Web Guide HATCH'S WEB GUIDE - Concise, one page guide to hundreds of useful links

NEW ORNAMENTALS JOURNAL - Quarterly journal on the development, nomenclature, identification, and introduction of landscape plants. 

Graphics TCR GRAPHICS - High quality backgrounds images for professional web development. 
Plant Sciences NEW PLANT PAGE - Online sources links to new and rare plants. Includes original cultivar checklists and horticultural monographs. This is the web's largest free plant finder.

CULTIVAR.ORG Taxonomy of Garden Plants: nomenclature, description, identification, and cultivar registration resources. Includes original ID keys and articles.

NEW ORNAMENTALS DATABASE - Large online landscape plant encyclopedia. By membership only.

CONIFER CENTRAL - Resources on garden conifers.

BIOGRAPHIES IN ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE - Concise profiles of leaders in the development of ornamental plants and gardens.

PLANT ZONE PAGE - Resources on plant hardiness and heat zones. The most complete archive and links on the net.

E-Fiction Laurence Hatch - Samples short stories, novels, and poems. 

Entertainment ALEXANDRA WILSON PAGE - Fan site about TV and movie actress Alex Wilson.

MERCY POINT ENCYCLOPEDIA - Topical guide to UPN's sci-fi hospital program. 

Writer's Tools HATCH'S PLOT BANK - 2300+ plot ideas for fiction and screenplay writers. 

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