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HI !! Please check out the Norns, Grendels, Ettin and Spliced Creatures.

My library of Creatures is probably the biggest there is !

Thanks to Loveya and Bibble!! Thanks guys.

Please also sign the guestbook, and have a look at the message board,

maybe you can help someone out...or you might have a question or hint...


Message of the day !!

I try to get "a message of the day" on here each day

There is a new Norntech page, check it out.....


There are 5 new Cobs on made by me and Julianne !!

Don't forget to check them out !

The COB's can also be found at

 Julianne's Site

I checked all my links and updated them. 


Thanks goto  LummoxJR for letting me use this great applet.

And thanks to Wafuru for letting me use his image (the Punk Norn)


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