality. Our standard is a minumum of 1250 pixels wide whenever possible. New images are added with most updates. Click here for sample images.

Cultivar Counts:  
197 different cultivars of Crassula, all known Dracaena, 78 Epipremnum, 23 Maranta, several new Hedera, Mammillaria, 349 Syngonium, 83 Monstera, 121 Peperomia, Portulacaria, 216 Sansevieria, and 207 Philodendron cultivars. 66 different cultivars of Acalypha, 101 Aeonium, 249 Aglaonema, 128 Alocasia, 87 Alternanthera, ornamental Ananas, 38 Brassaia, 70 Calathea, 19 Callisia, 4 Ceropegia, Cereus, 28 Chlorophytum, Ctenanthe, Duranta, Fatsia/x Fatshedera, 160+Haworthia, Hemigraphis, Iresine, Microsorum, 169 Nephrolepis, 1800 Coleus, 2 Pachira, 28 Pilea, Piper, 58 Plectranthus, 48 Polyscias, 2 Procris (Pellionia), 15 Pseuderanthemum, Pteris, Rhoeo. All other major genera having cultivars or clonal ornamental variants are covered A to Z. These counts exceed any internet website or reference book by an average of 3-30 times.

Taxa Range: All ornamental interior, tropical, or houseplant cultivars (garden varieties). Some species are included for comparison by generally botanical, wild taxa are excluded. 

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MIssion Statement: To be and remain the largest  and most complete catalog of horticultural varieties or cultivars of interior landscape plants.

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More than 1700 different Coleus cultivars are presented in our exclusive files on this fascinating genus. We grow and document new cultivars every year and have since 2011.

We have bought and photographed hundreds of rare and new cultivars over the years and our documentation with descriptions, images, and histories is second to none. No other reference has this level of detaila and is verified with both horticultural taxonomists and genus collector-experts. pioneered flatbed scanning in 1989 to present leaves in a clear, easily accessible way. Dozens of Hedera and other genera have such scans.

As new cultivars come out and our collection develops, we add new clones for comparison and contrast.

The volumes also have our exclusive plates to compare and contrast popular cultivars with each other.