The seltzer market has been exploding all over the place and so has the innovation. Here are a couple of things we noticed.

Sour seltzers are making a hit, not exactly liquid Sour Patch® candy, but more dry and sour. The best of these so far is Natural Light Sour Me Capple Green Apple with a score of 95. It's really a rich tart apple treat.

Super premium and therefore pricey selters are coming from various places. We like the Untitled Art (a notable, elite craft brewer) Pixie Mix series with their Capri Cooler. It cost a whopping $6.50 for a 16 oz. can (comparible to top craft beers) or about $19.00 per four. They use apple juice concentrate and pineapple puree (the later not very cheap) for a strong, richer flavor.

Stevia power is good as it's low calorie, from a natural plant, sometimes organic, and so far not bad for us like artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucrolose. The Bang Mixx seltzers, versions of their energy drinks, are super....ultra-sweet with so much sucrolose they are literally liquid candy. You'll either hate the cloying, sickly sweet approach or adore them as super sweet treats.

Lemonades are everywhere and it's a "me too" (the good use of that phrase) situation with everyone exploring this market. These are mostly a 2021 breakthrough. They range from having some real lemon or lemon+lime juice to artificial lemonades.

Tea, green, black, or herbal is another trend. Saranac Green Tea series is pleasant and not sickly sweet like alcoholic teas tend to me. There is a use of herbal combinations such as hibiscus, elderberry, and others with a fruit main flavor.

Savory, herbed, or spiced seltzers occur and I'm not sure they always meant to be this way. They are noted in our reviews below. People are adding all sorts of things including savory herbs like basil to the mixes. In fact, the Press Grapefruit Cardamon is one of the very top flavors in our reviews to date. It really works!

To be considered here a label must contain alcohol unlike ordinary flavored waters. It must be flavored and not a raw, clean simple seltzer. It cannot be based on beer or another major class of alcholic beverage although some alcoholic seltzers are called "vodka water". In some regions seltzers qualify as "malt beverages" and in this regard they share an affinity with some beers. It should not be full of special herbs, vitamins or other additions including Kombucha. Mainly water, alcohol, a sweetening source (cane sugar, Stevia, etc.) and flavor. They must also be clear but can have slight coloration. While some hard seltzers are based on lemonades they are not traditional "hard lemonade" (like Mike's brand) which contains large amounts of sugar and/or fructose.

In general, if a product contains any of these words we do not review it: Kombucha, soda, beer, flavored ale, cocktail, mixed drink, wine cooler

Beginning in May 2021 we are now including wine-based hard seltzers.

The dividing line between a low calorie hard seltzer and cocktails in a can is a fine. Are the double cal Malibu Splash products really a seltzer with 210 or 222 calories per 12 fl. oz. can? They are certainly lower than many of the sugar and fructose-infused cocktail products but their added sugar does improve the appeal for the most part.

A minimum of two reviewers are required to write a review from our office. We accept single reviewer comments from external sources. After meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria stated above. Our major criteria for high scores are as follows:

1. True, realistic flavor compared to the real fruit, vegetable, spice, or other major component named as the flavor(s).,
2. Deep and complexity of the flavor, comprising not a few basic chemicals (or real fruit puree) but a sophisticated, layered taste.
3. Harmony and synergy between two or more flavors (if applicable)
4. Generally refreshing or enjoyment quality for this type of beverage.
5. Lack of odd, strange, and unpleasant flavor notes
6. Appropriate degree of sweetness, dryness, and tartness for the flavors, not overly tart/acidic, not too sweet, not too dry
7. Reasonable degree of carbonation, not too low and not excessive.
8. Comparison to competitors on the market with a similar flavor name or profile.
9. We do not evaluate based on the process, formula, recipe, ABV%, price, or ingredients unless they impact the above. Being gluten-free, real fruit juice, zero sugar, organic, or vegan may be noted but does not impact the score. We leave those decisions to the consumer.

Many hard seltzers are regional just like the breweries and distillaries who make them are side projects. While we try to travel in this current environment we cannot buy everything. Even mailorder suppliers don't stock everything and many filter you out by shipping location. If you have a review please sent it ornamentals  @ with Seltzerev in the subject line. We will credit you by name, initials, nickname, or nothing as you specify. We also accept alternative opinions for existing reviews and those will be included as well.

How is hard seltzer made? Most brands are fermented cane sugar just as the Brazilian drink Cachaca. Others are malt beverages using malted barley just like a light beer or those big 40 ounce bottles. I've noticed a couple of labels that say cane sugar is added to alcohol as two separate ingredients. One can purchase vodka-like, pure, highly distilled ethanol and make a seltzer-type drink out of it. The original Mike's Hard Lemonade was based on vodka but today uses a propertiary malted barley and yeast concoction; being much less expensive. Seltzer carbonation can be partly natural from fermentation just like a bottle-conditioned sparkling wine (aka Champagne) or aged beer will be very fizzy but at this price point most seltzers have carbon dioxide pumped into their water portion. Truly for example lists "filtered carbonated water" (basic seltzer) first and then alcohol second. Natural flavor is third and cane sugar fourth. Some breweries are very familiar with using rice, a cheap grain but one that also mellows the flavor profile. It should also be noted that any carbonated beverage is likely to  get you buzzed quicker compared to non-carbonated beverages. The simple explanation is that this gas increased stomach and gut pressure, leading to quicker absoption of the ethanol through the stomach or gut lining. Scientific studies has shown this fact and over. Vodka with carbonated water added is absorbed more quickly than pure vodka in clinical tests.

You may see rice and malt in what are malt beverage type hard seltzers. Seltzer makers sometimes add citric acid and sodium citrate to make the flavors more tart, specially those with a citrus or lemonade theme. Cane sugar is still sugar and it is not healthy in any real quantity. However, cane sugar is not associated with many of the health risks that high fructose corn syrup provides in classic cocktail or soda recipes.

Some of us have moved to hard seltzers because they contain fewer purines and yeast than beer; two major reasons for painful gout flareups. Beer and wine producers generally don't have to list their adjuncts, flavoring agents, foaming control agents, preservatives and all sorts of potentially unpleasant things politely called "congeners". Congeners vary with brand and beverage, sometimes giving a brand it's unique flavor profile. They are the best explanation of why should not normally mix wine, beer, and hard liquor in one day - you get a big, highly diverse dose of headache-inducing congeners. Hard seltzers are generally free of congeners or at least the big nasty ones; another reason they are less likely to induce hangover symptoms.

Hard seltzer makers are generally very open with all their ingredients, something which cannot be said of other flavored things in a can or bottle. Hard seltzers as far as we know do not contain sulfites, a group of chemicals which give some people severe headaches when found in wine.

An elite hard seltzer is first and foremost flavorable and the notes of the flavor are true to the stated fruit, vegetables, spice, herb, or other beverages in the name. The more complex and believable those natural, true flavors, the better. Real fruit will rare is also going to make the flavor pop.They should taste like the real thing off the vine or tree or bush and not a popular, artificial candy flavoring. The carbonation should be strong and visible but not to access as that ruins the drinking experience and causes belching.There should generally be a lack of anything artificial like man-made sweetners or sugar alcohols which do not exist in nature. Organic is a plus but we do not yet add points for that. If the flavor is blend of two or more flavors they must harmonize well and not fight or dominant the other. A good lemon seltzer is likely to be tart or acidic but never to extremes. A little sweetness is good but excessive sugaring up, even if by Stevia, can make the thing cloying and sickly sweet. Preservatives like sodium benzoate are best avoided but you will find them listed now and again.

We welcome submissions of product direct from brewers/distillers. To qualify for a review a product must be marketed in at least one country or if the US a minimum of different states. Our home base in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary, North Carolina area so we can pick up product from a distributor in that area. Please email us at ornamentals@lycos with "Seltzerev" somewhere in the subject line to get a prompt reply. And we thank you in advance!

Based on our comprehensive review chart we selected the best 4-5 hard seltzers in each flavor group from more than 300 evaluated to date. This first set of awards is based on our August 1, 2021 compilation and our current reviews may differ. Please see the full chart of updated reviews below for the most current scores. As the hard seltzer world is very dynamic and changing with many new products and producers every single month, we will update these awards every 6-12 months. Please visit our Brew-Base subchannel on Youtube for the video versions of these awards with our comments:

Reviews are done on a scale of 1 to 100 with highest numbers being best. A missing score cell indicates we have not yet tried it nor received a review.

Cal/Oz. alc/
1Sparkling Ice SpikedRuby Fizz99124.0806.70.48Sucralose. Very rich, intense, real red grapefruit. Quite remarkable and possibly the best grapefruit now
2White ClawRaspberry98125.01008.30.60intensely rich, true flavor. I had some real raspberries on hand. Just as fine!
3Truly HardRaspberry Tea98125.01008.30.60very real, rich raspberry, quite Stevia sweet, never tart, wonderful, potent
4PressGrapefruit Cardamon98124.0

0.48just the least bit sweet, almost savory, never tart, nearly perfect
5Malibu SplashPineapple and Coconut98125.021217.70.60High cal and intensely sweet, true pineapple, brilliantly good
6Wild BasinBlueberry Mango97125.01008.30.60Interesting blend that works, fairly sweet, almost like a creamy blueberry filling
7White ClawLemon97125.01008.30.60has a deepness to it like real lemonade, slightly sweet too, very good recipe
8White ClawNatural Lime97125.01008.30.60quite authentic fruit flavor, absolutely spot on and refreshing. One of their best.
9VizzyKiwi Watermelon97125.01008.30.60watermelon juice. Very bright, crisp, cheerful, very solid blend, refreshing to the hilt
10Untitled Art/Florida SeltzerNaval Orange Yuzu97125.01159.60.60Real juice/puree. Extremely true fruit flavors, a deep blend. A top citrus.
11Truly HardGrapefruit97125.01008.30.60tastes like the real thing, more tart than other brands but this is reality! Sweetish too
12TrulySpiked Apple Spice (Holiday Pack)97125.01008.30.60Stevia. Lightly spiced cider note, very rich and full apple notes, just sublime, pleasant. A top apple choice.
13Three BirdsRaspberry97125.01109.20.60natural juice. Very complex, genuine raspberry taste. One of the best berries
14Three BirdsBerry Kiwi97125.01008.30.60very refreshing, good blend, almost a berry-watermelon taste, superb
15Sup!Black Cherry97125.0957.90.60Organic. Very real, substantial, dark, deep, semi-tart. Top cherry?
16Sparkling Ice SpikedLemonade Refresher97124.0806.70.48Sucralose. More tart than sweet. Tastes very much like a homemade lemonade more than lemonade. Super!
17Sparkling Ice SpikedCherry Lime Chiller97124.0806.70.48Sucralose. Very intense lime with sweet (never too tart) cherry, has a candy-like appeal but very real
18SmirnoffCranberry Lime97124.5907.50.54interesting combo that really works, very rich flavors, superb!
19Owl's Brew/Boozy TeaWhite Tea, Raspberry, Watermelon97124.812010.00.58Very rich, deep tea, watermelon is subtle but adds depth, raspberry adds even more texture, excellent
20Natural LightCatalina Lime Mixer (Cherry,Lime)97256.0

1.50superb, harmonious blend, very cheerful, bright, one of the best
21Green BenchGrapefruit, Lime, and Agave97164.5

0.72harmonious blend, medium intense, agave to deepen, mellow it. A bit sprite/7UP like but actual fruit. Lovely!
22CoronaRaspberry (Frambuega)97124.5907.50.54very rich, mostly tart, true raspberry flavor, nearly as good as White Claw, outstanding
23CactiStrawberry97127.015012.50.84Mexican blue agave,1% lime juice. Amazing true strawberry, simply delightful
24Barefoot (Wine-based)Strawberry + Guava9784.0708.80.32Sulfiting agents. Strawberry dominant, a clean, fresh very authentic flavor
25White ClawIced Tea Mango96125.01008.30.60Good, rich mango flavor that the tea extract takes to a deeper, more layered level. Superb
26White ClawRuby Grapefruit96125.01008.30.60more than grapefruit-ade, slight sweet, surprisingly not tart, very drinkable
27White ClawIced Tea Lemon96125.01008.30.60Very tart, dry lemon with tea supporting it and making it deep, a harmonious blend, rewarding and rich
28VizzyBlackberry Lemon96125.01008.30.60Berry is authentic, semi-rich, balance with lemon is solid too. Very nice.
29Untitled Art/Florida SeltzerStrawberry Kiwi96125.01159.60.60Real juice/puree. One of the best strawberry seltzers anywhere. Kiwi is subtle.
30Untitled Art Pixie MixCapri Cooler96165.518511.60.88apple juice concentrate/pineapple puree. $6.50 a can but worth it. Delectable.
31Untitled ArtTropical Smoothie Seltzer96165.023014.40.80pineapple,mango,apple,pink guava puree. Intensely fruity, very much a tropical fruitade, not a light drink at all
32Truly HardStrawberry Lemonade96245.02108.81.20true Fragaria in smooth, semi-tart blend, very good balance, a top lemonade style
33Truly HardBlack Cherry96125.01008.30.60very rich, deep, dark cherry, sweet with right amount of tart, one of their best
34TrulyCitrus Punch96125.01008.30.60bright, alive citrus blend, something like a white sangria, good tart:sweet balance
35TrulyPomegranate Ginger Fizz (Holiday)96125.01008.30.60Stevia. Very fizzy, ginger ale being king here, the pomegranate adds depth as the fruit base, wonderful blend
36Three BirdsDragon Fruit96125.01008.30.60immediately liked it, very rich, real fruit notes, quite enjoyable and crisp
37Shore BreakRaspberry & Lemongrass96125.01008.30.60A curious but effective blend, savory lemon notes overlay a subtle strawberry note. Fancy and fine.
38SaranicPineapple Green Tea96124.51008.30.54Fairly real pineapple with green tea for complexity, very refreshing and delightful
39Ranch WaterPrickly Pear96124.0806.70.48organic agave nectar. Key lime + Opuntia juice. Real, pungent at times, a wonderful change of pace
40PressLime Lemongrass96124.0
.00.48better than a Sprite, more complex, refined
41Natural LightAloha Beaches (Mango, Peach)96126.013311.10.72perhaps the most realistic peach in the seltzer world, smashing!
42Mystic ReefLIme96125.01008.30.60Very deep, bright and sassy lime flavor, one of the best dry limes out there
43Modern Times Bubble PartyGrapefruit96165.01358.40.80very nice, genuine grapefruit flavor favoring sweet over tart, very drinkable and crisp, maybe their best
44Humber Forager/Humble BumbleCitrus version 196125.0
.00.60blood orange/orange blossom honey/staghorn sumac blossoms/tangerine/calimansi lime. Absolutely fruitful, stunning
45Four LokoSour Apple961214.0

1.68sucralose. True sour apple taste, quite impressive. You notice the ABV some but it's sweet to disguise it
46CoronaPineapple (Pina)96124.5907.50.54immediately a true, deep, layered, complex pineapple flavor, better than Truly Hard Pineapple
47CoronaPassionfruit (Maracuya)96124.5907.50.54intense, rich, soothing, very smooth, potent yet calming, possibly the best pure passionfruit around
48CoorsMango96124.5907.50.54authentic, rich, precise mango flavors, one of the best mangos out there. Superb
49CactiLIme96127.015012.50.84Mexican blue agave,1% lime juice. Very complex, the agave really improves it
50Bud Light Seltzer Ice TeaPeach96125.01008.30.60Stevia+Malted Rice. Very deep, semi-sweet, real peach. The best in the series.
51Bud Light PlatinumBlood Orange96128.017014.20.96Has Agave syrup, rice. Deep, rich orange, favors sweet vs. tart, highest quality
52Bud Light PlatinumWild Berry96128.017014.20.96Has Agave syrup, rice. Diverse, rich, fairly sweet berry mix, favor raspberry
53Bud LightApple Crisp (Fall Flannel)96125.01008.30.60a sweetish, desert-type, pastry apple flavor, not tart at all, very interesting and sumptuous, a real winner
54Bud LightMaple Pear (Fall Flannel)96125.01008.30.60fairly rich maple with pome fruit (pear or anything else), very intense at times but good, very creative blend
55Bud LightCherry Cordial96125.01008.30.60Stevia. Nice cherry taste but blasted in chocolate like the real candy, very unique, best chocolate seltzer?
56Bang MixxPina Colada96125.01008.30.60Sucrolose. Very intense, rich, true flavor. Sweet and wonderful like the real thing
57Willie's SuperbrewPomegranate & Acai95124.51109.20.5413% real juice is amazing! Very rich, fruitful, some savory notes, fairly dry, great
58Willie's SuperbrewMango & Passionfruit95124.51109.20.548% real juice. Very potent, rich fruit flavors, stronger than an 'ade drink, superb
59White Claw SURGENatural Lime95128.016013.30.96High ABV subbrand. Very rich, semi-tart lime, effectively a alcoholic sprite but lime is real, very charming
60White ClawBlack Cherry95125.01008.30.60has a trueness to dark cherries, slightly sweet, not too tart, very well done
61VizzyWatermelon Lemonade95125.01008.30.601% lemon,dried acerola cherry juice. Very convincing melon, not overly sweet
62VizzyRaspberry Tangerine95125.01008.30.60Something different, both fruits very real and in good harmony. Quite dry
63VizzyMango Watermelon95125.01008.30.60watermelon juice. Very curious blend but it works very well, crisp, refreshing
64Untitled ArtCrystal Hop95166.017510.90.96first hoppy “beer seltzer' for us, using hop oil. Sweetish, citrusy but not hops citrus, savory, unique
65Truly HardStrawberry Tea95125.01008.30.60genuine strawberry flavor impresses, the tea is secondary, yummy, sweet
66Truly HardLemon95125.01008.30.60very realistic, lots of complexity, tart but not too much, one of the better pure lemons
67Truly EXTRAPeach Mango95168.022013.81.28Higher ABV adds punch.Flavors blend well, very rich, sweetness just right
68TrulyFruit Punch95125.01008.30.60vaguely like Hawaiian punch was years ago, nice well-rounded medley, delightful
69Three BirdsWatermelon95125.01008.30.60pretty darn real, sugar hits you like the real fruit, very crisp and refreshing
70Sup!Peach95125.0957.90.60Organic. Has complex peach notes, like a fresh peach. Rich.
71Smirnoff Zero SugarBlack Cherry95124.5907.50.54dark, rich cherry flavor, quite believable, sweet in places, quite a good one
72Ranch WaterOriginal95124.0806.70.48organic agave nectar. Key lime juice but not called lime? Rich, tart lime is dynamic and pleasing
73Raleigh Mountains to SeaBerries on the Banks95124.4
.00.53Very real, rich berry blend, by a mile the best of their four original introductions
74Natural Light SourNo Capple Green Apple95126.0
.00.72Calories? Pleasant tart, very authentic, deep green apple flavor. Superb!
75Mikes Hard Lemonade SeltzerMango95125.01008.30.60Lemon juice+Stevia. Rich, very honeyed mango, a real treat and nicely made
76Hydroponics (Sweet Water)Lime Haze95125.01008.30.60“weedy” terpenes added. Fairly clear, very realistic lime. Their best yet.
77Funky BuddhaMango Guava95124.5907.50.54Blue agave. Very rich, sweeter than their others, full powered, very nice
78CoorsLemon Lime95124.5907.50.54better than Sprite, 7Up, rich, detailed lemon and lime, highly refreshing, a star
79CactiPineapple95127.015012.50.84Mexican blue agave,1% lime juice.Rich,true pineapple, a bit savory with the Agave
80Bud LightPumpkin Spice (Fall Flannel)95125.01008.30.60layered, complex spicing with lingering pumpkin notes, very much like a liquid pie, rich and rewarding
81Bud LightToasted Marshmallow (Fall Flannel)95125.01008.30.60interesting caramel, butterscotch notes true to the roasted candy, surprised this works so well, nice
82Bud LightSeltzer Nog95125.01008.30.60Stevia. Very brave choice and they nailed it, creamy with lovely sweet spicing, fullness. Awesome.
83Bon V!Pear Elderflower95124.5907.50.54very strong, deep pear hit you, semi-sweet, elderflowers add depth, superb
84Barefoot (Wine-based)Peach + Nectarine9584.0708.80.32Sulfiting agents. Quite realistic, like a bite of a fresh peach, could be sweeter
85Avery SparkleCherry Lime95125.01008.30.60Dextrose. More cherry than lime, actually more cherry-citrus blend for me
86Avery SparkleCranRaz95125.01008.30.60Dextrose. Very nice, symphonic blend, not too tart. Really bold treat.
87Arizona SUN RISEMucho Mango9511.54.51008.70.528% mango,pear,lemon juice+honey. Very rich true mango. Very pleasant
88White ClawIced Tea Peach94125.01008.30.60Element of real peach, rather sweet, the tea is very dominant, overall a good blend, mixed reviews here
89White ClawIced Tea Raspberry94125.01008.30.60Raspberry is bright, sweet, not fruit real but good, tea adding complexity, pleasant and quite sweet
90VizzyRaspberry Lemonade94125.01008.30.601% lemon,dried acerola cherry juice.Strong, bright rasp, Stevia is moderate here
91VizzyPapaya Passionfruit94125.01008.30.60Quite sweet and potent, both fruits blending well and to good advantage. Rich!
92Truly HardMango Lemonade94125.01008.30.60Lemonade is very subtle, mango is rich and dominant, great as a basic mango
93Truly EXTRABlack Raspberry94168.022013.81.28Higher ABV.Very rich, deep berry notes, Stevia sweet, extremely potent
94TrulyTropical Punch94125.01008.30.60complex, rich punch, lots of depth, detail, pineapple is real and special
95Three BirdsLime94125.01109.20.60natural juice. True lime flavor even if a bit subdued, not weak, just lighter
96SmirnoffPina Colada94124.5907.50.54very authentic flavor but seems odd for it to be this dry, loved it
97Mystic ReefMango94125.01008.30.60Very rich, true flavor, dry and crisp, one of the better non-sweet mango seltzers
98Modern Times Bubble PartyCucumber Lime94165.01358.40.80cucumber is very overt but lime kicks in to round it out, a fairly vegetal, savory seltzer and not bad
99Modern Times Bubble PartyCloudberry Dream94165.01358.40.80very tart at times, apparently a mixed berry blend though dry, a bit like a raspberry sour ale in fact
100Mikes Hard Lemonade SeltzerStrawberry94125.01008.30.60Lemon juice+Stevia. Quite sweet, fairly true flavor but an odd note here and there
101Four LokoSour Mango941212.0

1.44sucralose. Lowest ABV of all. Potent flavor and ethanol, sour note is real, pleasant, rich, a bit savory too
102Flying EmbersPassionfruit Elderflower94125.0857.10.60Probiotic. Lovely tropical richness but semi-savory elderflower, bright and refreshing, change of pace
103Flying EmbersBlack Cherry Rose94125.0857.10.60Probiotic. Very real, luminous cherry with hints of rose petals (not rose wine), curious, crisp
104Crook & MarkerMango9411.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Stevia. Wonderful true fruit flavor.
105Crook & MarkerRaspberry Lemonade9411.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.Stevia.Very rich, fairly real berry. Strong, keeps on giving
106CoronaGrapefruit Lemonada94124.51008.30.541% juice (lemon/lime). Very genuine g-fruit, lime adds nice touch. Refreshing
107CoronaMango94124.5907.50.542 preservatives. Rich, full mango flavor, perhaps their best flavor, quite nice
108Bud Light Seltzer Ice TeaApple94125.01008.30.60Stevia+Malted Rice. Almost a non-tart cider, tea is deep background, pleasant
109Bud Light PlatinumCitrus94128.017014.20.96Has Agave syrup, rice. Lemon-lime, Sprite-like mix but less sweet than a soda
110Bud LightSummer Ice (Retro Summer)94125.01008.30.60Stevia but sweetness is not constant, has a light fruit punch flavor suitable in a crisp seltzer, nice
111Bud LightWatermelon Mojito94125.01008.30.60Out of Office collection. Watermelon but with a nippy, almost savory twist, fine
112Bud LightCranberry94125.01008.30.60No stevia like the others but not too tart, actually sweeter than most cranberry seltzers, bright, agreeable
113Bon V!Black Cherry94124.5907.50.54Malted rice. Very bright, genuine cherry flavor, nice and rich, only semi-tart
114Bon V!Mango94124.5907.50.54very rich, realistic mango, one of the best mangos around, quite a potent thing
115Bang MixxPurple Kiddles94125.01008.30.60Sucrolose. Candy-flavored, very rich, potent, sweet. Very intense but good.
116Arizona SUN RISELemon9411.54.51008.70.528% lemon juice + honey. Very authentic lemon, slighty tart, faintly sweet. Superb.
117Willie's SuperbrewPineapple & Lime93124.51109.20.5410% real juice. Very rich flavors, true to fruit, not the most harmonious blend
118Wild BasinStrawberry Coconut93125.01008.30.60Good balance between the two but more coconut in the finish. A bit eccentric
119White Claw SURGEBlood Orange93168.022013.81.28High ABV. Rich, deep, layered orange flavors, quite fizzy, semi-sweet, pleasant
120White Claw SURGEBlackberry93128.016013.30.96Higher ABV but well hidden, reasonably true berry, very refreshing and crisp, slightly sweet
121White ClawPineapple 7093125.0705.80.60Very real pineapple taste, dryish, not sweet, refreshing
122VizzyStrawberry Lemonade93125.01008.30.601% lemon,dried acerola cherry juice.Excellent blend, Stevia sweetness a tad strong
123VizzyPineapple Mango93245.02008.31.20never bitter, very agreeable, adds Vit. C
124VizzyWatermelon Strawberry93125.01008.30.60Strong melon but more of a Jolly Rancher fake taste, strawberry is real.
125VizzyPassionfruit Watermelon93125.01008.30.60watermelon juice. Rich tropical, little watermelon survives, pleasant
126Truly HardLime93125.01008.30.60fairly deep lime, rich and not too tart, lots to get out of this one. Fine.
127Truly HardMango93245.02008.31.20Genuine mango flavors, nicely done, refreshing but quite rich too
128Truly HardBlackberry Lemonade93125.01008.30.60Nice blackberry hits first, then lemon, dry not too tart, real charmer
129Truly HardLemon Tea93125.01008.30.60tart lemon with added depth of black tea, gives it some extra dimension
130Truly HardPineapple93245.02008.31.20Very real pineapple taste, dryish, not sweet, refreshing
131TrulyBerry Punch93125.01008.30.60blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry are shown, nice depth, strawberry is strong
132Three BirdsMango Lemonade93125.01008.30.60>1%lemon juice. More mango than lemon, quite rich, dense, intense
133Sparkling Ice SpikedStrawberry Citrus Smash93124.0806.70.48Sucralose. Semi-real strawberry, mixed citrus notes. Not as good as the other four. Pleasant enough.
134Southern TwispThe Mule: Ginger & Lime93125.01109.20.60More ginger than lime, very authentic ginger, barely sweet
135Social ClubCitrus Gimlet93127.015012.50.84citrus blend with juniper flavoring, unusual, very refined, gin-like
136Shore BreakPineapple & Mango93125.01008.30.60Mango is rich, powerful, pineapple brightens it with some very nice notes. Festive and tropical
137SercyCucumber Lime93125.01008.30.60a mellow, slightly vegetal lime, very real citrus notes, alive
138Mystic ReefGrapefruit93125.01008.30.60Very genuine flavor, dry, never sweet, tartness limited, a crisp clean refresher
139Modern Times Bubble PartyTangerine Fiesta93165.01358.40.80very carbonated, fairly real tangerine but comes off like a dry orange soda, refreshing to a point
140Mikes Hard Lemonade SeltzerLemon93125.01008.30.60Lemon juice+Stevia. Less sweet than others, fairly tart,similar to their regular lem.
141Mikes Hard Lemonade SeltzerPineapple93125.01008.30.60Lemon juice+Stevia. Pineapple is semi-real but not deep, good tart-sweet balance
142Michelob OrganicCucumber Lime93124.0806.70.48More overt, rich than other cuke limes, very refreshing, never weak, delightful
143Malibu SplashPassion Fruit and Coconut93125.021017.50.60Sweet, 210 cals, very nice blend of real fruits, delightful
144Malibu SplashLime and Coconut93125.021217.70.60sweet, slightly savory, coconut dominates, lime is curious but good
145Loud LemonOriginal Lemonade93125.013010.80.605% lemon juice. Very authentic lemon, quite tart and strong, a rich thing
146Funky BuddhaPink Grapefruit93124.5907.50.54Blue agave. Fairly tart, true-to-fruit flavor, better citrus than their Blood Orange
147DestihlLemon Ginger93165.01308.10.80real fruit. Ginger is not too spicy, lemon not too tart, almost a savory, rich pour
148Crook & MarkerTropical Coconut9311.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Not exactly a pina colada but close, sweetish too
149Crook & MarkerTangerine9311.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Very authentic flavor, not too sweet unlike some of their others
150Crook & MarkerPeach9311.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Very peachy, authentic, Stevia makes it sweet
151CoronaWatermelon Lemonada93124.51008.30.541% juice (lemon/lime). Odd candy, not real flavor. The lime blends well. Decent.
152CoronaStrawberry (Fresa)93124.5907.50.54has some very nice notes of a very ripe, slightly sweet strawberry, wish it were more intense, rich
153Bud Light Seltzer Ice TeaRaspberry93125.01008.30.60Stevia+Malted Rice. Candy-like berry, fairly sweet, good approach
154Bud LightBlue Raspberry (Retro Summer)93125.01008.30.60Stevia gives it some sweet passages, real raspberry but a bit contrived in some notes, fairly rich, bold
155Bud LightGrapefruit93125.01008.30.60authentic, complex flavor, not too tart, clean and crisp, easy drinking
156Bud LightBlack Cherry93255.02208.81.25includes malted rice. Authentic, rich cherry flavor, very pleasant
157Bud LightClassic Lime Margarita93125.01008.30.60Out of Office collection. Lime and much more, very rich and refreshing
158Bud LightPeach Lemonade93125.01008.30.60reasonably good peach:lemon balance, more Stevia sweet than original lemonade
159Bon V!Raspberry Dragonfruit93124.5907.50.54interesting, very tasty blend, subtle at times, other times richer, change of pace
160Bon V!Grapefruit93124.5907.50.54very authentic g-fruit, bright, sweeter than the real thing, crisp. Malted rice.
161Bon V!Clementine Hibiscus93124.5907.50.54very real, clementine orange flavor, hibiscus makes it like an herbal tea, very unique
162Bold RockBlackberry Lemonade93125.01008.30.60Very nice true berry flavor with tart lemon, faint Stevia sweetness is okay, not great
163Avery SparkleGrapefruit93125.01008.30.60Dextrose. Pretty real grapefruit, good balance of tart and semi-sweet. Nice.
164Wild BasinYumberry92125.01008.30.60Yumberry (Myrica rubra) related to bayberry. Tart, rich, cranberry-like. Fairly intense.
165White ClawTangerine92125.01008.30.60fairly realistic, not just orange called tangerine, refresh if very cold
166Untitled Art/Florida SeltzerRaspberry Lime92125.01159.60.60Real juice/puree. Very intense, potent tart lime, raspberry is second, odd blend
167Truly HardPassion Fruit92125.01008.30.60nice genuine flavor, fairly sweet so it's agreeable, rich more than crisp
168TrulyHoliday Sangria Style (Holiday Pack)92125.01008.30.60Stevia. Hard to describe as it's not sangria, citrus notes blend to a rich fruit base, not wine but good
169Three BirdsMango92125.01109.20.60natural juice. Very rich, intense, almost too strong compared to others
170Sup!Lemon92125.0957.90.60Organic. Semi-tart, more like real lemon than soda flavors
171Southern TwispThe Spritzer: Raspberry & Hibiscus92125.01109.20.60Raspberry is real, never tart, Hibiscus makes it tea-like
172SmirnoffRaspberry Rosé92124.5907.50.54raspberry is mostly believable but odd notes, pretty refreshing
173Shore BreakStrawberry & Kiwi92125.01008.30.60Strawberry is very weak, semi-real, the kiwi being better. A nice blend but quite delicate at times.
174SaranacLemon Green Tea92124.51008.30.54Green tea mellow the lemon so it's less tart, very enjoyable all around
175Ranch WaterRio Red Grapefruit92124.0806.70.48organic agave nectar, key lime + g-fruit juice. Slightly tart, good true flavors but slightly out of balance
176Raleigh Mountains to SeaLemon/Lime of the Lake92124.4
.00.53nice Sprite-like flavor, rather true to fruit flavors, dry and not sweet
177Owl's Brew/Boozy TeaDarjeeling and Hibiscus Flowers92124.812010.00.58Surprisingly tart but the finish is more mellow, tea-like, hibiscus adding character, not very exciting
178Mighty SwellWatermelon Mint92125.01008.30.60Curious but good blend, not likely everyone's cup of tea, quite minty in fact
179Michelob OrganicPeach Pear92124.0806.70.48Unusual blend of two very pleasant flavors, different and quite good
180Malibu SplashStrawberry and Coconut92125.021017.50.60True berry gets lost in the coconut haze but still very pleasant
181Kona Spiked IslandStrawberry Guava92125.01008.30.60zero sugar. Their best one. Semi-real berry, better guava, not sweet
182Hydroponics (Sweet Water)SoMango92125.01008.30.60“weedy” terpenes added. Faintly savory (dare I say herbal) mango notes
183Four LokoSour Grape921214.0

1.68sucralose. It's basically a grape soda with a splash of vodka for good measure, not bad for what it is
184Flying EmbersClementine Hibiscus92125.0857.10.60Probiotic. Sweet, faintly savory, moderately rich, very different and special, can be bitter at times
185Crook & MarkerGrapefruit9211.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Authentic grapefruit is refreshing, wish it was more tart
186CoorsGrapefruit92124.5907.50.54realistic g-fruit, just a little tart, some other brands are sweeter, decent and good
187Bud Light Seltzer Ice TeaTangerine92125.01008.30.60Stevia+Malted Rice. Bright, fairly real tangerine, tea is supportive, refreshing
188Bud LightCherry Limeade (Retro Summer)92125.01008.30.60Stevia but less sweet than other Summer Retros, cherry is good but shallow, lime supportive, mixed reviews
189Bud LightBlack Cherry Lemonade92125.01008.30.60not a deep cherry as lemon is balanced to it, not too tart, good stuff
190BubsTropical92124.0776.40.48fermented dextrose. Mixed tropicals but not too punchy, very good
191Bon V!Coconut Pineapple92124.5907.50.54Very rich, true coconut, pineapple decent but secondary, a dry pina colada style
192BASICCucumber92124.5907.50.54very realistic cuke, not mild as some others, tastes like the real juice minus dill
193Bang MixxFrose Rose92125.01008.30.60Sucrolose. Deeply flavored, candy like mix, possibly bubble gum and mixed berries
194Arizona SUN RISEGrapefruit9211.54.51008.70.528% grapefruit,orange, lemon juice+honey. Semi-tart citrus favoring grapefruit
195White Claw SURGECranberry91168.022013.81.28High ABV.Ethanol punch,generic tart berry, cran is not clear, sweetish finish
196White ClawWatermelon91125.01008.30.60slight convincing but could be more true, good for what it is
197VizzyPeach Lemonade91125.01008.30.601% lemon,dried acerola cherry juice.Reasonably real peach, Stevia sweet.
198Untitled Art/Florida SeltzerPrickly Pear Guava91125.01109.20.60Real juice/puree. Decent blend, very rich, a little too tart, lower calories than others
199Truly HardWild Berry91245.02008.31.20interesting berry mix, sometimes true but some notes are odd
200Truly HardRaspberry Lime91125.01008.30.60raspberry notes decent, lime is okay but subtle, White Claw rasp is way finer
201Truly HardLemonade91245.02199.11.20Stevia added. Reasonably tart, semi-sweet. Lemon flavor is true
202Truly HardPeach Tea91125.01008.30.60true peach with some depth, tea is weakish but good, overall nice, pretty sweet
203Three BirdsPineapple91125.01008.30.60fairly mellow but real Ananas flavor, could be stronger and sweeter
204Three BirdsCucumber91125.01109.20.60natural juice. Nice cuke flavor but why would this be needed? Needs another fruit
205Sup!Cucumber91125.0957.90.60Organic. Not really cucumbery to me but slightly savory. Decent.
206Southern TwispThe Paloma: Grapefruit & Lime91125.01109.20.60More herbal, minty than fruity, curiously different, a bit savory!
207Social ClubSidecar91127.015012.50.84Orange + lemon, refined and vaguely sweet, sometimes heavy
208Smirnoff Zero SugarLemon Lime91124.5907.50.54very crisp, quite tart, moderately real lemon, a bright flavor
209SercyPeach Lychee91125.01008.30.60reasonable real peach and we have no idea what lychee tastes like
210SaranicBlueberry Green Tea91124.51008.30.54Tart berry but not clearly blueberry, green tea adds depth which is needed
211SaranacRaspberry Green Tea91124.51008.30.54Faintly sweet, very real berry note, tea smooths it out but not as much as the Lemon
212Ranch WaterSpicy91124.0806.70.48organic agave nectar, key lime juice, jalapeno flavor. Agave mellow at first, then heat kicks in. Different.
213Quirk (Boulevard)Strawberry, Lemon, & Basil91124.2907.50.50real lemon juice,rest flavorings,tartish,strong lemon,finishes savory,low berry
214Owl's Brew/Boozy TeaEnglish Breakfast Tea, Lemon, Lime91124.812010.00.58Very sharp, tart, more lemon than tea flavor, more of a super bitter lemon with some lime
215New Belgium Fruit SmashBerry Blast91124.71008.30.56Real strawberry,raspberry juice. Real but fairly subtle flavors, not a blast strength
216Mystic ReefBlack Cherry91125.01008.30.60Slightly tart, very dry, cherry is pretty real and medium in potency, refreshing, good
217Michelob OrganicSpicy Pineapple91124.0806.70.48Very nice pineapple, slightly sweet, not sure how spiced but finish has tiny nip
218Funky BuddhaBlood Orange91124.5907.50.54Blue agave. Decent dark orange but could be richer, tart, dry, not sweet
219Flying EmbersWatermelon Chili91125.0857.10.60Probiotic. Watermelon is not very real, chili notes (vague cumin, peppers) are subtle, interesting
220DestihlPina Colada91165.01308.10.80real fruit. Slightly sweet, coconut is genuine, not as bright as some others, good
221Crook & MarkerBlack Cherry9111.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Moderately good cherry, very Stevia sweet, carbonation high
222Crook & MarkerClassic Lemonade9111.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.Deep lemon acidity at first, later more Stevia sweet, pleasant
223Crook & MarkerBlueberry Lemonade9111.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.Real berry at times,later more savory, Stevia filled, curious
224CoronaStrawberry Lemonada91124.51008.30.541% juice (lemon/lime). Authentic flavor but weak, lime notes save it somewhat
225CoronaTropical Lime91124.5907.50.542 preservatives. Decent lime realism, not as rich as others, easy drinking
226Bud LightPineapple91125.01008.30.60decent flavor true to the fruit, sweeter than others, appealing
227Bud LightCranberry91125.01008.30.60Fairly strong, reasonably tart, refreshing, like a good cranberry-ade
228Bud LightStrawberry Lemonade91125.01008.30.60inferior to Truly counterpart, semi-sweet, neither berry nor lemon impresses
229Bud LightMango Mai Tai91125.01008.30.60Out of Office collection. Mango but with a difference,more depth, not light
230Bud LightStrawberry Daquiri91125.01008.30.60Out of Office collection. Strawberry semi-real but more of cocktail type mix, good
231BubsJuicy Peach91124.0776.40.48fermented dextrose. Peach is realistic but not deep, very dry, refreshing and good
232Bold RockLemonade91125.01008.30.60Fairly tart lemon, reasonably real, Stevia in the finish is odd, nearly ruins it
233BASICPamplemousse (Pomelo)91124.5907.50.54grapefruit's parent species in a mild, not tart form, fairly light, subtle
234BASICCranberry91124.5907.50.54Sucrolose, sodium benzoate. Semi-true flavor, never tart, faintly sweet
235Barefoot (Wine-based)Cherry + Cranberry9184.0708.80.32Sulfiting agents. Cherry is strongest, both realistic and not too tart,
236Barefoot (Wine-based)Pineapple + Passionfruit9184.0708.80.32Sulfiting agents. Good blend, pineapple seems weakish, moderately sweet
237Bang MixxStrawberry Blast91125.01008.30.60Sucrolose. Very sweet, strawberry notes partly real but mostly candy type
238Arizona SUN RISECherry Punch9111.54.51008.70.528% fruit juice (cranberry,cherry,apple,lemon). Complex, more cran than cherry
239Willie's SuperbrewBlueberry & Lemon90124.51109.20.547% real juice. Not a blueberry lemonade but close, blend is awkward, odd
240WestbrookKey Lime Pie90165.01509.40.80Key lime juice gives it real depth, not sweet nor tart, a bit savory, herbal
241VizzyBlueberry Watermelon90125.01008.30.60watermelon juice. Strangely savory, not a harmonius blend, does not work for us
242Truly HardBlueberry & Acai90125.01008.30.60acai is nice, semi-tart, blueberry is a general berry mix, not true
243Truly HardLemonade90245.02108.81.20very believable, true flavors but is also has a funky note or two that distracts
244TrulyCran Orange Sparkler (Holiday Pack)90125.01008.30.60Stevia. Not like orange-cran juice, fairly sweet, orange is more soda like and cranberry is not tart, subtle
245Three BirdsStrawberry Lemonade90125.01008.30.60>1%lemon juice. Crisp and refreshing but not enough real berry to charm you
246Three BirdsBlueberry Lemonade90125.01008.30.60>1%lemon juice. Pleasant enough but more of a candy blueberry flavor
247Social ClubOld Fashioned90127.015012.50.84stone fruit,blood orange,oaky smoke that mimics bourbon
248SercyOrange Raspberry90125.01008.30.60More raspberry than orange but this odd couple does work fine
249SaranicWatermelon Green Tea90124.51008.30.54Pleasant enough but neither real not fake watermelon. Green tea with mystery fruit!
250Raleigh Mountains to SeaMandarin of the Mill90124.4
.00.53Semi-real flavor but a bit weak, some oddly savory notes too, curious
251Quirk (Boulevard)Blackberry Sage90124.2907.50.50blackberry juice,rest flavorings,very real, highly tart berry,very rich, sage weak
252OmissionLime90124.0907.50.48the best of the first four, a nice dry lime, best if very cold
253New Belgium Fruit SmashTropical Punch90124.71008.30.56Mango juice+flavor,Passionfruit and Guava flavors.Nice tropical mix but mellow
254Natural Light SourRinded and Dined Watermelon90126.0
.00.72Calories? Candy not real flavor, slightly tart but it lingers and intensifies
255Naked BarrelGrapefruit Hibiscus90124.51008.30.54real fruit/barrel-aged wild ale. Quite acidic, sharp for a seltzer but the sour lines are here to stay
256Loud LemonBlueberry Lemonade90125.013010.80.605% lemon juice. Much more tart lemon than blueberry, only a hint of berry finish
257Kona Spiked IslandPassion/Orange/Guava (POG)90125.01008.30.60zero sugar. Interesting tropical depth, refresher but finishes too dry
258Hydroponics (Sweet Water)Black Cherry Bomb90125.01008.30.60“weedy” terpenes added. Generic black berry, there are better ones
259DestihlAgave Lime90165.01308.10.80real fruit incl. Agave nectar, lime peel. Agave adds character but lime is weakish
260CoronaCherry90124.5907.50.542 preservatives. More candy cherry than real, however quite refreshing, bright
261CoorsBlack Cherry90124.5907.50.54mid quality black cherry, there are betters, still real enough and pleasant
262Bud LightLemonade (original)90125.01008.30.60Malted rice, gum arabic. Tart, lemon is semi-real but not as good as most others
263Bon V!Cranberry90124.5907.50.54Malted rice. More like a mild cranberry-ade, not tart, slight sweet, not their best
264Shore BreakMandarin Orange89125.01008.30.60Orange is subtle and not rich, pithy, and tangy like a mandarin. It is a weakish orangeade but agreeable
265SaranacPeach Mango Green Tea89124.51008.30.54Peach is semi-real but not the best, mango dominates a bit, needs some work
266New Belgium Fruit SmashPink Lemonade89124.71008.30.56Real raspberry,lemon juice. Lower carbonation, faintly tart, fruit strength medium
267Loud LemonWatermelon Lemonade89125.014011.70.605% lemon juice. Slightly real watermelon but a fractional flavor, a bit odd
268Isla (R&D)Lemon Raspberry89125.01008.30.60good balance of the fruit, reasonably tart, there are more real berry lemonades
269Hydroponics (Sweet Water)Mothers of Berries89125.01008.30.60“weedy” terpenes added. Mixed berries are decent but muddled by terpenes
270Funky BuddhaKey Lime Cherry89124.5907.50.54Blue agave. Interesting but not harmonious blend, a bit savory, somewhat odd
271Crook & MarkerStrawberry Lemon8911.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Berry is okay but lemon is weak, not their best
272Crook & MarkerBlackberry Lime8911.54.0807.00.46USDA organic. Weakish berry, not rich, lime seems missing
273Crook & MarkerWatermelon Lemonade8911.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.Mix of real flavor and candy watermelon, Stevia is very sweet
274CoronaBlackberry Lime89124.5907.50.542 preservatives. Quite tart, berry and lime accurate, too acidic for easy drinking
275Bud LightSugar Plum89125.01008.30.60Stevia. Light plum but not terribly rich nor real. Was expecting more really. Disappointing but drinkable
276White ClawMango88125.01008.30.60pleasant, refreshing but not particularly a real fruit note
277WestbrookOrange Creamsicle88165.01509.40.80Orange puree. Unusually savory, not very tart, real orange, vegetal, odd
278Three BirdsClassic Lemonade88125.01008.30.60>1%lemon juice. Compared to Mike's Hard or Lemon Seltzer it's pretty bad
279SmirnoffBerry Lemonade88124.5907.50.54much more berry than lemon, quite dry, hybrid berry mix up
280OmissionOrange Twist88124.0907.50.48very dry, like a watered down orangeade, low cal but why bother?
281Loud LemonPeach Lemonade88125.014011.70.605% lemon juice. Get lemon plus something, not really very peachy, curious
282Kona Spiked IslandStarfruit/Lime88125.01008.30.60zero sugar. Lime with more tropicality, not the best lime out there
283Four LokoSour Blue Razz881214.0

1.68sucralose. Very strange mix of real raspberry, odd savory and sweet notes, high ABV, hard to like it
284Bold RockStrawberry Lemonade88125.01008.30.60Strawberry and lemon go well but that Stevia finish is strange once again
285Wild BasinBlack Raspberry87125.01008.30.60citric acid is added, soft berry, semi-authentic, a bit dull
286Truly HardOrange87125.01008.30.60a very watered down orangeade, not a clear flavor, why bother?
287Sound CraftGrapefruit87125.01058.80.60real fruit. Strangely savory, mellow, never tart. Odd flavor but you get used to it
288Raleigh Mountains to SeaWatermelon of the Falls87124.4
.00.53Neither a real fruit nor artificial flavor, very strange, overall quite weak, useless
289OmissionGrapefruit87124.0907.50.48Semi-convincing grapefruit, very dry, there are better choices
290Naked BarrelTangerine87124.51008.30.54real fruit/barrel-aged wild ale. Tangerine is weak and acidic, not enjoyable as a seltzer or an ale. Odd
291Kona Spiked IslandTropical Punch87125.01008.30.60zero sugar. Hints of Hawaian Punch to dry, weaker, not a hit with us
292Isla (R&D)Tropical87125.01008.30.60passionfruit,orange,guava are strong, very odd at times, hard to sip, disappointing
293BASICLemon87124.5907.50.54very weak lemon flavor does not impress, one of the least real lemons out there
294Natural Light SourSlice for What Lemon86126.0
.00.72Calories? Not a true lemon nor a good artificial one. Still it's okay, passable
295DestihlRaspberry Lime86165.01408.80.80real fruit. Much more lime than berry, neither are very impressive. Disappointing.
296Bud LightStrawberry86125.01008.30.60good berry flavor, some off less authentic notes, disappointing
297Bold RockBlood Orange Lemonade86125.01008.30.60An odd amalgam of flavors, tart lemon, very odd orange, and Stevia nip
298Smirnoff Zero SugarOrange85124.5907.50.54very strange, almost an artificial orange candy type flavor, hard to comprehend
299BubsPink Cherry Lemonade85124.0776.40.48fermented dextrose. Very dry, more cherry than lemon. Fairly average to mediocre
300OmissionPomegranate Blueberry Acai82124.0907.50.48oddly bitter, not convincing except for acai part, a bit unpleasant
301Natural Light SourRazzle Dazzle Blue Raspberry81126.0
.00.72Calories? Blue raspberry is an invented, fake flavoring. Not horrible but close
302Naked BarrelCherry Lime79124.51008.30.54real fruit/barrel-aged wild ale. Very strange blend of flavors, none very real, oddly savory, some butterscotch notes, almost bad
303Brizo (Noda)Raspberry Lemon79164.91308.10.78gluten reduced. Oddly savory, not delicious nor refreshing, very strange brew
304Drink Four LocoSour Mango7523.512.0
.02.82Sucrolose. Calories unknown. Strange chemical flavors, sickly sweet, undrinkable
305Wild BasinHabenero Pina Colada
306Wild BasinMango Mai Tai
307Wild BasinFruity Sangria
308Wild BasinBitter Citrus Spritz
309Wild BasinCucumber Peach
310White ClawClementine 70
311Victory WavesMixed Berry

312Victory WavesOrange

313Victory WavesMango

314Victory WavesLIme

315Truly HardTangerine
316Truly HardWatermelon & Kiwi
317Truly HardStrawberry Lemonade
318Topo ChicoTangy Lemon Lime

319Topo ChicoExotic Pineapple

320Topo ChicoStrawberry Guava

321Topo ChicoTropical Mango

322SmirnoffRed, White, and Blue
124.5907.50.54Cherry, citrus, blue raspberry – the later does not exist in nature!
323SmirnoffPink Apple Rose
324SmirnoffStrawberry Rosé
326SmirnoffBlood Orange
327SercyMixed Berry
125.01008.30.60some good berry notes but others are richer, better
328SeekOutKey Lime + Mint
329SeekOutCucumber + Juniper
330SeekOutPineapple + Passion Fruit
331SeekOutClementine + Grapefruit
332SeekOutRaspberry + Meyer Lemon
333Quirk (Boulevard)Pear Yuzu
334PressBlackberry Hibiscus
335PressPomegranate Ginger
336PompetteCucumber Lime
337PompetteLemon Mint
338PompetteRose Hibiscus
339PompetteClementine Berry
340New Holland/Dragon's ShareOrignal

341New Holland/Dragon's ShareOrange

342New Holland/Dragon's ShareBlackberry

343New Holland/Dragon's ShareCherry

344Natural LightHouse Rules (Strawberry, Kiwi)
345Mighty SwellGrapefruit

346Mighty SwellPeach

347Mighty SwellCherry Lime

348Mighty SwellWatermelon Mint

349Isla (R&D)Key Lime
350Humber Forager/Humble BumbleTropical version 2
351High NoonWatermelon

0.00real juice
352Henry's HardLemon Lime

353Henry's HardStrawberry Kiwi

354Henry's HardPassion Fruit

125.01008.30.60real fruit added.
125.01008.30.60real fruit added.
125.01008.30.60real fruit added.
125.01008.30.60real fruit added.
360Crook & MarkerBlueberry Lime
11.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.
361Crook & MarkerCoconut Pineapple
11.54.0807.00.46USDA organic.
362Brizo (Noda)Ruby Red Grapefruit
164.91308.10.78gluten reduced.
363Brizo (Noda)Lemon Makrut Lime
164.91308.10.78gluten reduced.
364Brizo (Noda)Ginger Lime
164.91308.10.78gluten reduced.
365Bon V!Lemon Lime
366Arctic ChillGinger Lime
367Arctic ChillPineapple Pomelo
368Arctic ChillRuby Red Grapefruit
369Arctic ChillRaspberry Lime
370Arctic ChillBerry Lemonade
371Arctic ChillBlack Cherry
372Arctic ChillFresh Lime
373Arctic ChillStrawberry Watermelon
374Arctic ChillMandarin Orange
375Arctic ChillCranberry Lime

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