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On the 13 February 1978 at 1.40 am, a bomb exploded outside Sydney's Hilton hotel, killing three men and seriously injuring several others. Commonwealth heads of government were staying at the Hilton hotel at the time of the explosion.

Many government leaders claimed the bomb was meant for them. The media went into a frenzy describing it as the first act of terrorism in Australia. The then Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, called out the army and a highly publicised hunt for the bombers began. The New South Wales Special Branch was assigned the task of finding those responsible.

Soon after the bombing a drifter and drug user named Richard Seary offered to help Special Branch find the bomber. He said he thought the Hare Krishna were responsible, however he was told to infiltrate the international meditation and social service group Ananda Marga. The India Prime Minister at the Hilton hotel claimed Ananda Marga tried to kill him with the bombing.

Five months later three members of Ananda Marga, Ross Dunn, Tim Anderson and Paul Alister were in jail charged with conspiracy to blow up the leader of a Neo-Nazi group leader, Robert Cameron. In court Seary also claimed they confessed to doing the Hilton Bombing. Although never charged with the Hilton bombing, they were convicted of the Cameron charge and sentenced to 16 years without parole.

Seven years later they were freed after a special Inquiry found that a serious doubt surrounded their conviction. They were given a full governmental pardon and compensation. Four years later Even Pederick claimed he had done the bombing under the influence of Tim Anderson. Pederick received a life sentence for his guilty plea while Tim Anderson successfully defeated his conviction in the appeals courts. The judges rejected Pederick's evidence as unreliable, contradicting known facts about the case.

Years into Pederick sentence, he expressed doubt about his own guilt, however he was made to serve his sentenced until his release in late 1997 (see "Pederick or Ananda Marga" link).

Many people, included policemen and army men, believe ASIO and Special Branch were the most likely to be responsible for the bombing.No one claimed responsibility for the bombing and the only ones to benefit were the security forces.

Bombs, Bliss & Baba the spiritual authobiography behind the Hilton bombing, by Paul Alister. A new book on the Hilton bombing, from a person/spiritual perspective by one of the three originally implicated in the bombing. Also the author of this site. Complete chapters on the arrest, imprisonment, trails and Hilton Inquest can be read here.

Other good books to read on the Hilton case are:

Take Two by Tim Anderson, Bantam Books,Sydney,1992

Free Alister, Dunn & Anderson by Tim Anderson, Wild & Woolley, Sydney, 1985.

Spies, Bombs, & the Path of Bliss by Tom Molombi, Potoroo Press, Sydney, 1986.

The Incredible Exploding Man by John Jiggens,Samizdat Press,Brisbane, 1991.

Beyond Terrorism by Jenny Hawkins

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